Updated 1/29/2015

Come and enter The Blood Corridor, a forum dedicated to horror movies and more!

Welcome to the Horror Fan Fiction Archive, a website devoted to horror fan fiction. Founded in 1998,
the site started out as a Halloween fanfiction site and has since moved on to other franchises. While this is a site dedicated to horror fan fiction,
all types of stories, whether it be in script or prose format, are welcome. Even if there is no section for area of fiction for which you enjoy writing,
send in your story and one will be created for it. Just be sure to read the submission rules before sending in your story.
If you're not a writer and just want to read, the authors would love to hear constructive feedback. Feel free to send reviews to the site here
to be posted in the reviews section, e-mail the author by clicking on their name by the story,
or stop by the forum and post in the feedback section.

Other Genres

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