187 Elm

Hey everyone. 187 Elm is a short script,just 20-some pages long,that I wrote for a group of people back in August '00. They wanted to get into making movies,and wanted to start out making short films,so they asked me to write a short script for them. 187 Elm is what they got.

Since then,I've fallen out of contact with the people,so I guess 187 Elm isn't gonna happen. So,I decided to put the script up on the site. (Obviously :)

I should note here that the stalking scenes in the script are very non-descriptive. That's because I had no idea what the lay out of the house they would film in was going to be like,so I left it to the director to figure out.

Also,thanks once again to Jonathan Burleson. He might be getting tired of being thanked,but he's the only reason I have any proof I ever wrote this script. My computer deleted it for some reason,and luckily he had kept it in his e-mail for 5 months.

So you can get some idea of what the characters would have been like in the movie,here are the character descriptions I did for "the people"-

STACEY WOODS. 26-30. Normal girl,pretty,5'5"-5'7".Shoulder length black hair.

PAUL WOODS. 28-30. Hard working business man,adventurous type,around 6',"dirty blond" hair.(Think Greg from Survivor, if you've ever seen him.)

FRANKLIN BURLESON. 35. Shoulder length,curly black hair.A beard with white hair in spots.Rough looking.

TEENAGER ON TV. 17. My friend Noah Smith. I was going to film his cameo and send them the tape,then they could just have it on the TV. I wrote his cameo into the script because I want him to be in everything I'm involved in in some way...

TV REPORTER. Man,voice only.

RADIO REPORTER. Woman,voice only.

Now that I'm done rambling,on to-

The Story