Dimension Logo flashes across..

We see four girls sitting in a room, having a sleepover.

Angela: Do you guys know the story about Bloody Mary?

Irene: Come on Ang we all know them stories are fake!

Angela: Not Bloody Mary!

We see the view of a small town as the narrator speaks...

Narrator: Bloody Mary was the Queen of Scotts, she murdered everyone who stood in her way...she was killed by her daughter. The only way she can become human is if she finds her match!!!

We see a girl, 17, named Mary. She stares into a mirror and we hear voices chanting "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!" Then a woman jumps through the mirror with a knife and we black out!


-Angela bumping into a woman

-Irene looking at her bloody hands

-Susie and Angela running up dark stairs

-Mary raising an axe

-Matt falling off a roof

-Irene running through a forest

-Angela and Mary face to face

"Bloody Mary"

(Mary comes into the shower where all the girls are and her eyes are bleeding.)

Irene: Hahahaha! What are you Bloody Mary?

Mary(scratchy voice): May your soul rest with Satan after I finish you!

Irene: What?

(Mary raises a knife and we BLACK OUT)

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