Freddy vs Jason (1987)

As some/most/all of you know, Freddy vs Jason was being talked about for a long time. I've seen an article from 1986 talking about the upcoming film "Freddy Meets Jason", and in articles John Carl Beuchler, the director of F13 7, has said that F13 7 was originally supposed to be FvsJ, but negotiations between Paramount and New Line fell through so Freddy was replaced with Telekinetic Tina.

So I thought, "what if the negotiations had worked out, and we got FvsJ in 1987 instead of getting F13 7 and Nightmare 4 in 1988?" Then I wrote this fic. :)

Since this is a replacement for F13 7 and Nightmare 4, there are bits and pieces of both of them in this script. Especially F13 7, I took the basic plot and setting of it, got rid of the telekinesis, and added in Freddy. There are also bits and pieces from the Shannon & Swift script for the real 2003 FvsJ, Peter Briggs' rejected draft, a moment from my Jason X fanfic and dialogue, a character and actors from the 1987 movie Summer School, because I'm just that unoriginal. ;)

This script is sort of long, it kind of got away from me. But for the fans that thought FvsJ should've been over 2 hours long, this script would've given them that.

Now, to read my idea of what Freddy vs Jason might have been like if it had been made in 1987, click the link below.

Read the script

After you read it, let me know who you think won and why. Is there a clear cut winner? Post on the board or e-mail me

After you read the script, here's an-

Alternate Fight & Ending

By: Brandon Noel Keith