(Dimension Logo flashes across the screen.)

Narrator: Do you like Halloween?

(We see Sara and two nurses chatting.)

Nurse #1: So what're you doing tonight?

Sara: Going to John and Lorane Strode's house.

Nurse #2: You got to be kidding me.

Sara: What?

Nurse #2: Don't you know who he is?

(We see John and Molly hugging and kissing in H20 when he surprises her.)

Nurse #1: His mother is Laurie Strode, she was attacked by Michael Myers.

Sara: Then that makes me not the only one.

Narrator: Is Halloween your favorite holiday?

(We see Sara and Freddie talking in the hospital lobby.)

Sara: Nurse Hallie and Nurse Ellen told me what happened to Laurie and John Strode.

Freddie: Who?

(We flash to John Strode and Lorane Strode getting out of a car and right behind them is the Myers House. We see John taking down a "For Sale" sign and right across the street from their new house is the Myers House.)

Narrator: Do you have a fear of evil?

(We see a nurse on a phone and Michael appears behind her.)

Narrator: Do you know what lies behind evil?

(We flash to Molly in an old abandoned house and Michael slams the front door behind her.)

Molly: Ah!

(Molly quickly turns around and comes face to face with Michael.)

Narrator: RAGE!

Various clips:

-Lorane is the backyard struggling with Michhael

-Greg Loomis hitting a piece of wood at Michhael's head

-Michael raising his knife towards Sara

-Debbie looking at a mirror and Michael stannds behind her

-John running up a staircase and when he reaaches the top he is face to face with Michael

-Freddie walking into the hospital and Michaael appears behind him

Narrator: Josh Harnett...

(We see John hitting Michael with a baseball bat.)

John: ...and this is for my mom!

Narrator: Sarah Michelle Gellar

(Lorane in the laundry room and Michael is standing in the doorway behind her.)

Lorane: Who's there?!

Narrator: Bianca Kajlich

(Sara in her apartment lobby looking through her mail and a hand touches her shoulder.)


Narrator: Paul Rudd

(Tommy sitting at a library table with Sara.)

Tommy: I survived the attack when Michael went after Laurie Strode after killing Annie and Lynda.

Narrator: Anthony Edwards

(Greg Loomis in a kitchen with John and he pulls out a kitchen knife.)

Greg: This is like the one Michael used to butcher his sister.

Narrator: And Busta Rhymes

(Freddie in the hospital lobby talking with Sara.)

Freddie: We gotta put Michael Myers behind, he ain't going to be looking for us!


HalloweeN: The Rage of Evil

(Freddie gets into his car and looks in his mirror and sees Michael in the backseat.)

Narrator: COMING SOON!