Halloween: The Slayer

Halloween: The Slayer

Introduction for "Halloween: The Slayer"

First of all, I would like to thank Scarecrow, Bill Fowler,and Blair/Ryan/Rogue/Stu/Buffy/Alex (or whatever his name is this week) for their wonderful ideas and input, without which this probably would never have been finished. When I was ready to toss this one out, coincidentally I started getting e-mails with ideas from them and they inspired me to continue. Thanks,guys.

Now, the story is more Buffy-like in nature, with prophecies, dark atmosphere, and a little comedy, but I tried to maintain the Halloween-ness,at least whenever Michael is in the story. It takes place in 2003, after the events of "Halloween: Resurrection". As for the Buffy time period, certain things have been altered to fit my storyline. While it takes place in 2003, anything after Season 6 is ignored, simply because Season 7 has just started while I was writing this. Also, Anya isn't a vengeance demon and Spike didn't get his soul back. The only exception to the ignored rule is Principal Wood and Sunnydale High being open,as it worked out with my story. Confused enough yet?

Anyway, I hope both "Buffy" and "Halloween" fans will find this enjoyable, as I enjoyed writing it. Any feedback, good or constructively bad, is welcome. Thanks for reading.


Halloween: The Slayer ReVamped