Jason Versus The Evil Dead

If you want to read something lame, you're in the right place.

This is a fan fic I wrote 8 and a half years ago, in March 1996. It's poorly written and just plain bad, but for some reason I felt like sharing it with the net world.

At the time, I had recently read the interview in Fangoria with Peter Briggs talking about Freddy vs Jason possibly coming out some time in '96. I loved the idea, and got to thinking about sequel possibilities. I was obsessed with Jason Goes To Hell at the time, so I put the Necronomicon in the Voorhees house together with the New Line logo being at the beginning of the VHS copy of The Evil Dead I had watched, and came up with Jason Versus The Evil Dead.

So it's pretty cool that New Line put the same 2 and 2 together for the real FvsJ sequel and decided to bring Freddy along for the ride (hopefully, if the deal goes through.) I was working with a time line that set JGTH in 1999. I had FvsJ follow that, and ended up setting JvsED in 2005. Odd, since if Freddy/Jason/Ash happens it might be coming out or be filming in 2005.

But that's all really beside the point of the content of this story. There could be a good story written with the basic idea of this one, but this isn't it. I connected Jason with the Necronomicon, something which I would never do now. I don't think I focused on Jason and Ash enough. The Deadites aren't written very well. The young age I was at the time of writing it really shows.

But it is pretty much non-stop action, so there is that. No matter how lame said action might be. I also remember being really tired when I was writing the end and not liking what I was doing, but damn it I was going to finish this story.

It was written to be a follow up to FvsJ, but for some reason I decided to have Jason be in the exact same spot he ended up in in JGTH... Why is Ash where he is when he's introduced in this story? I had ignored the S-Mart ending of Army of Darkness and written an Evil Dead 4 where Ash went straight from 1300 A.D. to the 1800s and fought Deadites in the Old West. At the end of ED4, Ash ended up time traveling again and landed in Crystal Lake. This story begins there. (And no, I won't be transcribing that ED4, because that one is REALLY horrible.)

Enough rambling. You've been warned about the quality of the story, now if you want to continue-

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