by Jon Hodges

Note: This idea is not originally mine. I read it in a comic book many many years ago. I've expanded on it a little, but the premise remains true to what I read. Let me know what ya think. It might be a bit corny, but that was unintentional :):)

Haddonfield, 1963


(Scene opens on a warm, Sunday afternoon. POV passes over the houses of the quiet town. It stops near the bushes in front of a familiar house)

Judith: Go on, Michael!! You still have to find a few more eggs!!

(Judith steps into sight, pushing her younger brother along. Michael, 6, carries an Easter basket already filled with goodies. He continues along, looking through the terrain)

Judith: Hmmm...

(Judith spots a wrapped chocolate bunny by her foot. She reaches for it. As her hand touches it, another hand grabs her wrist, startling her. Before she freaks out, she sees that it is her boyfriend)

Franky: Suprise!

Judith: You asshole!!

Franky: Hey, I was just looking for an Easter treat......if you've got one, that is!

Judith: Nothing for you!

(Judith walks away. Franky follows)

Franky: Hey, I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that I like bunnies too. I like biting their heads off.

Judith: I gotta watch Michael. Can't let him get too far.

Franky: He won't. He's probably stuffing his fat little face right now. Me? I wanna stuff-

Judith: I'm not in the mood, Franky.

Franky: Come on.....

Judith: I want some chocolate.

(Franky pulls out a bag of M+Ms)

Franky: Your favorite.

Judith: Damn you! That is soooo unfair.

Franky: Sweets for some sweet.

(Judith grins and wraps her arms around him)

Judith: You can't just bribe a gal with candy.....

Franky: Aww honey. It's not a bribe. It's to show how much I luuuuuv you.

Judith: Yeah right! Come here, big boy....

(They kneel down behind a bush and get intimate. POV pans away and zooms in on Michael. He is enthusiastically diving after treats everywhere. He hears a chuckle and stops)

Michael: Hello?

(He looks around, but sees nothing. He walks on as POV watches. A pair of furry legs blocks our view)

(POV switches to show Michael going deeper into thick woods. A huge house can be seen on a hill in the distance. Rustling noises are heard all around him. Michael stops and looks around. He faces the POV behind him and stares in awe)

Michael: Wow......are you?........

(A chuckling is heard where Michael is facing. We cannot see who is chuckling, but we can tell by Michael's expression that the person is trying to communicate with him)

Michael: I'd better get back to my sister. She might be looking for me.........No, I can't take candy from, I know who you are.....I didn't mean it like that......well......I suppose it wouldn't hurt to add one more bunny to my basket.......

(As Michael gets closer, he is squirted by a dark brown liquid)

Michael: HEY!!!

(POV lunges at him and growls ferociously. Michael screams. POV goes black and a sickening crunch is heard)

(Meanwhile, Judith hears the scream. She looks up from the bush with concern)

Franky: What's the matter?

Judith: Something's wrong.....

(She scrambles to put her shirt back on and starts running)

Judith: MICHAEL!!!!

(She runs into the woods, followed by a frustrated Franky. POV follows her, BG music becomes more ominous. She reaches the spot Michael was at. She looks ahead in terror. Franky stops shortly behind her in shock)

Franky: Oh my God.......

Judith: MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fade to black)

Haddonfield, 1979

(Scene opens on a beautiful Sunday morning. It is 7:00 am. POV passes over the sleepy town of Haddonfield. POV stops in front of the Strode residence. POV faces the house for a few seconds. An alarm clock rings, a voice calls out)

Voice: Laurrrieeee!! Time to get up!!

(Scene changes to Laurie Strode, still in bed and half asleep)

Laurie: Ohhhhmmmmmmm......okay, mom!

(Laurie's mom enters her bedroom, trying to wake up her daughter)

Mom: I've got a hot breakfast ready, and I'm not letting it go to waste!

Laurie: Smells good. Pancakes?

Mom: Waffles. We have church in two hours, so you'd better get ready.

Laurie: Oh, Mom! Can't we just skip this time?

Mom: You can't skip Easter, Laurie. The good lord died to make this world a better place. The least we can do is show our appreciation. Besides, you're taking Tommy and Lindsay out today, remember?

(Mom exits. Laurie looks at her clock in dismay)

Laurie: If the world WERE a better place, I wouldn't mind......

(Scene change. Half an hour goes by. Laurie is up and eating at the kitchen table. Her dad is reading the paper while crunching on some toast. Laurie reads the large bold print of the front page article):


Laurie: Hmmm, so that must be the big shindig happening today.

Dad: Huh?

Laurie: The big Easter Egg hunt.

Dad:! Oh. Yep, the whole community is getting involved. You gonna send the kids there?

Laurie: Sounds like it could be cool.

Dad: Amazing. Mr Lepus is letting them run all over his estate, and inside the house! Must be QUITE a hunt planned.

Laurie: Totally crazy. Does he do this every year?

Dad: I think so. He gets involved in the community a lot.

(Int. Church. The congregation is singing a hymn in the middle of the service. POV focuses on a warbling older woman dressed like Minnie Pearl. She sounds like Yoko Ono. POV pans to the pew in front of the lady. Laurie and her folks try to sing, but are continually overwhelmed by the singer behind them)

(Int. Church. Later in the service. POV now focuses on a couple in front of Laurie's family. They are whispering to each other a little too loudly)

Mike: I wish he'd stop making jokes about J! immy Carter. That really gets on my nerves.

Sharon: We aught to check and see if he's been changing the menu for the father/son banquet.....Sheila told me he suggested meatloaf. I thought the Challenger's class was taking care of that!

(Laurie rolls her eyes and yawns)

(Ext. Church. Services are letting out. Laurie runs to her car)

Laurie: I'm going to go pick up Tommy and Lindsay

Dad: When does the Easter Egg hunt start?

Laurie: In about two hours. I'll stop by and eat lunch with Annie.

Dad: See you later. Take care.

Laurie: Oh Dad!

(Laurie smiles and hops into her car and drives off. She pops in an 8-track of the Ramones as she pulls away)

(Ext. Annie's house. Annie runs down and gives Laurie a big old hug. They giggle)

Annie: Where to?

Laurie: We've got some time, wanna get some McDonalds?

Annie: Come on!! I just worked my ass off at the gym Saturday! You want me to get fat?

Laurie: Yeah. It's a plot to keep Ben from noticing you!

Annie: Oh Please! I'm sure you think Ben is going to chase me. I can see how he stares at you from afar in Biology...

Laurie: (smirks) Well.....I don't think ONE cheeseburger will hurt you!

Annie: Why not? Let's go. I'm starved.

Laurie: With all that Pot you puff on, I'm not suprised!

Annie: Excuse me? Could you be a little louder!? I don't think the world heard you!

(Ext. Later in the day. Laurie drives into a busy parking lot outside a huge mansion. Young Tommy and Lindsay jump out, bursting with chocolate hungry energy. Laurie follows from behind)

Laurie: Wait for me! We have to sign in first!

Tommy: I can't WAIT!! I've got my basket and everything!

Lindsay: Oh please, T! ommy. Show a little restraint. Chocolate gives you tooth decay and zits!

Laurie: Don't worry. You'll get to brush your teeth later tonight. You're too young to think of zits, anyway.

Tommy: Come on, you guys!!! I see the Easter Bunny!!!

Lindsay: (gasp!) No WAY!!!

(They get in line to enter the front gate, which is already crowded by kids who are greeting a giant "Rabbit")

Lepus: Hi, kids!!! You ready for the greatest egg hunt in the world????

(The kids shout "YEAH!" in deafening unison. The man in the furry bunny suit ushers them onto his estate as a multitude of parents and babysitters watch. The bunny turns to all the adults)

Lepus: That's right, folks! I've hidden two THOUSAND chocolate eggs and bunnies all over the yard and inside the house!! They're going to have the time of their lives!!!

(Mr Lepus waves at them and hops back towards the house. Dozens of kids roam in singles, doubles and groups as they scour the landscape for chocolaty prizes. Laurie looks on as Tommy shouts victoriously several times. Lepus runs to several kids once in a while, congratulating them or making them laugh with his antics. Laurie bumps into a young mother. They smile politely and continue to watch massive ten year old mayhem)

Laurie: Man, that is the coolest thing in the world. I remember when I use to hunt for eggs all over the park, or in my back yard.

Peggy: Yeah, it was nice of Mr Lepus to let the kids have fun on his property. I wonder if he's single?

Laurie: My my! Thinking ambitiously?

Peggy: Well, wouldn't YOU want to marry a wealthy man? I hear he's got it ALL! Jets, limos, a resort in the Bahamas.....It's a wonder he hasn't bagged a gal of his own yet!

Laurie: He's certainly got the right bait set! Money and chocolate! I could go for a bunny right now!

Peggy: Let's find our own chocolate bunnies! The kids probably missed a few, and I'm sure he won't mind!

(They laugh as they search a nearby tree in the yard)

Laurie: Oh, this is sooooo juvenile!

Peggy: But fun!! Come on, return to your youth!

Laurie: Well....I'm not too crazy about this. I'm too old for Easter hunts! Besides, I didn't always like going out into the park looking for eggs....

Peggy: Why not? I thought you liked-

Laurie: -I used to.....but not anymore. There's something about it that always made me feel uncomfortable. Holidays do that, I guess.

(Laurie turns around and sees Mr Lepus in his bunny suit behind her. She jumps with a start)

Lepus: Ooops. Sorry about that.

Laurie: Wow, you know how to jumpstart a girl's heart!

Lepus: Hopefully in a good way!

(They chuckle)

Lepus: So, which kids are yours?

Laurie: Well, I don't...they're not mine. I babysit the one in the pink shirt and pigtails, Lindsay, and Tommy who's face is a mess!

Lepus: Oh YES! Such delightful tykes, and very resourceful! They've found quite a few eggs and bunnies.

Peggy: May I say you have really gotten into the spirit of things with that outfit. Where's the zipper?

Lepus: Oh, I made it myself. Easter's my favorite Holiday. I get together with Santa, tooth fairy, and the leprechaun once in a while to compare notes.

Peggy: You ever dress up as the bogeyman on Halloween?

Laurie: Peggy! I'm sure he doesn't do that!

Lepus: Heheh, no. Halloween ain't my bag. That job was taken already.

(Lepus chuckles. Laurie feels a chill down her spine. She is suddenly uncomfortable)

Peggy: Are you sure you don't mind the kids running through your house? I wouldn't want them to break anything.

Lepus: Oh, there's nothing to worry about. They'll be fine. I've made the eggs a little more obvious inside. Would either of you like to hunt for eggs in my house? I've got them everywhere., even in the basement.....and the bedroom......

(Laurie backs away)

Laurie: No, that's ok....

Lepus: Would you like some eggs from my sack?

Laurie: What?

(Mr Lepus holds up a red bag and pours some chocolate eggs into Peggy's and Laurie's hands)

Lepus: Eat up! Have fun!

(He salutes them and hops away)

Laurie: What time is it?

Peggy: It's only a quarter after. Don't worry. We've got plenty of time.

Laurie: That's what I'm afraid of.....

(Time passes. Kids go to and fro, in and out of the house)

(Int. Mansion. Tommy and Lindsay are at the top of a grand staircase. Lindsay has found another egg under a chair in the hallway)

Tommy: This place is huge!! We could be looking all week!

Lindsay: I've got enough. Let's go. I'm getting tired.

Tommy: Come on! Just a few more.

Lindsay: (whining) Tommy!

(Tommy hears a noise. He sees Mr Lepus in his bunny suit at the end of the hall)

Lepus: Hey kids! How's the hunting?

Tommy: It's the best!

Lepus: I think I see a few more right near this door.....right around the corner......

(Ext. Front yard. Several kids are leaving with their folks. Peggy gets her twins and heads home. Laurie tries to look for Tommy and Lindsay, but cannot see them in the front yard. She looks up at the house. Another chill goes down her spine)

(Int. House. Tommy runs around the corner and starts grabbing at several chocolate bunnies. Lindsay reluctantly follows)

Lindsay: Come on, this is getting boring.

Tommy: There's a trail. Just a little more.

(Lindsay looks at the trail. it leads around another corner in the hall. She gets a passing glimpse of the chuckling Mr Lepus as he hops out of sight)

Lindsay: We need to go, Tommy. I don't see any other kids.

(Tommy goes on ignoring her. Lindsay gets a chill down her spine. She rushes back to the head of the staircase. She sees that the downstairs is completely silent. She looks out of a window. Most of the kids are leaving)

Lindsay: Tommy! It's time to go!

(She looks down the now ominous, dim hall. There is no reply)

Lindsay: Tommy!!?

(She is petrified with fear. She stairs at the hallway, hoping he'll come around the corner. He doesn't. She waits for agonizing minutes. Slowly, she creeps down to the end and peeks around the corner. Tommy is not there. She faces the POV as she looks down the next hallway where Tommy went. She takes two steps forward. A furry, blurred shape silently appears behind her....)

Tommy: Lindsay!

(Tommy calls from the other end. Lindsay runs towards the voice. The shape stays still, though we can only see his furry legs and floppy feet. Lindsay runs to the end turns the corner again. She falls in front of the POV)


(Lindsay is sliding down a trap door slide. Down, down into what looks like a HUGE pool of chocolate. Tommy is there, wading waist deep in the milk chocolate mess)

Tommy: Lindsay! Are you okay?

Lindsay: What happened??

Tommy: I fell in this pit! Man! This place must be FULL of secret rooms, traps, Passages!! This is soooo COOL!!

Lindsay: I'm scared, Tommy.

Tommy: Relax. Mr Lepus will get us out. I'll bet this is an Easter prank.

(They hear giggling in the distance. In the flickering dull light, a giant rabbit shadow can be seen approaching from the corridor outside the room)

Tommy: Hello?

(Mr Lepus pops into the room with jollity. Lindsay backs away into a corner. Tommy waves at him)

Lepus: Hope you liked my special fun room!! The chocolate gets me in the Easter spirit!!

Tommy: This was fun, though I think my mom's gonna kill me for this.

Lepus: Oh, I wouldn't worry about that......

(A glint of malice can be seen in the rabbit's eye. The rabbit face "smiles" in an unnatural fashion)

Tommy: Thanks for the egg hunt, Mr Lepus. Sorry if we get this mess on your rugs....

Lepus: Don't worry about that. I make a mess in here all the time....

Lindsay: Can you show us the exit? I'm tired.

Lepus: And I'm hungry.....

Tommy: We found lots of chocolate bunnies.

(Lepus looks at him as he says this)

Lepus: Yes, I imagine you found quite a bit. For years I have watched kids like yourselves. Watched you kids biting into chocolate bunnies. Biting their heads off with no mercy....

(Lepus leans over and picks up Tommy, who is covered in Chocolate. Tommy runs his hands across Lepus' face)

Tommy: feels

Lepus: ....Real? Yes, Tommy. As real as life. Get a closer look!

(Lepus brings Tomy very close. Lepus opens its mouth, a real mouth with sharp teeth, a mouth that indicates no living man could be hiding inside. Tommy screams in terror)

Lepus: So, you like biting into bunnies, eh? Let me show you what feels like!

(Tommy flails to free himself. The creature known as Mr Lepus roars and bites Tommy's head off. It tosses his writhing body back into the pool. ECU of Lindsay's terrified face, her terrified eyes. A grotesque crunching sound is heard as POV closes in on her eyes, eyes that see the terror in front of her, eyes that are witnessing the thing that will kill her next)

(Ext. Front yard. Laurie is in a panic as darkness falls and a thunderstorm ruins the calm of earlier)

Laurie: Tommy!!!!! Lindsay!!!!!

(She realizes NOBODY is around. She rushes up to the front door and kicks it in. Rain starts pouring outside. Lightning accentuates her terrified face as she looks straight ahead. A creepy chuckling is heard, coming from in front of her. An almost demented beastial chuckling)

Laurie: No.....Noooo! NOOOOO!!!!

(Laurie builds up each response into a mindcracking scream. Scene freezes. Laurie's screams echo on as scene fades to black)

The End