Jason vs Leatherface

Welcome to my nightmare.

Oops, wrong Jason crossover. I guess it's "Welcome to Texas" now. As everyone knows I was/am obsessed with Freddy vs Jason, have been obsessed with the idea since '93-'95, and was very happy with the movie. So I've been thinking of other crossover ideas, and thought I'd go back and take a look at the 3 issue Topps comic Jason vs Leatherface by Nancy Collins that was, I think, published in 1995. It's a good read, but very flawed. Then I decided to adapt the comic into a script, and this is that.

If that's all you want to know, go ahead and-

Read the script. The next Texas Chainsaw Massacre is on Friday the 13th.

If you want to know more about the changes I made while adapting the comic, keep going-

Warning, spoilers ahead. For this script, the comic and the end of FvsJ

In the comic Leatherface's family was basically the same as the family in the first TCM- Grandpa, Cook (Drayton) and Hitch-hiker (though there was some Chop Top in the character, too.) I changed Cook and Hitch-hiker into original characters to fit in with the rest of the TCM series. (Though I "cast" Andrew Bryniarski, the remake's Leatherface, as Leatherface in this story. I did this because, while Bryniarski may be too big to be a whimpering, cowering Leatherface, he also needed to be bigger to take on Jason in the fight. I have no idea how Leatherface will be portrayed in the remake, but I was going for classic Leather here.) The comic ignores every F13 sequel after Jason Lives, opening with Jason chained to the boulder in Crystal Lake. I changed it so that the script opens after Freddy vs Jason, with Jason still in the lake, going along with Freddy fans' theory that the end of FvsJ with Jason walking out of the lake was just a dream. Not a theory I agree with, but it worked for what I needed here. A middle aged couple that gets attacked in the comic becomes five 18-21 year olds that get attacked. (Some of the names of these kids and the fact that they're in a carpet outlet van comes from a rejected FvsJ draft by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger.) In the comic Jason has flashbacks of his abusive father. I changed it to an abusive boyfriend of his mother's, to leave Elias free to go off and start a new family, having a daughter that goes on to be in Jason Goes To Hell.

And, the change that I enjoyed making the most was- in the comic the end fight with Jason and the Sawyer clan is really short and disappointing. I expanded it quite a bit.

In the end, the core of the story and most of the dialogue is Nancy Collins'. There are even still some things in it that I don't agree with, and things still happen that I wouldn't personally want to see, but I wanted to stay true to the comic while, IMO, improving on it.

I hope you enjoy the script. :)