Slash //: Blood Crazed

Here's a script for yet another no-budget movie I was involved with that didn't get made.

The Slash saga starts when I tried to make the first movie myself in the summer of '98. I tried again the summer of '99. I shot the first scene of a third try in 2000. Since those were all horrible, I decided it might be good for movies to have a script. When Jon Burleson asked me to write a script for his first non-Blair Witch/characters-have-the-camera type movie, I went back to the Slash well. Finally wrote a script for it, and in late 2000 Jon filmed the fourth, final, first completed version of Slash.

To bring you up to speed on that one, here is -

A recap of the first Slash

In early 2001, we decided a sequel should be made. Slash //: Blood Crazed was thought up, to be shot by both Jon and myself. I would handle the Noah stuff, Jon would handle the Snoop stuff. Some of it was shot, but for some reason the project just fell apart. But if the movie had been completed, it would've gone something like this -

Slash //: Blood Crazed