"More Feelings"

A Sequal To "Feelings"(that one is to private;))

I thought I loved him,

I was wrong,

But i did care too much for him,

I thought we'd make it,

Be together, forver,

But I was still so wrong,

He told me how he felt,

I just sat an accepted it,

I didnt want to, did i have choice?

He was the one for me,

I guess he'll have her, for himself,

Hell love her all he wants,

Shell love him back,

Throw her out after the pain she puts him through,

But i know she'll come crawling back to him,

They'll be together, forever,

Without me he'll be,

Alone I feel 'cos I know, I am, all alone,

Me plus him equaled friendship,

(that didnt rhyme but who really gives a damn?)

I didnt wanna be his friend,

I wanted to be with him,

He ran off with that gal,

Left me all alone,

I didnt know what to say or feel,

So i showed it to you.

2001 Alexis Rogers