American Pie 3


Blood Bath Films logo flashes across screen.

NARRORATOR: (v.o) Before Sherman, Stiffler, and Jim there was Brett, Steve and Chris and they had a goal of there own.



Chris, Brett, and Steve are sitting at a lunch table

CHRIS: The way I see it all three of our girls have dumped us in the last two days because were horrible in bed. So maybe if we can get good in bed we can get our chicks back.

NARRORATOR: (v.o)They had no Idea how hard it would be to get there girls back and how far it would take them.

Buck Rogers By Feeder plays as a montage of events from the movie flash across the screen.

Chris atacking a kid in a zoo

Steve getting chased by a speeding car.

Brett punching Carson Daily in the face.

Brett, Chris, and Steve in a jail.

Chris naked humping a pillow. Just then Mr.Mahn walks into the room and gasps.

Tim on the stage in the auditorium infront of the whole school naked with an Acustic guitar covering his lower half.

TIM:Im hear to play some songs for you today

Brett, Chris, and Steve in suits High fiving before the prom.

Steve and Stacy kissing.

Brett runing out a room screaming in pain.

Chris accidentlay getting his balls caught in the zipper of his pants.


TITLED card appears-