A Nightmare On Elm Street 7:Freddy Rules

THE SOUNDTRACK IS SILENT as the New Line Cinema logo falls into place.


GIRL: (V.O.) There was a ghost story...about a guy who killed kids in their dreams.

BOY: (V.O.) Fred Krueger, right?

Silence. Then we slam into a series of FLASH CUTS:

INT. BOILER ROOM---A woman's corpse explodes from the boiler, teeming with flames.

INT. CHURCH---A man in hooded robes is knelt in the shadows, holding two pistols.

CU on two legs in ragged pants, stalking down a corridor.

EXT. ROOFTOP---A bloodied teen running frantically across the roof stumbles over the edge, the street fifty floors down.

CU on a man's hand. He holds a prescription bottle, the label reading HYPNOCIL.

WIDE SHOT of an older man falling into a sea of swirling red shapes.

INT. CHURCH---The robes fly off the man's shoulders and he spins, firing both pistols.

A young woman screaming.

Two cars smashing together in an intersection.


BOY: (V.O.) My dream, my rules.

FREDDY: (V.O.) Freddy rules.

CUT TO a shot of an enraged Freddy swinging his claws AT CAMERA.

CUT TO TITLE: A Nightmare on Elm Street 7---FREDDY RULES.

CU on Freddy's smiling face.

FREDDY: You think, therefore I am.

SUPERIMPOSE: "January, 2002. You'll never sleep again."