Axe Man

by Joshua Davidson

Al right, this is a preview for a script a couple friends and I are writing. Itıs about a super hero named Axe Man and his Sidekick Blue Dude. It is a Comedy/Gore thing.

1. A Hospital - EXT. Day

Terrorists are creeping around.

Narrator: Who will stand up to the scum of the world?

2. Hospital Waiting Room - INT.

Terrorists everywhere. Patients screaming.

Narrator: Who will defend innocents from the meanies of the world?

3. Hospital Hallway - INT.

More Terrorists. More screaming.

Narrator: There is only one real hero to kill all of the bad guys.

4. Waiting Room - INT.

The doors fly open and enters a man with axes for hands and an wearing an executioners mask.

Narrator: Axe Man!!!

A smaller man with a dorky blue costume and cape pops up.

Blue Dude: And Blue Dude!!!

5. Hall - INT.

Terrorists running around and screaming. Axe Man walks in with his axes bloodied.

Axe man: Al right! Who wants some?

Blue Dude is using his telekinetic powers to slam a Terrorist up against a wall repeatedly. A gun is dropped and goes off.

Cut To:

Axe Man is about to hack a terrorist to pieces. He looks over towards the shot.

Axe Man: Blue Dude!!! NO!!!

6. Warehouse - INT.

Roman Paccini stands in front of a giant curtain.

Narrator: The Bad Guy...

Roman: I want everyone to look at my new death ray.

He pulls the curtain away to reveal a giant ray gun.

Cut To:

The Audience Made up of Unsavory Characters: Ooooo! Awwwwww!

7. Run Down and Trashed Apartment - INT.

Axe Man has now gained some wait and is sitting in front of the TV eating chips and drinking beer.

Narrator: The Good Guy...

8. Voodoo Hut - EXT. Night

A Voodoo Lady and Axe Man in in shot.

Lady: You wonıt be able to fight those Terrorists alone. Youıll need Blue Dude.

Axe Man: But heıs dead.

9. The Gate of Death - EXT.

Axe Man gulps.

10. Hut - EXT. Night

Blue Dude is with Axe Man and Voodoo Lady now.

Lady: Did you remember to shut the gate properly?

Axe Man: Whoops.

Lady: You idiot!!!

Axe Man: Iım sure everything will be fine.

Undead hordes begin smashing building in the background.

Axe Man: Oh crap!

11. Caption: The Real Bad Guys

Cut To:

Zombie Hitler standing on a podium and shouting in German.

Cut To:

Zombie Napoleon standing in front of a guillotine.

Napoleon: Death to the aristocrats!

The Monopoly Guy Screams.

Cut To:

Zombie Jack the Ripper sneaking up behind a woman on the street at night.

Woman: your not going to kill me are you.

Jack: Of course not.

Woman: Promise?

Jack(Disappointed): okay.

Cut To:

Zombie Lizzie Boredon is running around, holding an axe and tackling insanely.

Cut To:

Zombie Caligula is whipping somebody at the side of the road.

Guy: Al right! Iım sorry I cut you off!

Caligula: Al right now say your a doody head.

Cut To:

Roman screams, wets himself and runs away.

a Happy Hobo Production

so that was the preview, of course there are a lot more bad guys than are mentioned here but I donıt want to give everything away. By the way, if you have any suggestions for evil historical figures, Emil me at by Christmas.