Oh My Achin' Banana

Oh My Achin' Banana is just a strange little story I wrote in about 15 minutes. I was sitting at my computer,staring at the screen,trying to write something...but being blocked,as usual. So I just typed "Oh my achin' banana" (a quote from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2),and the story followed. It's kind of like my story Under,an emotional vent.

Anyway,it's short and sweet,so I shouldn't make the intro too long. Hopefully now I'll be able to do some work on the stories I'm really wanting to write...

Now,on with the show

I should note that while I was writing the story I was listening to the song "The Insanity Of Drayton Sawyer & His Hallucination Of Love Brought On By The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2" by Nil8. Some of the (better) lines in the story come from that song. (The "snap,crackle,pop" line and the "does that sound right?" one.)