Jason vs. Freddy : The set-up and Jasonís True Origin

Written by Cameron Ballanfonte

All characters copyrighted by New Line Cinema

Freddy Krueger created by Wes Craven

Jason Voorhees created by Sean S. Cunningham

It might sound a little HalloweeN 6-ish, but I like it a hell of a lot better than the actual explanation. Here it goes: In Jason Goes to Hell, it appeared that Jason's mom was in a cult that worshipped demons, right? Well, soon after the death of her son, she sought refuge in her cult and its beliefs. She wanted to get revenge on those who ignored her son's cries for their own personal reasons, and she tried to do a spell that would make her impossible to kill, but the spell inadvertently brings her son back to life, and Jason lives in the woods for years. Meanwhile, Jason's mom believes she is invulnerable, and she goes on her first killing spree when Jason is an adult. Jason watches her from a distance, and eventually sees his mother beheaded. But unbeknownst to Jason, the cult is watching too, and they spot Jason. They don't capture him or anything; they just keep him in mind for something. Now from then on the cult justs watches Jason's murder sprees from afar taking notes on him. You see, the cult's belief is in a demon that will be brought upon earth and will rule when a suitable blood sacrifice is made. The cult sees Jason as a way to get this sacrifice, but never directly manipulates him. Instead, they buy the Camp Crystal Lake land and keep bringing in people to open the camp up again in order to get more sacrifices. After the Tommy Jarvis affair in IV, the cult believes Jason dead and disbands for a few years. When they get back together, >they decide to mold a new plan to bring their demon lord to their world. It's right around this time that Tommy Jarvis inadvertently brings Jason back. The cult is not aware of the resurrection until they return to Crystal Lake, which is sometime shortly after the end of part 8. Soon after they learn of Jason's return, the killings start happening again, and the cult hears of police plans to ambush Jason and destroy him. Not wanting to lose their chance at regaining the one thing that can kill enough for a blood sacrifice, they call in favors from cult members not currently active with the cult. A television reporter, a coroner, a deputy, a young police officer, and a bounty hunter. The police ambush goes as scheduled, and Jason is blown to bits. The body parts are dropped off at the coroner's office, and as soon as he receives the parts he kills the two guards and some campers on the way to meet the deputy. As soon as the parts are delivered to the deputy, the coroner kill himself to make himself part of the blood sacrifice. Meanwhile the bounty hunter is spreading rumors on what Jason really is and trying to attract Jason's last blood relatives, a sister and a niece with child. Once he sees them, he tries to get the sister to come with him, stating that she is the only one who can stop Jason (a lie, Tommy Jarvis stopped Jason before, actually killed him). The fact is, the only way Jason can be resurrected after this much damage is if the blood of a relative touches his mouth. While the bounty hunter is doing this, Jason body parts have finally been delivered to his old home, where the cult re-attaches all of Jason's body parts. All that's left now is to add the blood. The reporter meanwhile is luring the niece of Jason to the cult. Basically, most of what you see in the movie is the same, except that everyone you see Jason possess is actually part of the cult, and instead of melting, the just slit their wrists. Now, Creighton Duke, the bounty hunter, may at first be a part of the cult, but has a change of heart and tell the niece how to kill Jason. All the stuff of Jason needing to be reborn is out. Jason gets the blood from his sister and lives again. The cult sees as their plan is coming to fruition, but their plan is foiled when Jason's niece stabs Jason with the special knife from the movie, they watch in horror as their one shot at fulfillment vanish as the hordes of hell yank Jason into hell. Now keep in mind, the cult never for one second controlled Jason, all they did was feed him more victims and resurrect him. In fact when Jason awoke from his death of being blown to bits, he killed half the cult members in the room at the time. With this, the hellbaby is gone, and the set up for Freddy vs. Jason is set up.

After Jason's death in part IV, the cult disbanded, but reasons in addition to the death of Jason. the other major reason for the disbantion of the cult was a new sect of the cult that developed. This sect believed in a brother demon to the original cult's demon. The new cult, let's call them Cult2 for now, believed there demon should rule, and that the blood sacrifices must be children as well as adults. This sect of the cult splits to Springwood, but does not choose Freddy as the one who shall get the sacrifices. They go to Springwood due to the high death rate of children. They spend years there, and eventually develop their own beliefs, like their chosen demon, as well as them, is much stonger at night than any other time, and that since the younger the blood, the more pure it is in their religion, children must be sacrificed above all. This cult stays in Springwood, until all the children are dead, then they move on to Chicago. During the time in Springwood, they learn of Freddy, and Cult2 keeps Freddy in mind for future plans, much like Cult1 one did with Jason, except after they leave Springwood, the cult starts to operate on its own, killing children at random. After the events in Freddy's Dead, Springwood is once again repopulated with children, and this is a sign to Cult2 that now is the time to summon their demon lord. At the same time, Cult1 is preparing for the same. Their sign is a birthmark on the baby from JGTH that a doctor/cult member spots. They get ready to summon their demon lord. Both cults need symbols of evil for the ceremonies. The Springwood Cult gets Freddy's glove, sweater, and fedora hat from an evidence locker and Nancy Thompson's old house. The Crystal Lake Cult gets a machete and Jason's Hockey Mask from Jason's shack at Camp Crystal Lake. Both ceremonies start, but something is unknown to the two cults. Both of their demon lords are already out. They have been for the last two centuries. The two own a law firm, and are ready to conquer the earth. They have chosen two sentinels from hell to represent them both. Jason represents one. The other by Freddy. The two demon plan to have Freddy and Jason fight, the victor will have their representee rule the world. So in the ceremony in Crystal Lake, everything goes off without a hitch, except that a passage is misread, andwhen Jason comes out in lew of the demon lord of the Crystal Lake Cult, Jason saps the power of his reprsentee, and that demon lord falls dead on the spot. Jason's new power is manifested in the form of more physical strength and resistance to damage. When he puts on the mask, it becomes chrome. Jason's clothes are tattered andreveal a hulking mass of rotting flesh that has recently stopped the decomposition process. He slaughters the entire cult save one who escapes. In Springwood, Cult2 makes a similar mistake. During that ceremony, someone trips and drops some of their blood into the ceremonial blood mix. This contamination causes Freddy to sap his demon representees energy too, and that one drops dead. Freddy's new energy is shown in a new power. Freddy can now go between the Dream World and Real World at will. When Freddy puts on his glove, it morphs into the New Nightmare glove. Freddy now wears a trenchcoat in addition to his original outfit. Freddy is NOT physically bigger at all. There's my basic set-up for Freddy vs. Jason. What do you think?