HALLOWEEN The Secrets of Michael Myers

Based on Characters created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill

I do not in any way own these characters.

October 30th, 1965. Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. 12:00 P.M.

“You must get this question a lot from us Dr. Loomis, but we have to know, will he ever be better? Will we ever have our little Michael back?,” said Mrs. Myers, holding her five-year-old child Laurie close.

“ I hate to keep giving you the same answer, but unfortunately, Michael has not progressed at all. He is still in the same state as he was when he first arrived here,” said Dr. Samuel Loomis. I would like to talk to you both about some future techniques I would need your permission to perform. Please come to my office.”

Mr. and Mrs. Myers follow Loomis to his office. They sat little Laurie down. The door is left open. They don’t even notice her walk out. Laurie walked down the halls of the hospital and stopped in front of the door her parents looked into. Her young curiosity demanded that she enter the room, to see what her parents had seen. She got a metal folding chair and set it up near the door and attempted to open it, but she found it locked. She slouched down in the chair, disappointed. She looked around the hall and saw a man asleep at a desk. He was a guard. Laurie walked behind the desk and took the man’s keys. She went back to the doors and tried several of the keys until finally, the door unlocked. Laurie, very pleased with herself, opened and walked through the door. She saw a boy, a boy older than her and with blond hair. The boy saw her as well. He got up and walked towards her. Laurie was slightly frightened by this.

“Hi, my name’s Laurie, what’s yours?” she asked. The boy jut stood there. Laurie was getting scared now. She started to walk out, but just as she started to turn around, the boy lunged for her. He picked up little Laurie and threw her on his bed. He then began to strangle her. Laurie was beginning to black out when it stopped. She opened her eyes to see the boy being held back by two guards. The boy was barely moving now; he was just standing there, staring at her with a blank face and piercing eyes. Her parents rushed in just then and grabbed her up and ran out of the room.

“Oh Laurie, Thank God you’re all right! Don’t ever run off like that again!” said her father, but Laurie couldn’t respond, she was too shaken.

They put Laurie in her seat and drove off. That was the last day Laurie ever spent with her parents. On the way home, there was a car accident. Laurie was the only survivor. The Strode family took her in, and everything about her family’s past was sealed. She wouldn’t find out until years later that real last name was Myers. And she wouldn’t even remember the day her parents died, she blocked it out. But she would be forced to remember it all years later when she found out her real name, because on that day, she would learn the identity of that little boy. She would learn that he was a local folk tale. That he was a local ghost story. That he was Michael Myers, and he was her brother.

October 31st, 1971. Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. 5:00 P.M.

It was time to close up. It was a day like any other had been for the past eight years for Dr. Samuel Loomis. He had spent yet another day trying to figure out his own personal enigma, his patient, 14-year-old boy Michael Myers. A day that could have been spent helping someone that could actually use it. He knew Michael couldn’t be helped, but he also knew that if anyone else oversaw Michael, it could be disastrous. He knew that anyone else would be easily fooled by Michael’s catatonic act, and that that person would have Michael put into a minimum security hospital, one that he would no doubt escape from and create chaos when he returned home, which Loomis was sure he would. Michael had no where else to go but home. Loomis was leaving for the night and going home, hoping that Michael would stay put, and hoping that security would be able to keep locked up again. They hadn’t failed yet, but the fear was always there. He got in his car and drove away.

8:00 P.M. :

Hank Douglas was a new security guard that was quite confused and angry. He could have been at home that night having a romantic night with his girlfriend, but no, he had to stay behind that night with ten other guards, all to watch a catatonic boy at the request of a doctor that probably should have been a patient at the place. A huge anger was stewing with Hank, just waiting to get out.

“Hank, don’t get so angry. It’s not THAT bad,” said Bill, a fellow security guard that was also a friend of Hank’s. “I’ll tell ya a secret too. Good old Bobby over there brought some beers, I brought some chips and dip, and Dave ordered five pizzas, and all the guards are just gonna sit back and relax. Look at this as REALLY easy overtime.”

“Look Bill, no offense, but I would much rather be having a nice night with my girl than being here watching some little schizo. What’s the point? That little shit is catatonic, and has been for eight years! Why is security so tight around him, ESPECIALLY on this night?” asked Hank.

“Well for one thing”, replied Bill, “ It’s at Dr. Loomis’ request, and Loomis is buddy-buddy with Wynn, so he gets what he wants. Anyway, don’t you know who that kid is? That kid is Michael Myers. You know, that kicked that hacked up his sister with a butcher knife back in ’63 on Halloween night. Loomis seems to think that despite the fact he ain’t done nothin’ serious in eight years, he’s still a danger. Hell, I’ve never even seen the little bastard move, but as long as I get paid for this, I don’t really care. So just chill out, have a couple of beers, eat some food and relax. Nothing has ever happened before, nothing is gonna happen tonight. Easy money.”

“ All right,” said Hank.

9:00 P.M.

Hank was still angry. Now he was also drunk. It was his turn to patrol the hallway where the boy was. He still wanted to be with his girl, but now he was angry about the possibility that he would have to do this again next year. Hank wouldn’t have it. He stopped in front of the door. He couldn’t see anything through the window. He got out his nightstick. He unlocked the door and he looked around. The room was destroyed. The bed was turned over and all across the room, the word “sister” was carved all over the room. The boy was no where to be seen. Hank slowly reached for his walkie talkie , but something pushed him down. When he looked to see what it was, he saw a boy with a pale, blank face and blond hair. The boy had Hank’s nightstick. The other guards never heard Hank’s screams. All they did was search for him when the lights went out. What they found was a bloody pulp, and Michael Myers’ room empty. They spread out for a search. This was no longer easy money.

Bob was a 40 year-old divorcee. He was balding and slightly over weight. He had two children, Shawn and Michelle. He took this overtime to help pay for child support. Bobby searched the west wing of the hospital, hoping he would live through the night. He never really took the warning about the Myers kid seriously, but after he saw what had happened to Hank, he started believing. He reached the final hallway he had to search.

He looked around and all he found was that a storage room was broken into. He went into the room and looked around. He saw that a box had been ripped open. It was full of things that belonged to the patients. Then came a crash. Bob spun around quickly, but he saw nothing. He went back to investigating the box. He came across a photograph of a young boy in a clown costume. He flipped the photo around. There was writing on the back. It read “Michael on Halloween, age 6.” Then there was another crash. Bob spun around again to catch a blur of something exiting. Bob got up and ran to the door. He looked to the right and saw nothing. He looked to the left and saw the last thing he would ever see. He saw a young boy in a clown mask and a holding a scalpel. Bob’s screams weren’t heard either. When he was found, Bob was hanging by his hands. His throat had been cut out and his abdomen had been carved like a macabre Jack ‘o’ Lantern.

Throughout the night, whenever a guard found Michael, he was murdered. Two of the bodies were never found. When Loomis and Wynn opened the doors the next morning, they found Michael waiting. His hands were covered in blood. He was wearing the clown mask from the photograph. He lunged for Loomis when a gun fired. Wynn had shot Michael. It wasn’t what could be considered a lethal wound by any means, but it did stop Michael. They moved Hanks body and put him back in his room. Loomis wanted to go public with this, but Wynn chose to cover it up. The world never found out about what happened on October 31st, 1971.

November 1st, 1978 Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. 6:00 A.M.

After Michael’s reign of terror on Halloween, 1978, culminated in the near death of Dr. Samuel Loomis in a hospital fire, two police officers and two paramedics went in to retrieve Michael’s body. They found nothing but a pile of melting latex and a pair of burning coveralls. They looked around the hospital until they came across the men’s locker room where they found a locker ripped open and it’s contents emptied. It was later discovered a uniform was stolen from it. They searched more until they came across the Western exit, where they found an open packet of gause and some bandages strewn about. If only they had gotten to the exit 30 minutes earlier, they could have seen a man walking away into the wilderness. A man that they wouldn’t hear from again for ten years.

October 27th, 1988 5:00 P.M. Somewhere in the forest outside Haddonfield, Illinois

A man wearing tattered blue pants and a light blue shirt is walking through the forest. He feels a tugging to go home, but he can’t. He has to know something for sure. He has to find the truth. He’s going back to another home though. Michael’s going back to Smith’s Grove.

October 30th, 1988 9:00 P.M. Smith’s Grove Sanitarium.

It was time for Dr. Terrence Wynn to leave for the night. He had stayed late to do some paper work, and he was incredibly tired. He was about to exit when he remembered that he had forgotten something. He went over to the security guard.

“Excuse me Lou, but could you please unlock Dr. Loomis’ office, I believe I left my keys in there,” said Dr. Wynn.

“ Just take the keys and give back to me when you’re done.” replied Lou.

Lou handed the keys to Wynn, and he walked down the hall to Loomis’ office and opened the door. What he saw shocked him. He saw the office in complete disarray. Files were strewn all over and the window had been broken. He also saw a picture of young Jamie Lloyd, daughter of the late Laurie Strode, with a letter opener driven through it. Wynn was ready to run out when the door slammed. Wynn saw what was hiding behind the door. All he could make out was a shape shrouded in shadows. Before he could move, this shaped reached out with one hand and snapped Wynn’s neck. Before his death, Wynn made one loud plea for help. Lou was up and on his way when the door opened and Wynn’s limp body dropped from the doorway. Then what followed would be the last thing Lou would ever see. After the body, came a man.

“Stop or I’ll shoot!” shouted Lou. The man stopped, turned and walked toward Lou. “STOP NOW!” Then Lou shot, and the man fell. Lou walked over to se who this was. It was his last mistake, because as he did this, the man’s arm raised up and broke Lou’s neck. He then took Lou’s car keys and drove off with what he had taken from Loomis’ office. He had taken all the files related to Laurie Strode. The man was Michael Myers, and he now knew he had a dead sister and nephew, and a living niece. He drove towards Haddonfield. In the morning, He stopped at a gas station and got new clothes. He saw Dr. Loomis. He left the Gas Station in flames and continued off towards Haddonfield. It was Halloween again.

October 31st, 1988. 10:00 P.M. At a mineshaft outside of Haddonfield.

Dr. Loomis just saw it, but he knew Michael wasn’t dead. He knew that not even being shot by a group of police officers and falling down a mineshaft would stop him, and he was right. Michael had fallen down the mineshaft and into the river that it emptied out into, but he dragged himself onto shore, and walked into the woods. He wouldn’t be seen again for eight years.

October 31st, 1996. Haddonfield, Illinois

It had been eight years since Jamie Lloyd had seen her Uncle Michael, and her emotional scars were still there. She rarely had a night where she didn’t wake up in a cold sweat. Dr. Loomis had recently died of a heart attack.

She was on her way home from walking her dog when her dog started to bark uncontrollably before they went into her house. She looked up at her bedroom window and saw someone viciously attacking her foster sister Rachel. Then the attacker came into the light. It was her uncle. As soon as she saw that, she ran to the Police Station and told them what she saw. They rushed to her house and found all the family dead and their bodies set-up in gruesome ways. They found no trace of Michael. That night, Jamie stayed with a friend. Also that night, the police were called to the cemetary. Laurie and her son John Strode’s graves were dug up and the coffins were found empty. Laurie’s grave had the word “sister” carved on it. Two days later Jamie moved in permanently with her friend’s family. The family moved away. Jamie wouldn’t return for three years.

October 31st, 1998. 10:00 P.M. Hillcrest Private School.

Michael had returned like Laurie always new he would. She knew in her heart that the multiple stab wounds wouldn’t kill Michael, and as long as he was alive, she and John were in danger. She formulated a plan. She would take Michael’s body and decapitate it, making sure he could never come back. Unfortunately for Laurie, she wouldn’t get the chance to touch Michael for three years.

A paramedic had been sent in to check on Michael’s vital stats. He leaned over Michael, but before he could check anything, Michael grabbed the man by the head and threw him against the wall knocking him out. Michael then placed a piece of tape over his mouth and switched clothes with the man. Michael then put the man on the stretcher and walked out.

Laurie went on with her plan, and the body of “Michael” was taken to the morgue. Dr. Smith, a man of fifty, was about to perform the autopsy when the lights went out. Luckily the emergency lights for the “cutting room” as he called it were on. He took off the mask. The description didn’t fit. The man appeared to be in his early twenties. Michael Myers was 41. Both eyes of the man are intact. Michael lost use of one his eyes in 1978. He looked down towards the body. He looked at the hands. They were in perfect condition. Michael was reported as having minor burns on the top of his hands in 1988.

The doctor then heard gunshots and screams. Then silence. Then there was a pounding at the door. Dr. Smith went to hide in a cabinet. The door was knocked down, and in walked a man. The man looked around, and then saw the body. He put on the mask that the body was wearing. The doctor then made a big mistake. He sneezed. His body was found along with the rest, horribly mutilated. Michael was well on his way back to Haddonfield. He had unfinished business to attend to.