by GDogg


We open up to see it is night. We are looking at a long dark road and some woods. It all looks familiar. We see a man walking through the woods with a backpack over his shoulders, he looks around 30. He hears a noise behind him, he turns around to see no one is there. He turns back around and continues walking. He comes to a small river. He squats down and splashes some water onto his face and he just stares into the water. In the reflection of the water he sees a man behind him holding a rope, he wraps the rope around the mans neck and ties the other end to a tree and lets the man hang upside down he then walks away, eventually the man gets loose and falls to the ground and gets up holding his neck, he starts to run, he then turns around and sees the other man nowhere. He starts to back up as he bumps into something hard, he turns around and sees the man standing there with something in his hand. The killer grabs him by his throat and stuffs the thing in his mouth and takes out a lighter. He then flicks the lighter as a small flame shoots up. He lights the end of the now seen Firecracker and then sees the same rope where he hung the man up. He picks it up and hangs the man back up to a tree and walks away fires cracking in the background like its the 4th of July , the killer then walks up to a small opening where he stares at a small building and a couple of cabins. The camera spins around to see he is staring at a CAMP. The same camp from CG1!. The screen blacks out as we see something coming towards us, when it is close enough we see it is an arrow. The words CAMP GORE comes across the screen. The arrow goes through the screen on the right of the words and bends to make a 2.

Camp Gore 2

We open up to see 2 cars driving down the road. Inside the 1st car is Dwayne, Sara , Kim and The driver, Ray. In the 2nd car we see Bobby, Keith, Marcus, and Joanie.


Dwayne: So how much far do we have to go man.

Ray: We got about 10 more miles left.

Sara: As soon as we get there im going skinny dipping.

Kim: Yeah me too

Ray: OOOOH.Im gonna be there.

INT-Car 2

Bobby: How much more farther we got to go.

Marcus: About 9 miles.

Keith: Man Im bored.

Joanie: The 1st thing im doing is going swimming.

Bobby: Yeah me too.

20 Mins later..

EXT-Camp Day

Ray gets out of the car, along with everyone else.

Ray: Were hereeee.

Dwayne: Finally

Kim: Im going skinny dipping!

Ray: Hold on wait one second Kim. We have to get all our stuff unpacked first.

Kim: ok but lets hurry.

They all grabs their stuff and walks to the cabins.

Ray: ok girls in Cabin 1 Boys Cabin 2

The 3 girls walk into their cabin, while the boys walk into theirs.

Joanie: Wow this place is amazing.

Kim: I know. What do you think Sara.

Sara: Oh yeah its nice.

Kim:(Whispering to Joanie) What's up with her.

Joanie shrugs.

INT Cabin 2-Boys

Dwayne: Man this place is cool.

Marcus: Yeah it is.

Keith: Hey you guys want to go shoot some hoops

Bobby: Sure come on

Ray: Wait for me guys. You coming rob

Robert: No you guys go ahead.

INT-Girls Cabin

Joanie: Well guys.Im going swimming. What about you guys.

Sara: Count me in.You coming

Kim: No im going to stay here awhile.

Joanie: OK.

The other 2 girls leave the cabin.


We see the boys playing around, shooting hoops.

Marcus: Hold on guys I have to use the bathroom.

He runs into the bathroom.

He starts to use it. He then goes to wash his hands and sees dried up blood on the sink.

Marcus: What the....

He looks out the window. He can see the girls cabins from here. He looks through one of the windows and sees Sara. She is getting undressed. She takes her shirt off.

Marcus: whoa she's hot.

He turns around and bumps into Keith.

Marcus: Damnit man you scared the shit out of me.

Keith: Sorry. I came to get you. Me and the other guys are going swimming. You want to come.

Marcus: Yeah lets go.

They then run back to the cabin to change.


We see Sara and Joanie diving into the lake. We then see the boys running into the lake also.



Kim walks to the bathroom and goes inside. She takes a shower and then looks in the mirror. She then unfogs it and sees someone behind her. She turns around and sees a person in a costume with a blank mask standing there he pulls out a knife. She screams and tries to run out of the bathroom and to the cabin. She goes inside and hides under her bed. She then hears the cabin door opening as the killer steps into the room. He then walks back out. She comes from under the bed. She then walks to a window and looks outside. A hand breaks through the glass and grabs her neck. The hand pulls her out of the window. He then looks at her and pulls out a knife and stabs her to death.


Dwayne: Damn man I need some alcohol

Bobby: Want to go get some.

Dwayne: Lets go.

They exit the small lake.

Marcus:(shouting) Hey where you guys going!

Dwayne: To get some beer.

Marcus: OK hurry up.

The two get their towels and walk back to the cabins and go inside.

Dwayne: Hey Ray were going......

The room is empty

Bobby: Where the hell did he go.

Dwayne: I don't know but lets go.

He grabs the keys off his bed and they change and walks back to the car. As they are, a shape stands behind a tree in the woods watching them.

Cut to:


We see a car driving down the road. It is Dwayne and Bobby.

Dwayne: Man that Sara is hot

Bobby: You got that right.