ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE:ITíS HALLOWEEN BY kpeakin...will not be shown tonight to bring you a documentry with that bastard joe chappelle

the horror of joe chappelle

by kpeakin

set of h6

joe:welcome itís me your favourite joe chappelle

a bullet just misses him

joe:tonight we have something special itís a documentry about halloween 6

he walks by paul rudd ready to hang himself

joe:now of course everyone loved me

micheal lerner:jesus christ get me the hell out of here

joe shoots micheal lerner

joe:now here we have the set of the farm where j.c. brandy gets gutted unfortuanely she thought the film was so bad that she did get gutted now...

goerge wilbur:oh god why did they make me act in this piece of worthless shit i...i...i...

joe:oh go away you cry baby

goerge wilbur:oh so iím whiny

joe:(whinning)just get the hell out of here

he shoots goerge wilbur


someone shoots him in the head

the end

brought to you by crap joe chappelle productions