Chappelle X


The rain splatters down outside a small surburban house. Someone is seen typing at a type writer. It is Scarecrow, he is writing a story called 'Michael Takes Hell'.

SCARE: I've nearly finished my Halloween, Hellraiser crossover.

Outisde the thunder strikes and a cackling is heard.

SCARE: Who's there?

A figure moves foward out of the shadows

SCARE: Oh no... Joe Chappelle!

JOE: Scarecrow, welcome to your Worst Nightmare!

There is a crash of thunder. Scarecrow is sent realing in a dodgy special effect and finds himself on a metal floor in some kind of corridor.

SCARE: Where am I?

He looks out a window, he is on a huge space ship!

JOE: Welcome to the future!

Writing appears : Coming Soon...

CHAPPELLE X : Final Worst Nightmare!

SCARE: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!