Documentary Of Crystal Lake

Hey everyone, this is a teaser preview for DOCUMENTARY OF CRYSTAL LAKE. Its obviously the Friday the 13th version of The Blair Witch Project- enjoy.

NOTE - The view is from a camcorder thru out the whole thing.

The Main title appears on screen.

Documentary of Crystal Lake

Voice: It scared the living daylights out of you!

We see Heather and Josh running from "The Blair Witch Project"

Voice: But this time.......

Camera's POV- We see bloody arrows on the ground.

Voice: It isn't any witch......

Int- Barn-night

Camera's POV - There's bloody tools hung on the wall, including a machete.

Tara, 22, is looking at them, shocked.

Tara: What fuck is this?!

Voice: It's something MUCH worse.....

We see a bloody hockey mask lying by some hay.

Voice: Prepare yourself.....

Ext- lake

We see a spot in the lake start to bubble.

Leo: What the hell is that?!!!

Voice: For the scariest documentary you will ever experience....

Int- Tara's house-day

Tara is smiling holding up a hockey mask to the camera.

Tara: He's out there!!


Voice: Documentary of Crystal Lake

Title appears on screen.

Voice: He's back......and he's scarier than any witch.

Ext- lake-night

We see Tara holding the camera to her face on a canoe in the lake.

Tara:(crying)Please, Oh god, don't let me die!!

Black out