Halloween 8: The Death of
Michael Myers


 Teaser Preview for Halloween 8: The Death of Michael Myers
                       By:  Justin Price
NOTE:  Some scenes mentioned will change in the script.

Blank screen appears.  The Dimension Films logo appears on the screen.
As it starts to disappear, the Halloween theme begins.
        We now see a dark street, with houses on either side.  The voice over
begins as the camera moves down the street as we see Michael standing
there with a knife.
        VOICE:  Last Halloween, he came back to kill Laurie Strode.  He
        We now cut into a bedroom where we see Laurie Strode, dead.
        VOICE:  The fear that he would return haunted her to death.
With her dead, there is only one person that can stop Michael.
        Cut to the Laurie's gravestone, where we see John Tate standing over
it.  From behind him come Molly, Tommy Doyle, Kara Strode Doyle, and
baby Stephen.
        VOICE:  With the help of Tommy, Kara, and Molly, John will set
out to stop his uncle for good.
        Cut to a series of clips from the movie.  We see Molly running from
Michael.  Kara in the shower, and the shape's shadow casting over it.
Tommy at his computer looking at a file on Michael.  Kara and Molly
running down a dark hall with Stephen.  Michael slashing his knife at
something.  A door being knocked in.  A dead body falling in front of
Tommy.  A car chase with Michael and John.
        VOICE:  This Halloween, terror returns to Haddonfield.  It will
be a Halloween not to be forgotten.
        Cut to a dark hallway.  At one end we see Michael with his
knife, and at the other we see John with an axe.
        JOHN:  This is the end Michael.
        We then zoom in on Michael, breathing heavily as the screen goes
black.  The title, Halloween 8: The Death of Michael Myers, flashes on
screen as the voice over says:
       VOICE: Halloween 8: The Death of Michael Myers.
        The title fades away as COMING SOON appears on the screen.