In The Shadow of Death

By Wynn

We see a crowded street. Dozends of people pass by in a second. We see a flash of a black background with white lettering.

LETTERING: Watch carefully.

We go back to the crowd. People talk to eachother and we hear laughing. Back to the lettering

LETTERING: If you look closely...

Two seconds of crowd then back to the lettering

LETTERING: you will see....


LETTERING: A serial killer.

Quick flash of light. Drewís Famous Halloween Horror plays in the background. We see News Anchor Robert Pastor infront of a picture of a knife in a red triangle. Red lettering above read The Lakeshore Slasher.

PASTOR: ...another girl murdered last night, the victim of the Lakeshore slasher or as heís been nicknamed Lakeshore Luke. 15 year old Karen Allenberg was found dead at.....

Cut to Officer Gregson and Officer Penn smoking in a hallway.

PENN: This guy is just...

Quick flash of a crime scene photo. The body is covered in a bloody sheet. The carpet around it is heavily stained. Back to the officers

PENN: Heís one sick fu..

Cut to Pastor again.

PASTOR: Police today broke up a distrurbance on Hill Street where local teens eemed to be holding a street party of some sort.

Cut to a camcorder-quality shot of a crowd of people standing around a house with police tape around it drinking and partying. One is holding a knife. One girl is showing off a tattoo on her naked back which reads: KILL ME NEXT LUKE! Another cut to the lettering on the black background

LETTERING: To some he was a hero.

Cut to a school hallway. A girl, recognizable as the one with the tattoo on her back is shown crying, being comforted by a Principle Richardson.

LETTERING: To others, he was a monster.

Cut back to Penn and Gregson.

GREGSON: Son of a bitch just dissapears.

Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter replaces the soundtrack.

LETTERING: And to those who knew him, he was death.

A girl walks through the park, frightened.


LETTERING: From the Writer and Director who brought you Evil Emity and Bloodmoon.

Cut of Penn crashing through a doorway, gun aimed.


LETTERING: Comes a day in the life...

Cut to Principle Richardson in his office.

RICHARDSON: Iím willing to bet Iíve walked past Luke at least once today and didnít even know it.


Cut to Penn in the station again.

PENN: Heís a demented psychotic killer, what we call a Monster.

Large red lettering appears.


We hear Pennís panting voice.

PENN: Oh my god

Cut to Black. The end of Wonderful Wonderful by Johnny Mathis plays.Flash to the words.