HalloweeN H2K Producer's Cut

By:Jordan D.

The Halloween 2 theme plays then the words Halloween H2K:Evil Never Dies appears in silver letters(It was red in the other).


It is daytime and the words Nov.1,1998 appears.We see a headless body rolled away on a strecher.

Cop 1:So he's finally out of this world!

Cop 2:Yeah, all he would do was kill!

Cop 3:But then the person he stalked had stalked him.

Cop 1:Michael was a major ass.

Cop 2:He thinks he's invincible because he survived hundreds of bullets.

Cop 3:What happened to John and Keri?

Cop 2:They are some place safe.

Cop 1:I wonder what the media and Bill Clinton will do.

Cop 3:Bill would run like they set his ass on fire!

The words Oct.29,2000 appears onscreen

The camera goes somewhere in California

Laurie:John since you know what happens this time of year we are going to Haddonfield.

John:But Mom that place is boring!

Laurie:I don't care what you think we're going to Haddonfield!

John:Okay but I am only going for the family and Jamie Okay!

Laurie:Fine but don't raise your voice at me!


Int.Doyle house

Kara:Guess what Tommy.


Kara:Laurie and John are coming over.

Tommy:Great!Fix this place up,put on your best clothes,feed the dog,fix the BBQ!

Kara:I'm lucky I didn't say the president was coming over.

Meanwhile Int.Loomis house

Dr.Loomis:Donald come here.

Donald:Okay dad.

Donald walks in the door.

Donald:What did you need dad?

Dr.Loomis:Donald read this report about Michael.

Donald begins reading the report.

Donald:It states here that the only way to stop Michael is to have a relative kill him by using the thorns of good.

Donald:But didn't Laurie chop off his head?

Dr.Loomis:Yes,but I still feel Michael's evil presence.

The camera goes to Smith's Grove

Int.Smith's Grove

Cult member:Dr.Wynn Michael is finished recovering.

Dr.Wynn:Good everything is going just as I planned.Do you have any info on our replacement.

Cult member:Yes,he had his head cut off.

Dr.Wynn:What!The first clone of Michael I created was destroyed.

Cult member:Yes,but don't worry we can make more.

Dr.Wynn:Don't worry my plan is to kill Tommy,Loomis,and Laurie.I will create more clones of Michael.After Danny and Stephen recieve the thorn we will no longer need Michael.

Cult Member:When to create the clones.

Dr.Wynn:Now!The other half of my plan will be finished on Halloween.

Wynn goes into a metallic door.


Michael Myers is on a bed in a coma.

Michael then sits up and gets instructions to kill John and Laurie.


Meanwhile we see a black jeep with two 29 year old males in it.

Tom:Then she wants me to pay the 100 dollars!

Joe:Chicks can pull off anything by seuducing men these days!

Then Michael appears in front of the car causing it to stop

Joe:Who the hell do you think you are!

Michael just stares at him

Tom:Are you gonna at least talk.

Michael stares at him also

Tom:Joe watch me beat the hell out of mr. asshole!

Tom starts walking toward Michael but when he stops Michael puts a pitchfork in his throat and crushes his neck

Joe:Tom,Nooooooooo!You little

But before he can finish Michael puts the pitchfork in his head,eyes,chest,and back all the while he is screaming before he dies.Michael takes the jeep and hurries to Haddonfield.

Night time comes

Int.Doyle house

Kara:Hi,Laurie Hi John.

Tommy:Hi Laurie.

Stephen and Danny:Hi aunt Laurie hi cousin John.

Before they can say anything else Loomis and Donald appear.

Loomis:Laurie,Michael is coming back.

Laurie:What!I thought I sliced his head off!

Loomis:Yes but you probably killed a clone or someone else.

John:Tommy,Loomis your both Michael Myers crazed people he is d-e-a-d.

Loomis:Young man has your mother telled you what happened to Michael!


Loomis:I shot him six times in the heart,blew him up with flamable gas,shot him down a mineshaft,and beat him with a piece of wood.

Laurie:It is time for my brother to die!

Loomis:The plan will go in action on Halloween.

The words Oct.30,2000 appears


Bill:Man this is crap,we have to work all day!

Frank:I know!

Rochelle:The day will past by just like that.

Frank:Yeah right!

Arlet:Don't worry!

Meanwhile Michael goes in the store and steals a hammer,axe,pitchfork,and scapel.

Frank:Where the hell are you going with that!?

But before Frank can say another word Michael puts his thumb through his forehead.

He then slams a butcher knife in Bill's head.He impales Arlet on a wall and breaks Rochelle's neck.

Oct.31,2000 Halloween appears

Loomis and gang go to the Myers' house but the thorn members are there also.Tommy,John,and Donald start shooting the members.Michael and Wynn found another way in.But Laurie attacks them.Laurie fights him until they reach the basement then Wynn appears.

Dr.Wynn:Kill them Michael!

Dr.Loomis appears and shoots Wynn.Loomis starts the bomb.


Laurie then leaves.

Loomis:I hope you both rot and burn in hell!

Then the bomb goes off and the house goes up in flames.Michael gets up but Laurie shoots him with a Magnum to knock in down and he burns.