Halloween 9:The End of Michael Myers

The halloween theme plays as there are flashbacks to H2K.Then we see a close up of Michael's mask and the words Halloween 9:The End of Michael Myers appears.


We see the Myers house burning

Cop 1:I'm sorry Keri we couldn't find his body.

Laurie:What!I just saw his body burning by the house and you say you can't find him!

Donald:Don't worry because he won't be coming back until 2001 and all of us will be ready by then.

The words Oct.28,2001 appears

Two cult members are rolling a strecher with Michael on it.Then suddenly Michael wakes up and breaks both of their necks.He takes a mask and a butcher knife and leaves.

Int.Tate house nightime

Keri is dreaming of Michael escaping from Smith's Grove and suddenly she wakes up screaming

John:Mom,what's wrong.

Keri:Michael is coming!

The words Oct.29,2001 appears onscreen

Int.Doyle house

Tommy:So Keri you think Michael is coming?

Keri:Yes,and he's more evil than ever now.

Donald:Don't worry,I know trained people that will help us this Halloween.

John:Then we must be ready.

Meanwhile Int.Gas station

Benny:Hey Rick,want something to eat?

Rick:Yeah,get me a hot dog.

Benny goes to get the hot dog but he hears a strange noise.

Benny:Who's there?

Benny looks around but when he turns the corner Michael bashes Benny's skull with a sledgehammer.

Rick:Benny,was that you?

Michael comes out of nowhere and slams his fist in Rick's skull.

Int.Doyle house night

Tommy:To help us stop Michael forever we must us the thorns of good.

Donald:But there is a catch.

Tommy:And that would be?

Donald:The person Michael is stalking must use the thorns of good.

Tommy:And who would that be?


Stephen:Why does the booeyman want me?

Kara:Don't worry,he won't get you.

Donald:Before we start planning I would like you to meet some renforcements.

Donald:Meet Darien,Trowa,Quatre,Heero,Duo,Goten,Gohan,Tenchi, and Trunks.

John:Man you got alot of people there.

Then suddenly Molly appears.

Molly:Hey everyone.

Donald:Ok it's time to make the plan.

The words Oct.30,2001 appears onscreen

There is a man in a truck and he suddenly stops.

Driver:Hey,you! Who the hell do you think you are?

Michael takes a knife and slams it in his face and smashs his head.Michael takes the truck as a sign reads 59 miles to Haddonfield

Meanwhile Int.Doyle house

Donald:Ok,so now everyone knows what to do we need to find a good place to do it.

Heero:There is a abandoned factory a few miles from here.

Donald:Good,now we have to find him.

Meanwhile Int.Factory

Brad:Richard,are you sure this is safe?

Richard:Of course,all you have to do is get that rifle over there.

Before Brad can pick up the rifle Michael busts in grabs the rifle and impales Brad on it.Michael then punches a hole through Richard's back.

The words Oct.31,2001 Halloween appears onscreen


Stephen:Uncle Booeyman where are you?

Michael appears in a instance and Tommy starts firing his machine gun.

Then everyone starts shooting but Michael throws them all around.Then suddenly cult members appear but Stephen draws a sign of the good thorn then out of nowhere Danny comes to help him and then Jamie's spirit helps transform Michael back to a average human.When members try to shoot Stephen Michael steps in front and takes the shots.Donald throws a bomb that explodes and kills the cult members.

Laurie,Danny,Donald,Tommy,and Stephen gather by Michael.

Michael:Please protect Stephen from the thorn.

Michael dies and they learn that Michael wasn't really evil.