Halloween Destiny:True Evil Never Dies

The Screen is Black. THe Blood Bath FIlms logo flashes across the screen.

Slowely we pan in to see a montage of events from Halloween Destiny: True Evil Never Dies.

( Electra holding a gun to Danny )

( THe Shape stabbing Danny in a bathroom )

( Danny standing over a dead Kain Ucter with a tear rolling down his face )

( Officer Douglas talking into a Radio inside his police cruiser. Suddenly THe Shape pops up from the back seat and stabs OIfficer Douglas )

( Dr.Wynn laughs evily in a dark room )

Voice: You Witnessed the movie that Swept every award show durring the year 2000.

( We See Danny and Kain Ucter Jumping out a second story window )

Voice: Now witness it again on VHS and DVD.

( We See Tommy and Danny hugging )

Voice: With 17 bonus miniutes of never before seen fotage.

( We see a clip of Kain Ucter and The Shape fighting wich never appeared in the movie. )

Voice: and behind the scenes interview with screen play writer TB and the shape himself Kain Hooder. HALLOWEEN DESTINY: TRUE EVIL NEVER DIES. COMMING TO VIDEO STORES SOON ON VHS AND DVD. BUY IT TODAY

( We see a shot of Electra shooting Shawn )

The Screen fades to black