The genesis of my version of Freddy vs. Jason dates back to mid-1996, a time when the movie was expected to be released. You all remember the BIG article in Fangoria issue # 144 in July 1995, Peter Briggs boasted on about how his script was full of surprises and takes the characters to new highs, well we all know how that went. I was disappointed when I heard that Briggs' draft was rejected, because that meant that the movie would not make a summer release in 96, but all of my anger was put to rest when I read that one of my favorite writers David J. Schow would be taking over the scripting process. I thought it was set in stone, New Line could release it on Friday, September 13th, 1996, there was NO WAY it could lose! Then, it was SCRAPPED!

I was devastated, this movie was not going to happen. To further my dismay, they hired Lewis Abernathy to script it next, I was familiar with his work and I knew that he would fuck it up, and he did! So in the summer of 1996, I sat down and decided to give it a shot, not a professional shot but a personal one. You see, I had written screenplays before, but I never tried to write a Friday or Nightmare movie because these are movies that I want to go and see, not write. The problem with Freddy vs. Jason is that the people who were writing it didn't have a passion for the material, they were not fans, they didn't know the characters or care for them, and most importantly they didn't listen to us, the fans (Until Shannon & Swift came along that is!).

With that in mind I jotted out the plot line, I didn't have to think really hard because I had always thought of Freddy and Jason as connected from the beginning. I didn't want some dumb-ass reason for them to meet, (and in all the other scripts there were many) not to mention that they always want to set it in the "Real World," bad mistake. I've always maintained that the Friday/Nightmare/Halloween universe was a parallel of our own, meaning that we have the same presidents and such, but that the killers are not characters in horror movies.

Another downfall of past scripts is that they made our all powerful monsters into lesser evils of another "Evil" in the film. Freddy and Jason should never be made into pawns or tools and when I reviewed all of this it all became clear to me what I should do with these icons (I will not spoil it here, but once you read the script you will know) It was finally time to increase them to the point of no return, bring something out that was always in them but the other writers in the Friday & Nightmare series (Except Wes Craven) never thought to reveal.

With Freddy and Jason's main story thrust in place, it was time to focus on the other elements of story and characters. I didn't want the whole movie to be about the fight, I wanted everything to be a road leading to the fight. I wanted this movie to be completely EPIC in size and scope. I didn't bring back every past character from the Friday or Elm Street series, only the ones I thought had some story left, as much as we all love Nancy, there was just no way to bring her back. Sorry.

Early in the year 2000, since I knew that the 20th anniversary of the original Friday the 13th was coming up, I decided to dust off my screenplay, do a dialogue polish and release it to the net, so the fans, like myself, could get a taste of what this movie could be like if it was done BIGGER, more like a disaster film. But, as I sit here in 2004, am happy with the way the real FvsJ film turned out (With the exception of a few nitpicks), and now realize that "Simple IS better"

So in closing, "Do I feel satisfied with what I've done?" Yes! This was a labor of love for me, as it is for others who write fanfics. And I'm pretty sure there are other fans out there that can do a much better job at writing Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St. and Halloween movies than the people that the studios hire.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Andre Ellis

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