Halloween: The Tales of Emmit Brown


Disclaimer:  I hate these things, but I don't want to get sued.  I am in no was affiliated with Dimension or Universal.  I am just a fan writing this and I have no intentions of making money off of this.  It was put together merely out of fun.

To let you know who I am before I get started , My name is Nobudy. Yes, I am Sumbudy's twin!!  Okay, no I'm not.  I am his friend from good 'ol Marshall Texas.  Enjoy the story/script/spoof!

Setting:  It is a dark and rainy night.  We see headlights flashing up in the sky.  The Camera moves up towards the light.(Cue Mr. Sandman)  The Year is 2078.  Haddonfield, Illinois.  The Day is Halloween.  We get closer to the skyway and (cue back to the future music)a 1985 Delortient come in front of the camera.

Inside:  Doctor Emmit Brown and his lovely wife Clara are in the car.  His dog, Einstein, is there also.  Clara is meddling with the Time Circuits.

Doc Brown
Great Scots Clara!  What are you doing??  Don't mess with that!
But Emmit, I wont hurt a thing.  You don't even have anything in
the Flux Capacitor.
Doc Brown
You never know, this hunk of junk could not be running right.
Don't you remember what happened last time when you messed
with the TIME Circuits???
Yes, I most certainly do.  I got chased around by some guy with a
whip.  Wasn't he named after a dog?
Doc Brown
Yeah! And the time before that when we almost go ate bye a T-REX
in San Diego.
Don't remind me.  And who that thing got to San Diego Beats the heck
out of me.
Doc Brown
Reminds me of the time when I read stories about Godzilla.  Boy, that
was heavy......Where did I pick that up from.  Oh yeah, Marty.  I wonder
how he is doing.
Its been a while.
Clara still fumbling with the Time Circuits sets the clocks back to 1978.
Doc Brown
Maybe we should take a short trip to see Marty.  What do you think.
Before Clara had time to respond the car was hit with a bolt of lightening.
Haddonfield, 1978.  Halloween.  (cue halloween theme)
They arrive in a dark night time sky. Einstein is barking.
Doc Brown
Clara?  Are you okay??
Emmit, Im fine.  Where in time are we??
Doc Brown
(calm) 1978......(frantic) 1978!!!  Great Scots!!!
What Emmit??  What? Its not like you've been drinking
today.  CALM DOWN!
Doc Brown (still frantic)
You  don't understand.  its 1978.  Us being here is probably
altering the fabric of time!!
Emmit its just time travel.  Were okay.
Doc Brown (calm)
Sorry, I had De Ja Vu.  I thought we were in alternate 1985.
I don't think I could take another alternate universe!!
Don't worry Emmit.  Well be fine.  Now, who do we get outta
Doc  Brown
All we need is 1.21 gigawatts...... or some trash for Mr. Fusion.
Well, lets land and get some "trash"

They land unsuspectingly in front of the house where Laurie is being terrorized by Michael Myers.  They get out  of the car in time to see Dr. Lommis run into the house.  The go to the nearest  trash can and pull out as much garbage as possible to fit into the Mr. Fusion Compactor.  They load up the trash and are about to get in the car.  All of a sudden the hear gunshots the see Michael fall the ground.   Doc Brown runs over to him.

Doc Brown
Great Scots Man.  Are you okay.  Do you need an ambulance,
A Taxi????
(no response but moves his arms trying to get up)
Doc Brown.
Let Me help you up.
He does so.  Michael gains consciousness and is about to attack Doc Brown.  Michael hears a noise from the house knowing Dr. Loomis will be at the window soon, so he walks off.  Doc Brown runs back to his car.  He gets in.
Who was that?
Doc Brown
I don't know.  Strange fellow though.  He didn't speak and wore
this mask that looked like the guy at Nasa that is in charge of Space
exploration.  Is his name Bill Shattner??
I don't know, lets just go home
Doc cranks the car an begins to take off for flight but it wont.  The lightning messed up the cars flying power.  He has to resort to driving on the ground.
Doc Brown
The Car wont take off I ll have to drive to 88 mph
Do you have enough road??
Doc Brown
No......I got an Idea.  Lets wait for an hour.  The car fixes it self,
so we will just have to wait.
They see Dr Loomis come out of the house.  He runs around like a mad man screaming "evil".  Laurie walks out of the house.  Clara's motherly instances kick in and she runs to Laurie's aid.  Doc goes and joins his wife.  Laurie explains the whole story of her brother and how he is trying to kill her.
Doc Brown
This reminds me of the time, when our president had a affair
with that girl
How dose it remind you of that?????
Doc Brown
I dunno, it just does.  Must be my toilet injury or all my years
in a taxi place.
(enter Doc Loomis)
Doc Loomis
Have you seen him??  The Evil, have you seen him.  I shot him six
times, IN THE HEART!!!  Death?  Where did he go??
Doc Brown
Death??  he's not death.  Iv seen worse.  Dump a pile of manure
on him.  That'll stop him.
Dr Loomis
You don't know what death is.
Doc Loomis runs off.  An ambulance comes and takes care of Laurie.  They put her in the truck and Clara and Doc say good-bye.  The 2 walk over to the Time Machine.  It has been moved down the block. They don't really realize it though.  They get in and find a bloody knife.  Doc Brown picks it up and throws it out of the car.  They take off and fly into the future.  When they get there, they see everyone there has caught on to a new trend.  White Masks.
Doc Brown
Great Scots!!  Not AGAIN!!!

The End


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