The Devil Incarnate

    The Evil of Michael Myers

                                    By Horror_5


  The following script you will be reading is very graphic. If you are under 16 you are not permitted to read this gory story about young children and
 teenagers being slaughtered. If this script offends you, leave the script and go to the main page of the web site you are currently in now. Enjoy the script!


 The script you are about to read comes before H20 and after Halloween 6. If you liked the characters in H6, you will like this story. Enjoy this completely
                                   evil story!

                          The Script

                                 Date: October 31, 1995

                                    Fade in on:

                 The camera views a huge, dark castle. Lightning is flashing across the dark night sky.

The camera views in on the side of the castle with THORN signs sprayed on the walls |> BOOM! Another flash of lightning flashes across the night sky.

 The Halloween theme song begins to start and we see through the windows of the castle. We see the room where Tommy Doyle was beating the shit out
                            of Michael Myers at the end of Halloween 6.

                     We zoom in the room and here an elevator door open. It's Dr. Loomis.

                              DR LOOMIS: Come on! GET IN!

                           Kara and Danny run in. Kara is holding the baby.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                         Tommy is beating the shit out of Michael with the pipe.

                            TOMMY: DIE MOTHER FUCKER! DIE!

                     Tommy hits him on the head harder and the shape finally knocks out.

      Tommy looks at him. Tommy raises the pipe again and bashes him harder. And we see flashes of the shape walking with a butcher!


                             We blood pouring out of Michael's eyes.


                    We see him getting hit on the pipe and see blood spurt out from his eyes!


                             Michael is looking straight at the camera.


                    We see Mike dead on the ground and Tommy drops the pipe and walks off.

                                     Fade out:

                        We see Tommy, Kara, Danny, and the baby Stephen in a car.

                                TOMMY: Come with us.

                       DR LOOMIS: No.. No. I have a little business to attend to here.

                             Tommy starts the car and they drive off.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

    Michael Myers is dead on the ground. We see his fingers move and he gets up. His hand pulls out the syringe that was stabbed into him.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                          Loomis walks back inside the castle with his cane.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                      The shape pulls off his mask. We cannot see his face only his feet.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                       Loomis is now inside the castle and locks the door behind him.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                 The camera pans down to see a syringe and a white mask. We hear Dr. Loomis's scream.

                                    CUT TO:

                     Michael Myers is strangling Loomis. We can only see his hands and feet.

                        LOOMIS (Voice dying out): Michael! You can stop the rage!

 Michael continues strangling Loomis until we hear a snap. Loomis is on the ground dead. We see feet walk across the screen and the camera fades into

                                     Scene 2

                        We hear the Halloween theme and see the title and credits.

                                     Scene 3

                                    Fade in on:

             A blue floor with the THORN sign engraved on it. The camera zooms in on it while the narrator speaks.

 NARRATOR: Halloween. Halloween is a night of evil. A night where evil lurks into the darkness to kill it's prey. On the night of Samhain in 1963, a young boy, Michael Myers, killed his sister. He was later taken to an asylum where he was locked up for 15 years. In 1978, Halloween night, Michael escaped the asylum and killed 15 or more. Not including animals. In 1988, his niece Jamie Lloyd was living in Haddonfield. Michael again escaped the
 asylum to kill her. A year later, the same thing. Halloween was then banned for 5 years and he came back once more to kill his niece Jamie Lloyd and he did. But Tommy Doyle had taken it and evil came about him and his neighbors. Now, this year 1997 Michael is still out there searching for the lost baby still in the hands of Tommy and Kara Doyle.

                               The camera fades out into black

                                     Scene 4

                                 Date: October 30, 1997

                                    Fade in on:

 Danny Strode, age 10, is walking up a dark, deserted street, no one is there but him. His eyes begin to blur. He looks straight ahead and notices a figure in black.

                     Danny's eyes squint. The mysterious person in black is getting closer.

                                   DANNY: Hello?

       The mysterious figure is now about 10 feet away from him. He now begins to notice the face of the person. It is Michael Myers.

                                   DANNY: NO!!

                 Danny runs down the street as the killer with a pale mask and butcher knife follows him.

                             DANNY: HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE!

                             Michael Myers is still right behind him.

                                   DANNY: HELP!

                               Michael seems to be catching up.

                             Danny takes a turn onto a different street.

                           Dan looks ahead and notices the Myers' house.

                           He runs in and goes up the stairs into a closet.

                             The door is punched open by the shape.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                     Danny is in the closet hearing the door break open as he closes his eyes.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                               The Shape is now in the house.


           The camera moves into the kitchen. We can hear heavy breathing. The light is turned on and he begins to search.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                               Danny is in the closet, praying.

                            DANNY: Please God, don't let him get me.

                                   CUT BACK TO:


                         The eye view moves up the stairs. We can hear footsteps.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                            Danny is in the closet, now beginning to cry.

                           DANNY (whispering): Please God! PLEASE!

                                   CUT BACK TO:

               We do not see Mike's POV anymore. We now see Michael's mask and body, breathing deeply.

                His feet walk over to the closet. The camera switches to his hands trying to open the door.

                       Then he busts the door open and to his surprise Danny is gone!

                                    CUT TO:

                             We see Danny running down the stairs.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                        Michael turns his head and begins to realize he's downstairs.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

  Danny is now about to open the door at the back of the house. He turns around and notices the shape right behind him with his butcher knife raising.

                        DANNY (Camera zooming in on his face): NOOOOOO!!!!

                                  FLASH CUT TO:

                                Danny wakes up screaming.

                                 DANNY: AHHHHH!!!

             Danny stops screaming and realizes it was a nightmare. His alarm clock was beeping and he turns it off.

                                   DANNY: Jeez.

   Danny gets out of his bed and looks out the window and the camera slowly moves back and we see little kids dressed up in costumes and trick or treating.

                                 Date: October 31, 1997

                                    CUT TO:

  Danny is walking down the steps of his new house. The house where Laurie Strode lived in, in 1978. Danny walks into his kitchen where his parents
          (Tommy and Kara now married) are eating breakfast. Danny gets out a glass and pours in some orange juice into it.

                         DANNY: Mom, did you get my Halloween costume yet?

                          KARA: Sorry Dan, we'll have to get it this afternoon.

                                 DANNY: After school?

                                   KARA: Yeah.

                              We see Tommy come in the kitchen.

                              He doesn't say a word and walks off.

                     Kara wonders what's going on and walks out the door, following him.

                                    CUT TO:

                                Tommy getting in his truck.

                                KARA: What's the problem?

                         TOMMY (after a long pause): Do you know the date?

                                  KARA: Yes, why?

                               TOMMY: It's Halloween, right?

                        KARA: Yeah, so? Are you getting memories from last year?

                         TOMMY: No, I just know he's still out there, waiting.

                                KARA: Waiting for what?

                         TOMMY: Waiting for this day so he could kill again.

                       KARA: But Michael Myers is dead! You killed him last year.

                   TOMMY (shaking his head): Michael is BACK! And so is the Thorn Master.

                              Tommy starts his car and drives off.

                                     Fade out

                                     Scene 5

                                    Fade in on:

                                   The dark castle

      The Thorn Master, Terrence Wynn, is walking down the red hallway and into his office. He talks to his secretary through a radio.

                               WYNN: Nancy, send in Myers.

                                 NANCY: Right away!

                       Wynn turns off the radio and the door opens slowly. It's Myers.

                              WYNN: Michael, you have failed.

                       The camera zooms in on Michael's hand. His veins get larger.

 WYNN: But you still have one more chance. Tonight is Halloween. This will be your last night. If you kill Tommy Doyle, Kara Strode, and the baby, I'll let you live. You may begin your night.

                            We see Michael's feet walk out of the room.

                        WYNN (whispering to himself): Terror never rests in peace.

                                     Fade out:

                                     Scene 6

                         It's day and we see Kara get into her car off to College.

  Meanwhile, we see Danny at his elementary school where he is unpacking his notebooks. Then two kids walk over to him. Their names are Jared and Jake.

                            JARED: Hey Dan, it's Halloween ya know.

                                  DANNY: Yeah, so?

                               JAKE: The bogeyman is coming.

                   JARED: Ooh! The Bogeyman! He's gonna get you! HE'S GONNA GET YOU!

                               DANNY: Leave me alone Jared.

                             JARED: OOH! Where's your costume?

                                DANNY: I didn't get it yet.

                                  JARED: Sure, sure.

                                 DANNY: I'm not lying.

                         JARED and JAKE: OOH! HE'S GONNA GET YOU!

                                  DANNY: Shut up!

                      Danny walks over to his class in tears. The teacher sees him in tears.

                           MRS JONES: Danny, is there something wrong?

                                 DANNY: No. I'm alright.

       Danny walks over to his seat by the window. As he looks out the window he notices a man in a white mask by a school bus.

                                 Danny's eyes get bigger.

                              DANNY (thinking to himself): No!

                        MRS JONES: Danny, are you sure you are feeling alright.

                                 DANNY: No, I'm fine.

                                  MRS JONES: Ok.

                                    CUT TO:

                                  MICHAEL'S POV:

  We can hear heavy breathing as the eye view moves to the side of the school. We can hear a dog barking. The eye view turns around and we can see a black dog barking by a gate. Michael gets out his butcher knife. The camera angle switches to the side of the building and we hear a stab. Blood spurts quickly onto the building as the barking stops.

                   The camera switches back to Michael's POV and we see the dead dog, bleeding.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

             Danny is in class and the teacher is busy talking. He looks down at his desk and begins to fall asleep.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                Kara is at the college. Her friends (Jeremy, Sara, Tim, and Mary) are talking to her outside.

                           JEREMY: Hey Sara, are you ready for tonight?

        SARA: Yeah! Not only are we going to have sex, but also we are going to scare the hell out of Jeremy's little brother, Steve!

                                 TIM: I'm not in on this?

                             JEREMY (hitting Tim): You dumb ass!

                           MARY: Hey Kara, what are you going to do?

                        KARA: I don't know. Maybe just hang out with you guys.

                          JEREMY: Well it's time to go. See ya guys tonight!

                                   CUT BACK TO:

               It's the afternoon and Danny is about to leave school. Jared and Jake come up to bug him again.

                    JARED: So Dan, when are you getting your costume or are you wearing it?

                                DANNY: Leave me alone!

                        JAKE: Come on, dude, get a costume we'll leave ya alone.

                               DANNY: I am getting a costume.

                              JARED: What are you going to be?

                                  DANNY: A clown.

                              JAKE: HAHA! Clowns are dumb!

                              DANNY: Clowns are funny, dude.

                   JARED: Well maybe you don't need a costume because you already look scary.

                            DANNY (yelling very loud): FUCK OFF!

                                   JARED: OOH!

                           Mrs. Jones comes running out of the classroom.

                          MRS JONES: What did you just say young man?

                               DANNY: Nothing. Jared said it.

                                  JARED: No I didn't!

                        MRS JONES: Jared, you're coming with me for detention!

                                  JARED: Aw man!

                          Jared walks in to Mrs. Jones' room. Jones' follows.

                           JAKE: Thanks a lot for ratting' on Jared, loser!

                                   Jake walks off.

                                    CUT TO:

                                  The detention room

                           JARED: Mrs. Jones, Danny said it! NOT ME!

               MRS JONES: You kids need to learn to stop saying bad words. I can't wait to call your mother.

                                   JARED: NO!!

                                  Mrs. Jones walks off.

                                  JARED: Damn it!

                                 Jared hears a little sound.

                                 JARED: What the hell?

               The sound was coming from the closet. Jared gets up off his seat and walks over to the closet.

                              JARED: Ok you guys come on out!

                             Jared opens the door and sees the shape!

                                   JARED: AHH!!

 Michael grabs him with one hand and slashes his throat open with a butcher knife with the other. Jared falls to the floor and Michael begins stabbing him more.

                                    CUT TO:

            Mrs. Jones is in the hallway coming back to her room. She opens the door and notices that Jared is gone.

                        MRS JONES: Jared, you little bastard! Where are you now?

                          She hears a banging noise coming from the closet.

                                 MRS JONES: What the?

           She slowly walks over to the door. When she opens it she sees Jared fall down to the ground shaking in shock.

                                 MRS JONES: AHHH!!!


                     The eye view is right behind Mrs. Jones' back and we see a knife lift up.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                     Mrs. Jones looks up and sees Michael Myers lifting up his butcher knife.

                                MRS JONES: AHHHH!!!

 The shape's knife stabs her in the heart and he begins to lift her up with his hand on her neck. Then he impales her through the closet door. The shape looks at her and walks off.

                                     Fade out:

                                     Scene 7

                                   The Doyle House

                    Kara and Danny are at home. We see Tommy's car pull into the driveway.

                        He shuts the door of his car and walks in. He looks at Kara.

                     TOMMY: So are you going to get Danny a Halloween costume or what?

                          KARA: We will later. He's busy with his homework.

                                   TOMMY: Oh.

                                  Tommy walks off.

                                    CUT TO:

                                  MICHAEL'S POV:

            The eye view is behind the tree in the front yard. He is looking at directly at the window, breathing heavily.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                   Inside the house

                                Kara walks over to Tommy.

                              KARA: Is there something wrong?

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                  MICHAEL'S POV:

          The Shape is still behind the tree looking at the window, breathing heavily and can hear Tommy's voice real low.

                       TOMMY: It's Halloween, and he is going to come home again.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                   Tommy and Kara

                                KARA: But you killed him.

                                 TOMMY: It isn't a man.

                                 KARA: Then what is it?

                                   TOMMY: Evil.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                  MICHAEL'S POV:

                         He is still behind the tree and the eye view moves away.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                   Tommy and Kara

                          KARA: What makes you think he will come back?

                                  TOMMY: Thorn.

                                  Tommy walks off.

                                    CUT TO:

                                  Danny in the kitchen

               Danny finishes his homework and looks out the window and sees the shape looking right at him.

                                   DANNY: Oh my.

                       Danny closes his eyes and opens them. The shape is not there.

                               Then Kara comes in the kitchen.

                          KARA: Come on Danny. Let's get you a costume.

                                    CUT TO:


                           Danny and Kara walk into the car and drive off.

                          We see the car park in the lot of the Halloween store.

                                 Danny and Kara walk in.

                               DANNY: Mommy, over here!

                            Kara follows Danny into the costume section.

                      DANNY (pointing to the clown out fit): This is the costume I want!!

                                   KARA: Alright.

                          Kara grabs the costume and goes up to the cashier.

                     CASHIER (looking at the costume): This is the exact costume HE wore.

                                  KARA: Excuse me?

             CASHIER: This is the exact costume Michael Myers wore on Halloween. The night he killed his sister.

                                   KARA: Oh…k.

                              Kara pays for the costume and leaves.

                                     Fade out:

                                     Scene 8

                                    Fade in on:

           Halloween night, around 8 PM. We zoom in on the Doyle House (which used to be the Strode house in 1978).

                                Danny has his costume on.

                            KARA: Are you ready to go trick or treating?

                                  DANNY: YEAH!!

                                  Tommy is near by.

                             TOMMY: Be very careful. He's close.

                            Kara ignores him and takes Danny outside.

                                Tommy watches them leave.

                                    CUT TO:


                             Danny and Kara go to a door and knock.

                              The door opens and it's an old lady.

                                 DANNY: Trick or Treat?

                             OLD LADY: Nice costume. Here you go.

                                The lady gives him candy.

                                  DANNY: Thank you.

                                 Danny and Kara walk off.

          Two boys are walking up the street and bump into Danny. One of them was Jake; the other was a boy named Bill.

                               JAKE: Hi Danny. Nice costume.

                           DANNY: Thanks. Did Jared ever come back yet?

                            JAKE: Nope. His parents are worried sick.

                                   DANNY: Oh….

                             JAKE: Anyway, meet my friend, Bill.

                                  DANNY: Hey Bill.

                                    BILL: Hey.

                   KARA: Do you boys mind trick or treating with Danny while I go somewhere?

                                  BILL: Sure ma'am.

                                   Kara walks off.

                            Bill, Jake, and Danny go to the next house.

                          They knock on the door and it opens. It's Dr. Wynn!

                                   WYNN: Hello.

                               BILL and JAKE: Trick or treat!

           WYNN (looking at Danny as if he remembered him before): Sorry I have no tricks or treats. Do I know you kid?

                                  DANNY: Um… no.

                        WYNN: That's strange. I remember you from somewhere.

                                Bill, Danny, and Jake run off.

                                  WYNN: Damn kids!

                                    CUT TO:

      Kara walks over to a big house with loud music blasting out of the windows. It was the Halloween dance. She knocks on the door.

                               The door opens and its Jeremy.

                            JEREMY: Hey Kara, welcome to the party.

                     Kara walks in and begins dancing with Tim, Mary, Jeremy, and Sarah.

                    KARA (whispering in Jeremy's ear): When are you going to scare everyone?

                                   JEREMY: Soon.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                Tommy at the Doyle house

         Tommy walks into the kitchen and opens up a drawer and gets out a butcher knife and slides it into his breast pocket.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

          Danny and his friends are still trick or treating until they notice a man with a white mask, with his back showing.

                             JAKE: Hey Bill, I dare you to scare him.

                                    BILL: Fine.

                           Bill walks over the man with the white mask.

                             JAKE (to Danny): This will be so cool.

           Bill was about to say boo and until the man with the white mask turned around! IT WAS MICHAEL MYERS!!

                                  BILL: HOLY SHIT!

                        The Shape raises his butcher knife and stabs Bill in the chest!

                                   BILL: AHHHH!!!

                         JAKE: OH MY GOD!! (Grabbing Danny) COME ON!!

 Danny and Jake run off, while Bill is shaking in shock. The shape slashes his throat opens with the knife. Bill is now dead. The Shape begins to chase the kids.

                               DANNY and JAKE: AHHHHH!!!

                        No one is in the streets. It's just Jake, Danny, and the Shape!

                              DANNY: Help someone PLEASE!

      The camera angle zooms back at the shape walking after them. The camera zooms in on the butcher knife while we see the kids run.

                                Jake is running out of breath.

                              JAKE: Dude, I can't run anymore.

                          Jake and Danny turn around and the shape is gone!

                                  JAKE: Where is he?

                                 DANNY: I don't know!

                      Then all of a sudden the Shape's hands grab Jake and break his neck.

                                DANNY: AHHH!! NOOO!!

                           Danny continues running as the shape catches up.

                           DANNY: HELP SOMEONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

             The camera angle switches to the Shape right behind Danny and then back at Danny helplessly running.

         Then Danny looks ahead and notices the Halloween store and runs up to it and sees the cashier closing up for the night.

                              DANNY: PLEASE SIR! HELP ME!

                               CASHIER: Is it Michael Myers?

                                   DANNY: YES!!

                              CASHIER: Hold on, let me check!

                        The cashier walks out into the distance and sees the shape.

                                CASHIER: Stop right there!

                       Michael takes out his butcher knife, stabs him, and lifts him up!

                                  DANNY: OH NO!!

                    Danny continues running again until Michael drops the cashier's dead body.

                    Danny looks ahead and it's the Halloween Dance House and rushes right in.

                                   Inside the house

                                 Danny finds his mom.


                               JEREMY: Who's come home?

                               DANNY: MICHAEL MYERS!

                            KARA: What the hell are you talking about?

                          DANNY: He's coming! Look outside the WINDOW!

                      TIM (looking out the window): Look kid, there is nothing out there.

           Then all of a sudden a butcher knife plunges through the window and into Tim's face and pulling him outward.

                                 MARY: AHHHHHH!!!!

                                 JEREMY: HOLY SHIT!

                      Jeremy runs to the kitchen as Michael tries busting through the door.

                                    CUT TO:

                                  Jeremy in the kitchen

                  Jeremy is in the kitchen and opens a drawer to see a butcher knife and takes it out.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                   The living room

                       Everyone is watching in horror as the door is getting bust open.

                     The door is now bust open and the Shape begins walking toward Mary.

                                   MARY: NOOO!!

                           Everyone else runs out the back door, screaming.

                             Michael begins to raise his butcher knife!

                                  MARY: NOOOO!!!

           The Shape stabs Mary in the neck and he begins to lift up the knife again with blood dripping off the sharp edge.

                        The just in time, Jeremy runs over to Myers with a butcher.

                                   JEREMY: DIE!!

   Michael turns his head to notice Jeremy. Michael grabs the back of his neck and slashes his throat opens with blood spurting out as he cuts it.

                           Michael then throws the body out the window.

              Mary is still alive. Michael notices her still moving and quickly stabs her in the back of the neck.

                                Sara walks down the stairs.

                       SARA: Hey guys I heard lots of screams. What the hell is going-

                               She notices all the dead bodies.

                                  SARA: AHHHHH!!!

            The Shape looks at her and begins to walk towards her. Sara quickly runs up the stairs as Myers' follows.

                            The camera zooms back on Kara and Danny.

                            KARA: Danny, let's get the hell outta here.

                                    CUT TO:

                                    Sara upstairs.

                         Sara is upstairs and runs into the attic and locks the door.

                                 She hears footsteps near.

                             SARA (whispering to herself): OH NO!

                               A hand breaks through the door.

                                  SARA: AHHHH!!

                                  The Shape breaks in.

                                   SARA: NOOO!!!

                 The Shape grabs her neck choking her and he notices a window and throws her out of it.

                               SARA (falling): AHHHHHH!!!

                              She falls through the fence, impaled.

                        The Shape looks down at her dead body and resumes to kill.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                Tommy is now in his truck.

                       He drives down the deserted road all the way to the dark castle.

                       He parks his car next to the castle and walks into the evil palace.

                           He walks up to the front desk. He sees Nancy.

                       TOMMY: Excuse me, do you know where Dr. Wynn's office is?

                        NANCY: It's on the second floor. First door on your right.

                                 TOMMY: Thank you.

                         Tommy takes the butcher knife out of his breast pocket.

                    TOMMY: Do you know what it feels like to have your throat slashed open.

                                  NANCY: Um.. no.

                              TOMMY: Well, it feels like this…

                      Tommy whips out his butcher knife and slashes Nancy's throat open.

                              Tommy walks over to the elevator.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                             Kara and Danny run out to someone's car.

                        The Shape walks down the stairs and sees their car drive off.

                   The Shape walks out of the house and sees a drunken guy getting into his car.

                               DRUNK: Who the hell are you?

                          The Shape grabs his neck and begins strangling him.

                                  DRUNK: AHHH!!

                                 We hear his neck snap.

                          The Shape gets into the drunk's car and drives off.

                                    CUT TO:

                               Kara and Danny are in their car.

                  Danny looks back and sees The Shape in a car right behind them driving 90 MPH!

                              DANNY: MOMMY!! MOMMY!!

                                KARA: What is it Danny?

                               DANNY: Out there! IT'S HIM!

                         Kara looks through her rear view mirror and sees his face.

                                  KARA: OH SHIT!!

                                 Kara steps on the breaks.

                    The Shape hits the back of the car, making Danny fly out to the front seat.

                                  DANNY: AHHHH!!!

                     KARA: I got a damn good IDEA! Danny, open the glove compartment.

                          Danny opens the glove compartment and sees a gun.

                               DANNY: How did you know?

                          KARA: This is Jeremy's car. Give the gun to me.

                Kara points it out the window and aims it at the windshield of the Shape's car. And shoots!

                       It breaks the window of the Shape's car hitting him in the head.

                             The Shapes car slows down and stops.

                                 KARA: WE LOST HIM!

                                   Kara hugs Danny.

                               KARA: But we must make sure.

                           Kara stops her car, takes the gun, and gets out.

                               She slowly walks over to the car.

                          She looks into the Driver's seat and HE IS GONE!

                                   KARA: OH NO!

                        She turns around and the SHAPE is RIGHT BEHIND HER!

                                  KARA: NOOOO!!!

                              The Shape stabs her in the shoulder.

                                   KARA: AHHH!!

                               Kara falls down, but not dead.

             The Shape turns his head and notices little Danny still in the car. The Shape begins to walk over to him.

                                  DANNY: No.. NO!!!

                                  Danny begins to run.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                Tommy at the Dark Castle.

                   He walks down the hall and sees a door reading: DOCTOR TERENCE WYNN.

                       TOMMY (to himself): Ok MOTHER FUCKER! Prepare to DIE!

      Tommy raises his butcher knife and stabs the door making a hole through it. He then kicks the door down and sees DR. WYNN!

                              WYNN: Hello, TOMMY DOYLE!

                         TOMMY: OK! You damn thorn master, prepare to DIE!

                          WYNN: HEHE! No one can kill me boy! NO ONE!

                                TOMMY: Shut the fuck up!

                            WYNN: You're making it worse for yourself.

                               Tommy raises his butcher knife!

                              TOMMY: Are you ready to DIE!?

                                    WYNN: No!

               Then Tommy raises the butcher knife higher and throws it at Dr. Wynn. It lands into his heart!

                                He falls down, almost dying.

                              He begins to crawl over to his closet.

                             TOMMY: What the fuck are you doing?

                    Wynn opens the closet and takes out his black cloak and quickly puts it on.

                     Dr. Wynn begins to speak a different language while reading from a book.

                                  TOMMY: OH NO!

                   The camera zooms in on Dr. Wynn closing his eyes talking a different language.

                                  TOMMY: THORN!

                    Tommy looks at his right wrist and sees a THORN sign forming on him!

                                  TOMMY: NOOO!!

                 Tommy quickly picks up Wynn's chair and bashes him on the head four times and dies.

                            TOMMY: THORN will never grow on me!

                       Tommy looks back at his hand and there is no THORN sign.

                                 TOMMY: Thank GOD!

                                Wynn begins to talk silently.

             WYNN (in a dying voice): Michael… Myers.. is… going to… California… to kill… Laurie… Strode.

                                   Wynn dies out.

                               TOMMY: WHAT THE HELL!?

                  Tommy pulls out the butcher knife from Wynn's heart and walks over to the elevator.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                The Shape is chasing Danny.

                            DANNY: HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE!!!!!

                              The Shape seems to be catching up.

                                   CUT BACK TO:

                                 Tommy at the dark castle

                 Tommy runs out of the door and looks ahead to see Danny being chased by the Shape.

                            TOMMY: Ok FUCKER! TIME TO DIE!

                          Tommy raises his butcher knife and runs, screaming.


                               Danny and the Shape look ahead.

                                  DANNY: TOMMY!

                                The Shape looks at Tommy.

                       TOMMY (looking at Michael): Michael, you aren't the killer.

                                The Shape turns his head.

                                 TOMMY: It's the voices.

                             The Shape begins to put down his knife.

                               TOMMY: You can make it stop!

                                We begins to hear voices..

                            VOICES (inside Michael's head): Kill! Kill!

                           Michael Myers begins to raise his butcher knife.

                               TOMMY: NO MICHAEL NO!

                                 VOICES: KILL HIM!

                Michael drops the butcher knife and kneels down feeling his head. He seems to be confused.

                             Tommy begins to raise his butcher knife.

                 The Shape looks up, quickly grabs his butcher knife and slashes across Tommy's torso!

                             TOMMY: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

                              DANNY: NO! YOU KILLED HIM!

                                  Danny begins to cry.

                          Michael raises his butcher knife to kill Danny until…

                              KARA SHOWS UP WITH A PIPE!

                                    KARA: DIE!

                                She hits Michael in the head.

                                He falls down to the ground.

                           He then begins to get up and face a new direction.

                                TOMMY (getting up): Kara!

                               DANNY: DAD! You're ALIVE!

                        Tommy looks at the shape walking in a different direction.

                            TOMMY: What the hell is that freak doing.

                           Michael is now over by a nearby private airport.

                                  TOMMY: OH NO!

                               KARA: WHAT IS HE DOING!?

                       TOMMY: He's going to California to kill LAURIE STRODE!

                                   KARA: OH NO!

                             We see a small plane fly up into the sky.

                             TOMMY: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

                                 Tommy kneels down.

                               TOMMY: Good luck, Laurie!

                                  Tommy hugs Kara.

           TOMMY: The nightmare is over here in Haddonfield. If Dr. Loomis were still alive he would be a proud man.

                      Kara, Tommy, and Danny walk off into darkness as the camera fades.


                         The camera flashes to the Doyle house and into a crib.

                     We see the baby gone. We also see marks on wear the baby used to be.

                               The camera flashes to a pumpkin.

                                The camera fades into black.

                       TITLE CARD: The Devil Incarnate: The Evil of Michael Myers

                                   Ending credits

                                    THE END