Friday The 13th X:Evil's Revenge

Paremount Pictures comes up on the screen

(We see a young man coming out of his truck with groceries. He walks into his house. We see the night sky, it's a full moon.)

Now we see clips of Friday the 13th part 1:

1-Alice in the forest looking for Bill

Alice: Bill where are you?

2-Alice finding Bill's dead body

[Alice turns the door around and finds Bill pinned to the door]

Alice: AHH!! BILL!!!! OH BILL!!!!!!

3-Alice in the kitchen with a baseball bat and a pitchfork

Alice: What am I going to do?!

[Brenda's dead body comes crashing through the window]

Alice: No! Brenda!

4-Mrs. Vorhees sees Brenda's body

Mrs. Vorhees: Oh my Lord! Did you know a young boy drowned?

(We see a archive footage of Jason drowning)

Mrs. Vorhees: A year before those others were killed?

(Archive footage of Larry falling to the ground dead)

5-Alice struggling with Mrs. Vorhees

[Alice picks up the machete and slices off Mrs. Vorhees head]

6-Alice in a conoe

[Jason jumps out from the water and pulls Alice into the water]

Alice: AHHHH!!!

End of flashback/archive footage.

(Now we see Alice talking to Trish from Friday the 13th part 4. They're on a porch and its night)

Alice: In 1979 when I was 20 years old, I went to work at Camp Crystal Lake. I didnt know about all of the tragic stuff that happened there before. A lady named Mrs. Vorhees killed all of my friends including poor Bill !

(Alice wipes a tear off her cheek.)

Alice: She tried to kill me but I killed her, I decapicated her. Her son Jaosn attacked me, it was only a dream, but it felt like he was really attacking me. Several weeks later me and my twin sister Katie switched idenity, we didnt tell no one not even our parents. Katie got so scared about what happened that she had dreams about it. Jason killed her.

(Flashback/archive footage:

[Katie opens up the fridge and sees Mrs. Vorhees head]

Katie: AHHHH!!!

[Jason stabs her in the temple and she dies.]

end of archive footage)

Alice: It should've been me he killed. Now I've been hiding out here in the woods away from the camp, but he's back at the camp and I'm going to stop him!

(Tommy and Trish are cooking food in the kitchen.)

Trish: You know what tomorrow is?

Tommy: I know Friday the 13th.

Trish: I was thinking we should get out of town.

Tommy: Come on Trish. You know he's dead.

(A young teen, Abby, is running in the woods. She falls over a rock, as she gets up Jason approaches her and raises his machete.)

Abby: No!!!!!!!

(Alice, who is holding a machete, stands behind Jason.)

Alice: Jason!

(Jason turns around.)

Alice: You killed the wrong person!

(Jason looks confused.)

Alice: You've made my life miserable! And I'm gonna do what I should've done to you years ago.

(Alice raises the machete.)

"Friday the 13th X: Evil's Revenge"

Blacks out as we hear a slice and Alice screaming.