"The 'Dimension Films' logo whooshes on screen

Fade in

EXT. Graveyard - Night

We move in on a field of tombstones. Thunder and lightning erupt in the distance, while rain pours to the ground.

MAN (V.O.) He was one of the most brutal mass murders in history....

Thunder roars and lightning crackles in the back ground.

MAN (V.O.) Many thought his reign of terror had ended. Many thought the horror was over. They were wrong...

We pan further and further towards a tombstone. Sparkling lightning turns the tombstone into a silhouette, rendering it impossible to read.

MAN (V.O.) ...and on Halloween night, no one shall be safe on the night where evil returns home.

We can now read the tombstone. It says -

1957 - 1998

MAN (V.O.) His been missing since it happened. Unheard of......BUT-NOW-HE'S-BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly a knife wielding hand bursts out of the ground in front of the tombstone. Then another hand breaks out of the ground.

MAN (V.O.) Evil Never Dies. It just rests for awhile and this holiday season the truth shall finally be revealed!

Whoosh to black

LAURIE (O.S.) MICHAELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Super the legend -

H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N H-2-K




Indented into the screen. White light pouring through each letter."

And here's the pitch -

"Four years after the events of H20, Michael returns and tracks Laurie down to the mental asylum where she is staying. He try's to kill her, but two others have tracked her down - Tommy Doyle and Kara Strode. They rescue her and start off heading for Haddonfield. Michael does the exact same. Back in Haddonfield, John Tate and Molly Cartwright are now attending college, because they promised Laurie that they'd stay there and wait for Michael to arrive so they could face him. Meanwhile there is this internet Entrepreneur, Freddy Harris, is doing a live internet broadcast in "The Myers House". There are eleven college aged contestants which investigate "mysterious locals" at night, where in the building there are cameras in every room, and the internet audience chooses which view they want to see (there are also POV cameras on the contestants). Two or three of the guests are guaranteed, usually related to the "mysterious locals", and the rest are chosen in a random draw. In this case the guests are John, Molly (and one of their best friends. Michael finds out about this and on Halloween night, when the broadcast is taking place, he decides to clean the house, and it's up to Laurie, Tommy, Kara, John and Molly's friends chat-room boyfriend (a 15 or 16 year old high school student), and a state police Lt. whose trying to solve the Myers case and bring Michael to justice, to save the day when all hell breaks loose."

Hope you guys like it.