Ideas by Cody Hamman and Jason Voorhees.

Note:This summary is just a rough idea. Most of it hasn't been completely thought out yet, but I do have the first few pages written out. I don't know when or if the full script will be completed.

When Jessica and Steven stabbed Jason Voorhees in the heart with the dagger at the end of JASON GOES TO HELL,Jason was pulled down into Hell.But that just made Jason stronger. Now,he's able to appear whenever he wants,whenever somebody tells his story or doubts his existance.He appears and kills.

When Freddy Krueger was destroyed in the real world at the end of Freddy's Dead,he lost almost all of his powers. He still appears in people's dreams,but he's weak.At school the children talk about how they had a dream of Freddy and just beat the shit out of him.They're not scared of him.

The Craven family live in the small town of Willard, Pennsylvania.Young Noah,12,is having terrible nightmares of Jason and has been ever since his sister Britni,17,was hurt in one of his attacks.Their single mother Sarah regularly takes Noah to a dream psychiatrist.

The dream psychiatrist is Alice Johnson from A Nightmare On Elm Street parts 4 and 5.She's been dreaming of Freddy,who is trying to regain power by getting to the children she counsels through her dreams.Most of the children aren't scared of him,but Noah has so many nightmares of Jason that Freddy uses his fear to terrorize him.

Freddy knows that if he kills Jason and absorbs his soul he'll regain his powers and more.Jason has been stalking Willard ever since he attacked Britni and her friends.

Freddy traps Noah in a dream,pulling him into a coma, and uses Noah to bring the dream world into the real world,altering reality.

Jason has been doing his best to wipe out the teen population of Willard.The teens decide to have a Halloween party at the high school after hours and aren't scared."Safety in numbers."Jason goes to the school to cut down their numbers.Britni is at the party.

Freddy enters the real world through Noah and heads for the high school.

Freddy and Jason kill teens at the high school.Freddy and Jason then come across eachother and start fighting.

Alice and Sarah face their worst nightmares while trying to reach Noah in the nightmare hospital. Alice and Sarah eventually reach Noah.Alice enters Noah's dreams.

Freddy kills Jason and only gets a portion of Jason's soul absorbed when Alice rescues Noah from the coma pit Freddy had him trapped in and wakes him up.Freddy is jerked back into the dream world.In the dream world Alice ends up knocking Freddy into the coma pit.

Reality turns back to normal.The Craven family is reunited at the high school.

Alice wakes up in her house.She thinks it's all over. She goes to the bathroom and splashes water on her face from the sink.She looks at the mirror,smiling. Then Freddy bursts out of the mirror and pulls her in.

As police go through the high school and firefighters try to put out some of the fires Freddy and Jason caused during their fight,Jason gets up and walks off into the woods.

This movie would get both series back to normal after Freddy's Dead and Jason Goes To Hell. Freddy has lost his powers,but he gained them back by absorbing that small amount of Jason's soul.Jason became more powerful, but then was taken back to his original power when Freddy absorbed that small amount.So both of them are back to normal.