Halloween: H2035 AD

(screen goes black.  Ominous humming of machines kicks in)

(Scene opens.  Three men in space suits trudge through a dark tunnel with
mining equipment)

Man #1: Keep that hose coming, We gotta secure this vein in twelve hours.

Man #2: According to the scanners, there seems to be a hollow point up ahead
of the drill.

Man #1: What?

Man #3: It could be a cavern.

Man #1: There isn't supposed to be ANYTHING there.  Nothing but the biggest
Uranium deposit on Mars!

(explosion erupts from the drill.  music gets creepier)

Man #2: What the hell?  Damage report!

Man #3: The drill is fine.  Damn odd, though.  It ain't drilling anything!

(The three of them look ahead then trudge towards the source of the problem.
Camera POV shows that someone watches them from afar, and begins to move
towards them)

Man #3: Did?  Did you hear that?

Man #1: Hear what?

Man #3: Something back there?

Man #1: We're in a vacuum, there is no noise.

Man #2: There's a little atmosphere.  Oxygen pockets trapped under the
surface.  It's common.

(They approach the drill.  It has broken into a humungous cavern.  The drill
lays on the ground ineffective)

Man #1: My God!

(They suddenly notice the floor is covered with dozens of slimey egg-shaped
pods.  They hobble over and scan one with a hand held computer)

Man #2: It's organic!  Do you know what this means??!

(Man #1 activates his helmit radio)

Man #1: Galvin to motherbase.  Come in.  Galvin to motherbase........Hello?

(POV shows the follower rapidly getting closer, breathing heavier.  Music
gets faster)

Man #2: Aw, shit!

Man #3: What?  What??

Man #2: This thing......it's alive!

(Pod opens up.  The three are too intranced to see a figure come up behind
them.  Michael's mask protrudes from the darkness.  He holds up a shiny
titanium knife.  Music screeches in climactic horror as Man #1 suddenly
turns and has just enough time to gasp within the darkness of the cavern.
Screen goes black, the men scream in terror, but above their screams is the
screech of something......not human)

(Kyle Strode speaks.  Screen is still black.  Halloween music starts up very

Kyle: My past is shrouded in darkness.........

(Scene shows 18 year old Kyle awakening from a stasis pod in a military

Kyle: My present is consumed by crisis......

(Kyle and a dozen other young men and women suit up in fatigues.  A drill
instructor is yelling and pressuring them)

Instructor: LET'S GO!!!  MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT!!!  I got ten days to get
you pansies into shape!!!

(POV shows the young soldiers watching a TV news show)

TV anchorman: Mars Outpost Cerberus has still not responded to
communications.  The Commonwealth high command suspects sabotage by covert

(close up of Kyle as they watch)

Pvt. Hicks: Man, we're gonna have a war.....

(Final scene shows a futuristic New York city, with glittering lights, heavy
industrial and commercial ships floating by, and huge skyscrapers.  Screen
goes black)

Kyle: My future.......

(Scene opens.  Space marines are shouting and firing machine guns down icy
metallic hallways.  Xenomorphs shriek from the opposite end)

Kyle: Will be engulfed by madness.......

(Climactic music from Aliens blasts through.  Scene shows space marine
private Kyle Strode gasping as he sees letters written in blood on a wall.
It reads "I will be waiting, Kyle")

(voice over of an older man as scenes show Kyle going through an obstacle

Commander Lloyd: Outpost Cerberus ceased all communications with us four
days ago......

(scene shifts to a briefing for Kyle's platoon.  Lloyd leads the discussion)

Lloyd: What the press doesn't know is that we obtained a final, emergency
distress call before the outpost was cutoff......

(recording plays.  Humans are shouting, guns are firing, a screen shows a
dark slow figure in all the confusion, a figure wearing the dreaded mask
stares at the monitor.  Kyle goes pale in the briefing room)

recording:  This is a priority red distress signal from

(scene change to a large shuttle heading for the hostile red planet.  Kyle
and others are strapped in, ready for action)

pvt. Halleck: Hot DAMN!!!  I feel the POWA!!!  Yeehaw!!

pvt Strode: Let's kick some ass!

(scene change to a shaken woman, found in the wreckage of the outpost)

Woman: You can't stop him!!  He'll find you!!

(music gets louder.  Scene change to Commander Lloyd and Kyle Strode.  They
are alone in the briefing room)

Lloyd: I know a lot about Boogeymen......

(camera closes in on both of them)

Lloyd: Sometimes, the past comes back to haunt you.........

(scene change to intense combat in the catacombs)

Hicks: I'm picking up readings all around us!

pvt Sterling: It's a trap!

Kyle: Here they COME!!!

(aliens rip their way through a big door in front of them.  The marines
begin blasting away.  POV shows something creeping closer to one of the

victim: AAAAAhhhhh!!

(Kyle sees the shape stab one of the soldiers and drag him into the shadows)

Kyle: MICHAEL!!!!!

(scene change to a small bulldozer craft on the planet surface.  The driver
screams helplessly as the aliens dig from below, causing the vehicle to sink
into the ground)

(scene change to marines picking a fight with ragged civilians)

Hicks: Man, What ARE those things??

Civilian #1: A new life form......It could be the end of the human race!!

(scene change to a marine in a space suit looking down a manhole)


(Kyle is down in the manhole, also in a space suit.  aliens scream below him
and flames explode from the bottom of the manhole tube.  Kyle sees Michael
pop up behind the marine at the top)


(music ends as a space shuttle is obliterated in orbit around Mars.  A
female marine floats away in her suit)

Marine: Oh GOD!!!  Somebody......Help!

(Another man in a space suit and jetpack zooms towards her.  His back is to
the audience)

Marine: Over here!!  Hurry!!  Thank God.....

(Marine's gratefulness is replaced by terror.  The two get closer.  Camera
POV shows the man's reflection on her shiny helmit......the reflection of
the pale mask.  Marine screams in the void of space.  Scene goes black.
Kyle's voice is heard once more.  ominous music plays softly)

Kyle: What's the boogeyman?


Halloween: H2035 AD

Starring: Jonathan Brandis, Sam Neil, James Van Der Beek, JC Brandy, Leonard
Nimoy, Jeff GoldBlum.

A Dean Devlin/Roland Emmerich film