Halloween 2: The Return of 
Laurie Strode

We watch as the Anchor Bay sign flows in, then we slowly fade to see
a Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Its night.

The Halloween theme song starts up as we hear the narrorator talk.

When he terroized her that Halloween night, she could not stand it.
He got what was coming to him, now that Laurie has been sent to the
hospital, he came back for her. Now, what you may see instead will
rip the eyes right out of your sockets...

A shot of Laurie shooting out Michael's eyes, in the orginal Halloween

But this time they both took it a little too far.

A shot of Michael throwing a jumble of knives at Laurie.

A shot of Laurie throwing a scalpol at Michael.

This Halloween...

A shot of the hospital exploding to bits.

From the producer who brought you "What Really Happened That HalloweeN
Night", and "Halloween III: The Fury Of Michael Myers".

A shot of Dr. Loomis shooting at something several times.

Terror takes on a new name...

Shots of a Nurse falling off of the roof of a hospital, a doctor
in the middle of a dark office with The Shape in the background
steadily approaching him, and a shot of a car tumbling down some sort
of hill and when it gets to the bottom it ignites on fire.

Then we see Laurie advancing towards Michael with a large knife.

Its time, Michael.

She runs screaming over to Michael about to stab him, when we suddenly


The shimmering words "HalloweeN 2: The Return of Laurie Strode"
appear on screen.

In theaters on Halloween night. Michael is ready...
...are you?

BLACK OUT As we suddenly hear a scream in the background.

Coming Soon