Halloween 5:The Evil Within

Hi everyone! This is a preview for a script I'm writing. It's a remake of Halloween 5. I didnt really like Halloween 5 so I just decided to make this. Enjoy-

Halloween 5: The Evil Within

Black Screen

The Dimension Films logo appears across screen.

THe Halloween Theme begins to play.

Unknown POV- We see an arm, in a silk white and red sleeve grab a pair of scissors. A mask then gets pulled down in front of the camera. We see Darlene Corruthers leaning over the bathtub as we hear the faucet run.

Darlene: Jamie, your bath is ready!

Darlene turns around.

Darlene: Jamie, what are you doing?

The scissors impale Darlene numerous times as she screams. She falls into the tub.

Cut to

Int- Living room/stairs

Dr. Loomis, Sheriff Meeker, Rachel and Richard Corruthers hear Darlene's scream. Dr. Loomis runs to the stair case.

Dr. Loomis' POV- Jamie is standing at the top of the stairs, holding up a bloody pair of scissors.

Dr. Loomis: No!...No!!

Dr. Loomis points a gun at Jamie as Sheriff Meeker knocks the gun out of his hand.

Fade out

Fade In

We hear Jamie's voice.

Jamie's voice: I thought it was over.......

We see Michael being shot by the state police many times.

Jamie's voice: I thought his reign of terror was finally done with....

We see Michael fall into a mine shaft.

Jamie's Voice: I thought maybe.........just maybe, I could leed a normal life.

We see Jamie standing at the top of the stairs holding up a bloody pair of scissors.

Jamie's Voice: I was wrong.

Int- Jamie's room-night

We see Jamie lying in her bed as Michael grabs her by the neck and holds a knife in the air.

Jamie's Voice: It will never be over....

Int- Kitchen

Unknown POV-We see Richard Corruthers pouring milk in a glass as we see Michael staring at him from the living room.

Jamie's Voice: He won't leave me or family alone......

We see Jamie standing in her living room crying as Michael stares at her from across the room.

Jamie: Leave us alone!!! Please......Leave us alone!!!!

Jamie's voice: And his evil is inside me....waiting to be released

Int- doctor's office

Rachel and Jamie are standing in the office wit a doctor.

Jamie begins to approach the doctor holding a knife.

Rachel: You can beat it Jamie.

Jamie still approaches the doctor

Rachel: C'mon Jamie, you can beat it.

Jamie drops the knife and runs over to Rachel. JAmie hugs RAchel while she cries.

Rachel: Sshh....It's Ok.

Jamie: I'm evil, Rachel....(sob).....I'm evil

Cut to-

Int- Hospital hallway

We see a doctor and Dr. Loomis talking to each other.

Doctor: This girl is insane, Sam. She's just like Michael Myers.

Dr. Loomis: No....I believe that she has a stronger will than Michael. There's still hope for her.

Cut to-

Ext - park-night

Rachel and her friend are sitting on swings, alone in the park.

Rachel's friend: So, up for some Halloween fun tommorrow, Rach.

Rachel: I don't think so. Halloween isn't a "Have-a-lot-o-fun" kinda day for me.

We see Michael staring at them from behind a tree.

Cut to-

Int- Kitchen-Night

Richard Corruthers is drinking a glass of milk as Michael begins to approach him. Richard truns around to see Michael standing right in front of him.

The glass of milk drops to the floor and breaks in slow motion.



Halloween 5: The Evil Within

Rated R