Halloween 6: Evil's End


Well, here's the preview for my sequel to Halloween 5: A New Evil....

DIMENSION FILMS LOGO flashes across a black screen.

The Halloween Theme starts playing over the screen.  There is no voiceover,
just a white text that comes across the screen.

"2 Years Ago, The Nightmare Continued"

A scene from HALLOWEEN 5: A New Evil Plays:

Loomis and Meeker check around in a darkened movie theater screening room.
Loomis looks on in fear as his flashlight hits something.

"2 Years Ago, The Nightmare Got Worse"

A shot of Rachel Corruthers and Tommy Doyle standing in the woods, scared.

"For 2 Years Ago, HE Came Back..."

A shot of Michael in the Hall Of Mirrors at the Halloween fair.

"...And They Thought They Stopped Him"

A shot of Jamie ramming her car into the Ferris Wheel that Michael is on.

The HALLOWEEN THEME stops and the shot changes to one from the
new movie

Tommy on one knee in front of Rachel in a graveyard, slipping a ring on
her finger.

TOMMY: Now, at last, we can be happy.

RACHEL: It's about time.

The screen goes black again.

"Now HE Is Coming Home Once Again To Make Their Lives A Living Hell"

The Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper" starts playing as we see
scenes from the new movie.

The Shape steps from behind a tree and starts following Tommy and Rachel.

Loomis slamming a telephone down.

Dr. Hoffman walks into his office.

He opens the door to his office and turns on the lights.  He makes his way over to the desk and looks down.
He freezes, his mouth open in shock.

Sticking into the desk is a huge knife, holding a piece of paper to the desktop.  Hoffman gapes as he reads
the one word, written in big red letters, all capatilized.


Shot of a young teen in a convinience store bathroom, turning at the
sound of the handle turning.

TEEN: Hold on a minute!

No answer as the handle keeps turning.

A scene of Hoffman in his office on the phone.

HOFFMAN: Thought you should know.  Looks like our number one patient is back.

LOOMIS: Call the police and get out of there.  I'll be there as quickly as possible.

HOFFMAN: Someone from security is on there way.  We'll be all right, Sam.

LOOMIS: Security won't be enough.


Loomis stands, surrounded by police officers outside Smith's Grove.

COP: Whoever did this was brutal.

LOOMIS: There is no "whoever".

COP: Are you suggesting you know who did this?

LOOMIS: How could you not know?  There's only one person who could
have done this..

A scene of Michael stalking through the center ailse of a church.

A shot of Hoffman and another man running down a hallway.

A scene of Loomis, Meeker and Deputy Brock in Meeker's office.

MEEKER: Anything the Doctor wants, he gets.  Got it?

BROCK: Yes, sir.

The Screen Goes Black as More Text Comes Across

"From Dusty Fincher, Writer of the Halloweeny Award Winning Halloween 5:
A New Evil..."

Tommy and Rachel enter the church and stop short, shocked looks on their

"... Comes The Sequel You've Been Waiting For"

A shot of a rearview mirror in a car.  Suddenly, the SHAPE'S FACE comes up, reflected
in the mirror and we hear a scream...

The screen goes Black again.

"Halloween 6: Evil's End"

"Coming Soon"