Halloween 8:The Victims Of Michael Myers

Dimension Logo appears on the screen.

Narrorator: All she wanted to do was have fun with her friends on this joyful night.

(acrhive footage of Laurie, Annie, and Lynda walking down the street. Michael drives by in his car.)

Lynda: Isnt that Devon Grand?

Laurie: I dont think so.

Annie: Hey jerk! Speed kills!

(Michael stops fastly in the car.)

Narrorator: All she wanted to do was watch six straight hours of horror movies on this joyful night.

(archive footage clip of Lindsey Wallace watching TV. Clip of Annie and Lindsey walking over to the Doyle house and Michael is behind a car staring at them.)

Narrorator: All he wanted to do was learn more about dinosaurs from Tommy on this joyful night.

(Archive clip of Danny playing with his power ranger and he sees Michael standing outside his house.)

Danny: Mommy?!

Narrorator: All she wanted to do was go to the carnival on this joyful night.

(Archive clip of Kara talking to Danny in his room. Michael appears behind them.)

Narrorator: Laurie Strode...

(Clip of Laurie walking down the hallway with an axe in H20.)

Narrorator: Diane White...

(Clip of Lindsey walking in the laundry room in H1.)

Narrorator: Danny Strode...

(Clip of Danny sitting on MIB's lap in H6.)

Narrorator: and Kara Strode...

(Clip of Kara walking on campus which appears in the H6 pcut.)

Now we focus on a pumpkin on a porch.

Narrorator: All of these people had their favorite holiday ruined because of that one man. And now he's back!


Molly banging on a door with Michael close behind.

Laurie looking at the wall and it says "SISTER"

Michael appearing behind Kara in a hallway.

Danny and Kevin in the kitchen of the Myers house and they see Michael.

Diane banging on Danny's door as Michael approaches her.

Michelle grabing a hacksaw and choping through a door.

Lisa struggling with Michael.

Kyle running from Michael.

Michael strangling Diane.

James Loomis looking at blood on the ground.

Sheriff Brackett in his office and Michael is behind him.

Kerri turning around and bumping into Michael.

"Halloween 8: The Victims of Michael Myers"

(Sheriff Meeker looks at Michael who is laying on the ground.)

James: Get away from him!

Meeker: It's alright his dead.

(Michael jumps up behind Meeker.)

BLACK OUT as we hear screaming.