Halloween 9:Bloodbath Of Michael Myers

Dimension Logo flashes across the screen

(We see children running across the street laughing in halloween costumes)

Narrator: This is the night where children can joyfully run around, bob for apples, and sing. Even grown ups can have fun.

(We see Haddonfeild Memorial Hospital. Staff members are in the lounge drinking beer.)

Toby: How about we have a party?

Marvin: Get real Toby!

Maggie: Yeah! Me and Marvin are gonna have some fun ourselves!

Narrator: But this will be a Halloween they'll never forget!

(We see outside a window into dark woods and staring back at us is....Michael Myers!)

Narrator: One Halloween Michael Myers killed many teens and the remaining survivors were brought to the hospital.


(Alice is on the phone in her living room talking to her friend.)

Friend: Did you hear about the murders?

Alice: What murders?

Friend: Some teenagers were murdered on Creek Road.

Alice: Oh my god! Thats on the other side of the forrest!


(Michael appears behind Alice in a dark room.)

Narrator: What the survivors dont know is...Michael is back!


(Michelle is running down a hallway screaming with Michael behind her.)


(Michael throws Michelle into a mirror)


Michelle: The doctors said I'm m-m-mental!


(Michael is strangling Danny)


(Danny is hiding in a ice box)


(Michael raises his knife towards Danny)


(We see Danny and Michelle walking down a hallway)

Narrator: Danny and Michelle must figure out a way to kill evil...or it will kill them!


-Alice running up steps

-Michael covering Maggie's mouth

-James is running to a cop car

-Larfer is falling down the steps

-Michael appears behind Marvin

-Michael is grabbing Lilly's foot

(Suddenly we black out to a sceam)

Narrator: Halloween 9: Bloodbath of Michael Myers!