The Tale Of Haddonfield

By Crimson

With some tales lost, some forgot, and some we cannot weild
There is a tale of tragedy in the town of Haddonfeild.

The girl of innocense, youth, and grace,..a person like you or me
She could not know to prepare, for what only death can see.

Her sibbling brother, a killer in youth waiting patiently inside his soul
Until that night on Halloween, he escaped into the thro.

What he wanted , no one knew until that fatal night,
when a doctor lost a patient and began his tired plight

As hours passed and minutes lingered, and day turned into gloom
A babysitter with kids by side, would learn of death and doom.

One by one her friends so close, met death in person that night
But she would not so easily die, she dealt an admirable fight.

While outside fate and outside terror the doctor continued his quest
He enlisted the help of what he could, when he called upon Haddonfeilds best.

Her freinds, her connections, and escape routes out were widdled down to none,
When she met the man who was not merciful enough to simply use a gun.

His faced concealed by a mask, which was the portrait of dispair
And she cryed out in desperate plea, but she new he did not care.

On the streets of tricks or treats, were police cars tracking down
what could not be tracked, and if he were, what know one would want to have found.

She sensed a clearing, and into the night, she set the chilren free
to call for the police and pray to god, that close by they would be.

The confrontation of sister and brother took place inside halls and walls
where only she could save herself because no one heard her calls.

A desperate attempt to run and hide when in the closet the clammered.
She cried, seeing her life before her eyes, as the boogey man hammered and hammered.

A faint attempt with an simple hanger, sent the pale face to the ground
while outside, the doctor close by, was still just looking around.

Her whimpers and cries and false relief were crudely cut in half
when indominabe death caught hold her neck, and began to incur his wrath.

Hearing the screams from up above and children running from the house
the doctor rushed so quickly, to end this cat and mouse.

She knew too well her time had come, that doom would reach its task,
but not before in final act, she took off his pale white mask.

Like relief on hand where none could be found, the doctor took the floor
He shot the boogy man six times in the chest, till the terror was no more.

In disbelief that she still lived, and beyond her teary buzz
She asked if it was the boogey man, and the doctor said it was.

The doctor stepped outside on balcony as his heart rate started back down
When it started up again as he realized, the killer was no where to be found.

After the night had come to its dreary end and all the webs were spun,
tired and exhausted the doctor and the girl found, had only just begun!