Here’s the trailer for my script, Haddonfield Hollow. It follows the events of Halloween 1 and 2, but ignores all the other sequels. Also, all of the characters are new, except for Lindsey Wallace. Enjoy…

The Halloween theme begins playing very quietly and subtly as we pan down a darkening road with rows of large houses on both sides. There is a tall black iron gate at the end of the road. A bloodcurdling scream erupts from somewhere inside the gate and the haunting music grows louder and louder. The black gate opens and we see a stone sign on the side of the road with two words engraved in it…



A female reporter on TV stands in front of a country house. Police cars and ambulances are flooding the area.

REPORTER: …are baffled at the incidents that occurred late last night…

Laura backs away from something and screams as a knife penetrates through the door behind her, narrowly missing her head.

As Will frantically grabs the telephone and dials 911, The Shape picks up a wrench from a spilled toolbox.

Andrea looks in her car’s rearview mirror and The Shape’s mask rises from the backseat in the reflection.

David puts on his jacket and grabs his car keys.

DAVID: Lock the door after I leave.

Laura sits in her desk at school and looks out the window. The Shape is watching her from across the street.

The reporter continues her story at the crime scene.

REPORTER: …Michael Audrey Myers, who most remember as the killer responsible for the Halloween massacre of 1978, came out of his coma and proceeded to…

An unknown POV walks toward an unsuspecting woman waiting at an elevator.

Laura notices a red liquid dripping from the back of a car and she begins to open the trunk.

Lindsey stands in the center of a dark deserted office, looking around nervously.

LINDSEY: Is somebody there?

A ceiling panel drops down in front of Andrea and The Shape lowers himself down from the opening, wielding a knife.

Old newspaper clipping are spread out on a table. Some of them read: HALLOWEEN MURDERS, SERIAL KILLER MASSACRES SMALL TOWN, and TEENS FOUND DEAD ON HALLOWEEN.


NARRATOR: The boogeyman is back…


Laura, Andrea, and Ryan walk down a crowded school hallway.

Joe and Lindsey yell at each other angrily on the stone steps of the Haddonfield City Hall in a downpour of rain.

JOE: All I know is that you have some sick fixation on this killer!

As Andrea turns around with a pumpkin in her arms, the lights flicker and go out and she runs into a dark figure.

A ravaged Lindsey aims a handgun at somebody.

Laura runs hysterically toward her mansion.

A girl’s corpse is sprawled out across the hood off a truck, her blood dripping on the cement floor.

Joe tackles The Shape to the ground as a fire rages behind them.

Lindsey attempts to get past the locked gate to The Hollow.

Laura’s body smashes through two glass doors to the balcony.

Andrea pounds on the grocery store door as The Shape approaches her from across the parking lot.

ANDREA: (screaming) He’s coming!!


NARRATOR: …And Halloween will never be the same again.



A girl spins around and finds herself face to face with The Shape’s white mask.