Halloween: Silence of the Shape

Halloween: Silence of the Shape

I originally wasnít going to do enter into this competition because I was experiencing a horrible case of writerís block, lack of interest in writing period, and a basic busy schedule that I didnít believe could be made any time for this script.

One night, I got bored and started watching Silence of the Lambs and I got to thinking about how a story could be told between the Hannibal series and the Halloween series. Both series tried to touch upon the humanity of their "evil" characters and I felt that it would be cool to see Hannibal matching minds with Michael Myers. The character of Hannibal Lecter had always been an interesting one, but one I felt like I couldnít capture correctly since heís well-educated, sophisticated, and extremely complex. However, I decided to give it a shot with this one. I donít know how well I did, but I tried and thatís all that matters.

This isnít typical Halloween or Silence of the Lambs, but I hope a bit of both and a little more. On a side note, Red Dragon and Hannibal are not ignored and I did base the Thomas Harris characters on their portrayals in the movies, not in the novels. So, just so you know, if youíre one of those fans that get bent out of shape because the books are so much better than the movies (in your opinion), this probably isnít for you.

I wanted to blend the two franchises with a simple plot: Hannibal has been captured again and is currently locked away. When Starling needs his help with her new assignment, mass murderer Michael Myers, she enlists the help of Lecter to track him down. My only problem with this scenario was that a five-year old could have told Clarice where Michael was headed and that it would have made Clarice a stupid character for seeking help, something I did not want to do, so I changed things around a bit. Simplicity just wasnít going to be possible.

A subplot involving Smithís Grove Sanitarium, Dr. Wynn, and the Thorn cult was created for Hannibalís character because his screen time during original drafts was non-existent. So, basically, Dr. Wynn becomes the new Dr. Chilton for Hannibal, just with a twist. At the same time, I wanted that Halloween-type story with younger characters, though I didnít want them to be mindless Friday the 13th-like cardboard cutouts who just have sex and do drugs all the time. This resulted in a few more subplots involving mobsters, the police, and a forbidden love story.

The following pages were the result of a lot of hard work, so I hope it was worth it. It was a whole lot longer than I had originally planned, but I had so much fun writing it, that I didnít care. I had broken that writerís block and I consider this an accomplishment. So, I hope you enjoy the story and would love to get some feedback on it if anyone actually reads it and decides to vote for it or against it. Take care and enjoy this with a plate of fava beans and a nice chianti.


I put the file up in two different formats. I personally prefer the .pdf files, but they might take a while for you to download since they contain images, etc. that the .doc files don't, so if you're impatient or don't have Adobe Acrobat reader, the .doc form is available to you, too. Just click that the bottom of the page.


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