Halloween:The Death Of Michael Myers

i am, in no way, associated with or own any of the Halloween series. This is just my story.

Halloween: The Death of Michael Myers

Opening Scene: The screen is black.

Kerri Tate: (voiceover) "Michael. Michael, get up."

The movie opens with the end sequence from Halloween: H20. Michael Myers awakens and appears stunned. As his eyes begin to focus, he sees Kerri.

Mysterious sounds come from him, almost as if he is moaning. He extends his hand to her, and she lowers the axe she is wielding. She fails to notice one important detail: there is no Thorn tattoo on Michael's wrist. As their hands nearly touch, Kerri strikes with incredible speed. She swings the axe with all her might and decapitates the nightmare from her past 20 years. She hears sirens approaching, but wants to be sure it's him. She approaches the lifeless body, shaking it to ensure its death. Satisfied, she walks to the head. With slight hesitation, she removes the mask. and gasps. Her ex-husband's lifeless eyes stare her dead in the face. She begins to cry, and trembles.

Kerri Tate: "No. No! you're him, you're him, God damn it, why aren't you him? Why won't you die? Why won't you die?"

Three police officers and a coroner approach Kerri, and lead her away.

End of Opening Scene: Fade to black.

Opening Credits: The Halloween theme is playing. A tall figure stands alone in a darkened room. We see views of him (i.e., his hands, his arms, his shoulders) in intervals with the credits. As the credits end, the camera zooms to the figure's face: Michael Myers, the Michael Myers, with a look of hell in his eyes. Screen fades to black, and the trademark bold orange and white letters spelling "Halloween" appear. Beneath them, in smaller letters, "The Death of Michael Myers" appears.

Scene 1: Smith's Grove Sanitarium, Haddonfield, Illinois. A small label shows the date as being: "October 31, 2000. Halloween."

The camera's POV focuses on a large building. A sign reads: "Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium." The camera's POV enters the building. A young man with tussled hair walks down the linoleum hallway. He is alone. He appears nervous and insecure. He approaches a desk, where 2 young women in scrubs are seated. One is on the phone, but the other gazes at the man with a smile.

Receptionist: "Can I help you?"

John Tate: "Yeah, I'm here to see Kerri Tate. Is she okay?"

Receptionist: "Name and relation to patient?"

John Tate: "Uh, I'm John Tate, and my mother is Kerri. Can I see her?"

With this reply, the receptionist frowns. She turns to a video screen behind the desk. The screen displays a woman sitting on her bed, detained by a straightjacket. A young man and a little boy appear to be speaking with her.

Receptionist: "It's Smith's Grove policy to allow only two visitors at a time to patients in maximum security."

John Tate: "Huh? Someone's in there? Who is it?"

The receptionist turns to her computer and begins typing. A message displays what she is looking for.

Receptionist: "According to our records, it is her nephew and his adopted father."

John Tate: "Nephew? Adopted father? What the hell are you talking about?"

The receptionist begins to reply but turns her head to an opening doorway.

Tommy and Steven Doyle (Myers) walk through.

Receptionist: "See for yourself."

John walks away from the desk and confronts the leaving visitors.

John Tate: "Excuse me. I don't mean to pry or be rude, but I'd like to know who you are and why you are visiting my mother."

Tommy looks at John in disbelief, but smiles.

Tommy Doyle: "I'm sorry, I didn't know Laurie had a son. I'm Tommy Doyle, and this is my son, Steven. I found out your mother was here, and I had to know the truth."

John Tate: "I take it you're referring to my uncle?"

Tommy Doyle: "Yes, Michael Myers. The news said he was dead, but I had to know for sure. It looks like he's not."

John Tate: "Yeah, I know. I guess my dad was a bigger nut than I thought"

Tommy Doyle: "You need to talk to your mom. And after that, you need to talk to me. Here's my number. Give me a call after your chat."

Tommy hands John a sheet of paper with his phone number, picks up Steven, and walks out the door.

Receptionist: "Mr. Tate? Mr. Tate? Your mother would like to see you now.."

The receptionist pushes a large red button on her desk. A buzzer sounds, and the door to patients' rooms unlocks. She hands John a patient room keycard.

John takes it, pushes open the door, and begins walking down the hallway. He stops in front of the third door on the right. He glances at a nameplate beside the door. It reads: "K. Tate, 143." He slides the keycard through the slot on the right, and a green light flashes. The door unlocks. John takes a breath, turns the knob, and enters. The camera's POV shows Kerri Tate, a.k.a.. Laurie Strode sitting on her bed, staring blankly at the wall. John walks up to her and kneels down.

John Tate: "Mom? You okay?"

Kerri shakes her head and notices John.

Kerri Tate: "Why didn't he die? Why didn't he die, John? Why didn't he die?"

John winces. It's all she's said every time he has visited her since she was committed. He has a flashback to when the police told him who was under the mask, and his mother's mental breakdown.

John Tate: "Mom, he's dead. No matter where he is, he's dead. Dad had lost it. He needed help, but no one was there. Don't worry mom, he's dead."

Kerri Tate: "He'll never die. Evil never dies."

John Tate: "I love you, mom. I'll be back in a week."

John stands, kisses his mother's cheek, and walks out. He heads directly to the main exit, gets in his Blazer, and drives off. He remembers Tommy and the number, and picks up his cell phone. He dials the number, and after a few rings Tommy picks up.

John Tate: "Tommy, it's John. What did you want to talk about?"

Tommy Doyle: "John, I have some bad news. Meet me at the gas station on 86. I'll be there in five minutes. Hurry!"

John Tate: "What's all this about?"

Tommy takes a deep breath, trying to hold back tears.

Tommy Doyle: "They've got Michael."

End of Scene 1.

Scene 2: Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium Patient Transfer Van, en route to Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

The camera's POV shows a uniformed man driving the van. It is a pitch-black night. A uniformed guard rides passenger with him. The two are being followed by several police cruisers and a S.W.A.T. team armored vehicle.

Driver: "Can you believe it? We've got that psycho son of a bitch. We've got Michael Myers in here, alive and well. Not only that, we have that bastard Wynn who was the leader of Thorn. Can you believe it?"

Guard: "Cut it out, will you? He gives me the damn creeps."

(As he begins the rest of this statement, the screen flashes back to the action he describes.)

"Did you here what they said about finding him? Alone, in the Myers house, almost dead with all them damn kooky cult members trying to revive his big ass? Did you hear about how many cops he took out before they put him down? Filled him plumb full of lead, and he just got right back up. Took damn near an army to put him down."

Driver: "Yeah, yeah, they like to build their stories. He was probably in there asleep with a hundred guys trying to get him up. Don't worry, nothing will happen. We have the whole damn cavalry with us. There's no way he can get away."

The camera's POV turns to the back of the van. There is almost no light. A large figure dressed in coveralls and shackled with chains and numerous handcuffs sits upright. It is Michael Myers. He is motionless, staring out of the back window. As the van passes under a light pole, we get a glimpse of the shape's face. It is horribly scarred and disfigured. It shows no emotion, just scars and a few tufts of hair.

Sitting across from him is another man, an older man, dressed in black, wearing only a single pair of handcuffs. He looks distraught. It is Terrence Wynn, Michael's keeper and "father." He stares at Michael, still rethinking the thoughts of the past few hours.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael? Michael, can you hear me?"

Michael turns his face, and stares at Dr. Wynn.

Dr. Wynn: "Ah, now that's better. Michael, you know this isn't the end. This has happened before. We always get away. Always. She's alive, Michael. Laurie's alive. And just think, you'll be so close to her. Oh so close. Just her, Michael. Just her, John, and Steven."

Michael knows that name. He lunges towards Dr. Wynn, but the restraints hold him down. For the first time to Dr. Wynn's knowledge, Michael seems to care about something. Dr. Wynn begins to laugh. He grins at Michael, a maniacal grin,a knowing grin.

Dr. Wynn: "Is that what you want, Michael? For Steven to live? You know that can't happen. Michael, after Kerri and John, Steven is it. It will end. Everything. Me, Thorn, the pain, everything. Is he worth that much to you? Is he? Is he worth enough to make you live in endless pursuit, knowing you could stop it all in an instant?"

Michael doesn't reply, he only stares. He seems to be thinking. After a few moments, he shakes his head, and stares again out the window.

Dr. Wynn: "Good, Michael. That's what I wanted to hear. Soon, you'll be free, and Danny's journey will begin."

Dr. Wynn reaches out and grabs Michael's shoulders, and notices the van is slowing down. The camera's POV returns to the front of the van.

Driver: "Hey, guess what? We're here. Get ready for one hell of a show."

End of Scene 2.

Scene 3: Outside of Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

The Halloween theme is playing. There is movement everywhere. A helicopter circles overhead, shining its spotlight on the action below. The S.W.A.T. team van is emptied of its passengers. Heavily armed men stand next to both sides of the van. Two of them approach the doors, and open them. Dr. Wynn steps out, squinting, trying to adjust his eyes to the sudden brightness.

Three S.W.A.T. members escort him into the building.

He only smiles.

Suddenly, everyone's attention returns to the van.

There is a commotion. Four S.W.A.T. members have entered the van, and are leading Michael out, nudging him with their weapons. They approach the end of the van.

S.W.A.T. Member: "Everybody clear!"

Everyone backs away. Myers steps down, exposing his hideous face. He looks down, and is led towards the building. Once inside, officers are awaiting. He is led to a cell, furnished only with a bed and a toilet, and is placed inside. He stands, unsure of what to do, and sits down on the bed.

S.W.A.T. Member: "You want us to remove the chains?"

Smith's Grove Administrator: "No, that will be fine. Give him time to adjust."

The administrator is a tall brunette woman. She smiles at the S.W.A.T. member. She has just recently become the director. The member thinks she is making the wrong choice, but the smile relaxes him. They exit the room, and the door is closed behind them. A flashing red light on the keycard slot indicates the room has locked. The director places a nameplate outside of the room. It reads: "M. Myers, 145."

Across the hallway, Dr. Wynn's handcuffs are being removed. He says nothing, and stares at Michael's room. He mumbles something under his breath.

S.W.A.T. Member: "What was that?"

Dr. Wynn: "I said, 'he knows she's here.'"

He walks into his room, and the door closes behind him. His nameplate reads: "T. Wynn, 144." Dr. Wynn strides to his bed, and sits down with an exasperated sigh.

Dr. Wynn: "They don't even know. How lucky can you get? They don't even know she's Michael's sister, but even better, they put him right next to her!"

End of Scene 3.

Scene 4: The Strode Apartment.

The camera's POV shows a small apartment in rural Haddonfield. The camera zooms in on a door. It reads: 24B. The camera enters the apartment, and we see a scene of horror. Dark bloodstains splatter the carpet. The room is dark. The camera zooms in on a motionless figure. The camera focuses on it. It is Kara Strode. Her throat is slit, and she is dead.

Man in black (Dr. Wynn) (voiceover): "Danny, come to us. Michael needs you."

The Halloween theme is playing. The camera wheels around and focuses on a different figure. It's a young boy, holding a knife. It is Danny Strode, who stands with a smile. He turns and head towards the door. He clutches the shape's mask in his other hand.

Danny Strode: "I'm coming, Michael,don't worry, Dr. Wynn, I'm coming"

He walks outside, down the stairs, and into a waiting van. The side reads:

"Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium."

Back in Smith's Grove, Tommy meets John at the gas station.

Tommy Doyle: "They have him. The real Myers. I don't know where he's headed, but we have to find out. For your sake, for your mother's sake,for Steven's sake."

John Tate: "So where do we go?"

Tommy Doyle: "Ever met Danny Strode?"

John stares at Tommy, but asks no questions. They get in John's Blazer, and the two head towards Haddonfield. We hear a little of their conversation, mixed in with the police scanner Tommy is tuned to.

John Tate: "So Kara's son hears the voices just like Michael. And you believe he knows what's going on in that maniac's mind? No offense, but for an eleven year old to know all that sounds like a bit of bullshit."

Tommy Doyle: "Maybe so, but he has a better chance than anybody. Last I talked to Kara, he was becoming more and more withdrawn. She also mentioned a rash forming on his wrist that looked like,well that looked like Thorn. Do you know what that means?"

John Tate: "Michael's old. There's only three left. It's time for a new master of mayhem. And that seems to be"

John is cut off as Tommy shushes him. A bulletin has come on the police scanner.

Officer: "that's right. Just got the call a few minutes ago. A neighbor smelt something burning. Apparently she was cooking. Steak burned. Found her body. That girl from the Myers' murders in '95, Strode, uh,Kara Strode."

Dispatcher: "Copy. He just got locked up. Must've been a friend of his"

Tommy and John stare at each other in disbelief. Tommy steps on the accelerator. He seems extremely troubled. Tears stream down his face.

John Tate: "Tommy, what is it?"

Tommy Doyle: "They didn't say anything about Danny"

End of Scene 4.

Scene 5: The Strode Apartment.

As Tommy and John pull up, police and ambulances are everywhere. The camera's POV focuses on Kara laying on a gurney. After a brief glimpse, she is covered with a sheet. Tommy and John walk to the crime scene. They approach an officer, who turns to face them.

Officer: "You gentlemen can't come past the yellow tape. This is an official crime scene."

Tommy Doyle: "We don't want to see Kara, we just have a question. Did you find her son?"

The officer looks upset, and walks away. The camera's POV shows him conversing with a man in a white lab coat. He walks up to Tommy and John.

Officer: "Police and coroner's report shows her being the only one here. Seems to be just some psycho Michael Myers fan. Pretty grotesque, huh?"

Behind the three, the coroner is helping load the body in an ambulance when he notices a bloodstain forming in the middle of the sheet. It's Kara's stomach. He removes the sheet, and pulls up her shirt. Etched in her stomach, with intricate detail, is the Druid rune Thorn.

Coroner: "What the hell? Hey, I think you better see this!"

As the officer turns his back, Tommy sprints past him and looks at the body.

Tommy Doyle: "So it's true,we're too late"

The officer approaches Tommy, and asks him to leave.

Tommy walks past the tape and over to John.

John Tate: "What is it, Tommy? What do you know? Are they after my mother? What is it?"

Tommy looks at John, and lets out a long sigh.

Tommy Doyle: "Wynn has Danny."

The screen's POV shows a van pulling into the Smith's Grove Sanitarium parking lot. The side reads: "Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium." The camera shows the action in the back of the van. Three Thorn members in costume are sitting with Danny. He stares blankly, holding the shape's mask in his hand.

Thorn Member 1: "Danny? Danny, we're here."

Danny gazes out the window, and nods in agreement. He turns his attention to the shape's mask.

Danny Strode: "It's time, Michael. Our time has come."

Thorn Member 2: "Danny? When we get in here, we have someone to meet you. Someone you would never expect."

Danny Strode: "Is it Michael?"

Thorn Member 3: "No, but he is indeed here. Remember Dr. Loomis, the man who tried to help you? There's something not very many people know. After Dr. Wynn passed the trait of being Michael's caretaker to Dr. Loomis, he died. But not before he gave the power to another"

Danny Strode: "Another? Who is that?

Thorn Member 2: "His daughter"

Danny and the members exit the van. The three members discard their costumes, revealing ordinary street clothes. They enter the building, and are instantly confronted by police officers.

Officer: "Sorry, no visitors allowed tonight."

Thorn Member 1: "We're not here to see a patient. We're here to see an employee."

Officer: "And that would be?"

Thorn Member 2: "Loomis. Sara Loomis."

The officer stares intently at them, as if questioning their motive. He takes a deep breath, and points down the right corridor.

Officer: "Down that way. Second door on the left."

Thorn Member 2: "Thank you."

The four walk down the hallway. Danny pulls the mask he's been hiding behind his back in front of him.

Danny Strode: "Don't worry, Dr. Wynn. Our time is almost here."

The four continue down the corridor. They stop at the second door on the left. A nameplate to the right of the door reads: "Sara Loomis, M.D. Administrator." With slight hesitation, Danny knocks.

Sara Loomis: "Come in. The door is open."

The four walk into the room. Sara's eyes widen with surprise, yet she remains calm. She knew this day would come. Her father had told her, and she knew it, but she still isn't ready.

Sara Loomis: "How may I help you?"

Thorn Member 1: "Don't play dumb, Ms. Loomis. You know how. Your father was a well informed man."

Sara Loomis: "I don't know what you're talking about, so if you don't mind, I'd like you to leave."

As she finishes this statement, Danny acts with incredible speed,Michael Myers speed. He grabs her wrist, and pulls her towards him. The camera's POV zooms in on their hands. It focuses on their wrists. Each has a Thorn tattoo.

Danny Strode: "Then how do you explain this?"

Thorn Member 3: "Don't worry, Ms. Loomis. We're not here to hurt you. We're here to help you,and we need you to help us."

Sara knows what they're talking about. Silent tears stream down her cheeks.

She seems to be thinking back to her father.

Sam Loomis (voiceover): "Remember, Sara, do what you must, but never trust Michael. Never. If worse comes to worse, help him end it all. Please, Sara, do it for me."

Sara turns her attention back to the four. She stares long and hard at the shape's mask, which Danny clutches in his hands. She knows what must be done.

Sara Loomis: "What do you want me to do?"

Thorn Member 2: "Do you know what Kerri Tate means to Michael Myers?"

End of Scene 5.

Scene 6: Inside Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

The Halloween theme is playing. The camera's POV focuses on the four and Sara. They are hurrying down the hall, quietly plotting their plan for the escape,Michael's escape. We see them stop abruptly and notice the police officers on guard.

Sara Loomis: "Shit. We need a diversion"

She looks worried; afraid their plan will crumble. Just before she starts to turn around, one of the Thorn members sprints towards the officers.

Thorn Member 2: "Help! You have to help me! One of the patient's has escaped, and he's outside! Oh, God, he has a knife!"

Police Officer 1: "Come on! We have to get him before someone gets hurt!"

The two officers leave their posts and head outside. The Thorn member grins at the escape team, and runs after the officers. In the distance, we hear them getting further from the hospital.

Thorn Member 2: "Over there! He went over there!"

The remaining people stare at each other, each thinking the same; they have to hurry.

Sara Loomis: "Come on, we have no time to lose."

The four walk up to Myers door, but Sara stops them.

Sara Loomis: "Wait a minute. What if we go in here and he goes berserk? I'm not ready to die."

The other three seem to be thinking this over.

Danny Strode: "I have an idea. Let's get Dr. Wynn."

The others nod in agreement. Sara turns away from Michael's room, and heads to Dr. Wynn's. She slides the keycard through the slot, and the light flashes green. She turns to the others and smiles, and opens the door.

A bright fluorescent light illuminates the room. Dr. Wynn is sitting motionless on his bed. He appears to be meditating. Sara slowly approaches him.

Sara Loomis: "Dr. Wynn? Are you awake?"

She gently nudges his arm. His eyes open, and he focuses on her. He instantly recognizes her and smiles.

Dr. Wynn: "I can see Sam in you."

Sara looks at him, and almost cries. She can't believe she is helping the man her father had tried so hard to stop. But she knows what must be done.

Sara Loomis: "Dr. Wynn, we need your help. We're trying to help Michael escape. Please, this is for my father. Lets end the madness."

Dr. Wynn: "Ms. Loomis, it will never end. After Michael, Danny's journey begins. And after Danny, who knows? Thorn is forever,as is the madness."

Sara Loomis: "Please, let's just help Michael. Dr. Wynn, we need you and"

Sara is cut off as Dr. Wynn abruptly stands. He looks past her out the door with a questioning glance. He returns his gaze to Sara.

Dr. Wynn: "Does Laurie,excuse me, Kerri know that Michael is here?"

Sara glances over her shoulder towards Kerri's darkened room. She turns to face Dr. Wynn.

Sara Loomis: "She doesn't have a clue."

Dr. Wynn: "Good. It will be so much easier for her that way. Come, we have very important business to tend to."

They exit the room, and walk directly to Michael's door. Without hesitation, Dr. Wynn slides the keycard through. The green light flashes, and he turns to the others.

Dr. Wynn: "Wait here."

He opens the door, steps inside, and lets it shut behind him. The camera's POV shows Michael sitting on his bed, without restraints. He appears to be sleeping. Dr. Wynn carefully approaches him, looks him in the face, and sits down. Throughout the following scenes, Michael's face is covered by shadow.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael? Michael, are you okay?"

The shape doesn't reply. Dr. Wynn looks worried, but lets out a sigh and relaxes.

Dr. Wynn: "Must be Thorazin. They must have used it to keep you out while they removed your chains. Are you okay?"

The Shape doesn't reply. He appears asleep, or heavily drugged.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael, I know where Laurie is"

In a heart stopping instant, the shape rises, grabs Dr. Wynn by the overcoat, and pulls him face to face.

Dr. Wynn: "Calm down, Michael. She is alive. There's nothing you can do about that. On second thought, there is something you can do"

Michael releases his grip on Dr. Wynn. He tilts his head slightly, almost as if questioning to trust the man in black. He stares long and hard.

Dr. Wynn: "She's alive, and I know where she's at. But first, I have something for you,and someone to see you."

Dr. Wynn turns around and opens the door. The three are caught off guard.

Dr. Wynn: "Danny, he wants to see you. Oh, and bring the mask"

Danny looks a bit surprised, but does as he is told. He steps in the room, and stops a few feet from the shape.

Danny Strode: "I,I brought this for you."

Danny extends the hand holding the mask to Michael. Michael only stares back, but suddenly moves. He raises his hands to his face, and makes a motion as if he is putting the mask on. Then, he points to Danny.

Danny Strode: "Me? You want me to put it on?"

The shape doesn't answer; he only nods in reply.

Danny looks a bit unsure of himself, and turns to Dr. Wynn. He nods, and waits patiently. Danny looks at the mask, and slowly slips it over his head. The shape and Dr. Wynn exchange glances, and nod their approval.

Dr. Wynn: "That's fine, Danny, that's just fine. It looks good on you. Now give Michael what he wants"

Danny hands the mask to Michael. They both notice each other's Thorn tattoo. Michael wastes no time in slipping his mask over his head. He looks at Danny, and then at Dr. Wynn.

Dr. Wynn: "Looks great. Come. Our hour of resurrection is at hand."

End of Scene 6.

Scene 7: Inside Smith's Grove Sanitarium/The Doyle House.

The Halloween theme is playing. The growing party is headed to Kerri Tate's room. Dr. Wynn stops, and turns to face his followers. They stop, and wait for him to speak.

Dr. Wynn: "Danny, I have news for you. You will begin your journey early. Michael is getting weaker; it's taking longer for him to recuperate. He needs some help. Your first mission is simple: kill John Tate or Steven Doyle. I expect good work. I don't accept failure. These men will escort you and aid you on your journey. Make me happy. Make Michael happy."

Danny says nothing. He has become fully possessed by Thorn, and will never speak again. The Thorn members escort him outside and into the Smith's Grove van. They leave. Back inside, Dr. Wynn is looking at Michael.

Dr. Wynn: "Ms. Loomis? Make sure Danny completes his task. You may leave now. Things are fixing to get nasty."

Sara notices Dr. Wynn sliding the keycard through Kerri Tate's room's slot.

She turns and heads back to her office. Dr. Wynn smiles as the light flashes green. He turns to Michael, and hands him something from his overcoat. It is a large knife.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael,stop the rage. She's right inside."

He opens the door, and Michael steps through. He shuts it behind him, and the flashing red light indicates the door is locked.

The scene cuts to the Doyle house. Tommy and John are having coffee at a dinner table. The camera's POV shows Steven asleep on the couch.

John Tate: "So you think Danny already has Thorn?"

Tommy Doyle: "Yeah. There's no telling how long it will be before they try to find Michael"

John Tate: "But nobody knows where they were taking him,it was confidential."

Tommy Doyle: "Oh, don't worry. Thorn will know."

John Tate: "Tommy, what if they find Michael? Will they go after Steven,or me and my mom?"

Tommy Doyle: "I'm not sure. You three are the last of his bloodline, but Steven is his son."

John Tate: "Yeah, so I think"

John is interrupted by a knock at the door. He looks at Tommy with questioning eyes.

Tommy Doyle: "It's okay. I called the cops to get an officer to help guard Steven. That must be him."

John reluctantly opens the door. To his surprise, a young boy is standing there, covered in blood. The boy is Danny Strode, but John doesn't know that. John seems surprised, and Danny seems extremely upset.

John Tate: "Hey, are you okay?"

Danny doesn't answer, but points downstairs. There is a police cruiser with its' flashing lights on. John knows it is the officer Tommy called.

John Tate: "Come with me. There's someone down there who can help both of us out."

John leads Danny downstairs. He swiftly approaches the cruiser, unaware of the driver.

John Tate: "Hey, hey you! Are you the guy sent over for Tommy Doyle?"

Officer/Thorn Member 1: "Yeah, that's me. What's the problem?"

John Tate: "Yeah, he's upstairs and there's this little boy"

John trails off as he notices the officer's hands. There's a small Thorn tattoo just below his palm.

John Tate: "Uh, never mind. I think I'll be"

Before he can finish, the officer puts his hands on John's shoulders and gives him a hard shove. The Halloween theme begins to play. The camera's POV focuses on his stomach/torso, where a large knife is protruding. John tries to speak. Blood trickles from his mouth. He turns around, and sees Danny Strode. Everything is going dark. John falls to one knee.

John Tate: "(whispering) Tommy,Tommy, Danny's got it"

John Tate's lifeless body slumps to the ground. The officer looks at Danny, and both proceed to the stairs. Before they reach them, Tommy comes outside. He is carrying a small pistol.

Tommy Doyle: "Hey, who is that down there?"

Tommy looks down and sees John's body. He gasps in surprise. Slowly, his attention turns to the two advancing up the stairs. He stares intently at Danny Strode.

Tommy Doyle: "Danny? Danny, no,this isn't the way."

Danny says nothing; he just continues up the stairs. Tommy quickly aims and begins to fire. And, surprisingly, Danny retreats. The two get back into the van, start it, and leave. Tommy stares after them, and slowly descends the stairs. He approaches John, and gently shakes him. John doesn't move.

Tommy Doyle: "John? John, are you okay?"

John doesn't reply. Tommy realizes that John is dead. He seems to be thinking hard.

Tommy Doyle: "Only two to go"

The scene returns back to Smith's Grove Sanitarium. The camera's POV shows Dr. Wynn standing outside of Kerri's room. He is smiling. We can hear sounds from inside the room. The camera goes inside and sees Laurie backed into a corner. Her straightjacket has been torn off. She is bleeding out of her left arm.

Kerri Tate: "Michael! Michael, no!I killed you. It can't end this way."

The shape appears not to hear her. He stalks towards her, but stops inches away. Kerri doesn't understand what is happening. Then, to her surprise, Michael tilts his head. Kerri sees her chance.

Kerri Tate: "Michael? Michael, it's me, Laurie! You remember me, don't you?"

The shape says nothing; he only stares. Kerri is very frightened.

Kerri Tate: "Michael, I'll forgive you for what you've done if you'll just go,just go, and never come back."

Then, to her surprise, he turns around and starts to walk off. She breathes a sigh of relief, but in an instant, Michael turns around, grabs Kerri by the throat, and plunges the knife deep into her chest. She lets out a high-pitched scream, and begins breathing heavily. She struggles to talk, and stay alive.

Laurie Strode: "It isn't over, Michael,it's not over."

Laurie Strode will never speak again. Her blank, staring eyes gleam at the shape, but they see nothing. Laurie is dead. The shape gently lowers her body to the floor, and turns around. He walks to the door. It instantly opens. Dr. Wynn is waiting outside.

Dr. Wynn: "I know that hurt, Michael. First Judith, then Laurie,but what's done is done. You have done well, my son. There is but one left,and he's yours. Come, Michael. Steven awaits."

Michael stares hard at Dr. Loomis. Only one is left.Michael's son. The madness must end. He follows Dr. Wynn out the door. They load into a hearse, a dark hearse, with Dr. Wynn driving and Michael in the passenger seat. The camera's POV shows the back of the hearse. In the back, there is a coffin. They take off, and Wynn begins a heartfelt conversation.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael, your end is coming. Once Steven dies, you will lose your power. You will no longer be the indestructible force you are now. You will feel pain, and you can die. You must be extremely careful. I will no longer be able to protect you, Michael. After Steven, the road ends, and Danny and I will venture to the future. I am proud of you, Michael. You have made Thorn proud. I wish you well on your new life."

Dr. Wynn appears distraught. The shape doesn't seem to be hearing anything. He stares straight ahead.

Dr. Wynn: "You may think I'm taking you to Steven, but I'm not. There's something you need to see and understand before the final sacrifice. Something I've been wanting to show you for a long time."

Michael turns his head to Dr. Wynn. He appears interested, but turns back and faces the road.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael, I am going to show you why I had you wear the mask"

End of Scene 7.

Scene 8: The Myers House.

Dr. Wynn and Michael pull into the driveway. Both exit the hearse, and Dr. Wynn advances to the house. The shape does not. He is breathing very hard. He tilts his head slightly, and stares at the house of his rage.

Dr. Wynn: "Come, Michael. You need to understand."

The shape begins walking forward. The two walk into the house, and the camera's POV shows a room lit only by candles. There is a large book sitting on a table. Dr. Wynn walks to the book, and opens it.

Dr. Wynn: "Come, Michael. The truth is at hand. The secret is in here."

Michael stands in front of Dr. Wynn. As Dr. Wynn describes the secret of the mask, the screen shows his description's action.

Dr. Wynn: "The curse of Thorn has been for many years,the Druids figured out three important things: the curse could get out, good could get in, and,well, we'll get to the last in a minute. In order to keep the curse in and good out, the Druids made a mask to contain Thorn."

The screen shows two hooded men cutting a branch and sanding it. The men work it into a circular shape. They carve out eyeholes, and we notice the mask is the same as the shape's, without ears, hair, or a neck. It is painted pale white. Dr. Wynn continues.

Dr. Wynn: "Over the years, every member inflicted with Thorn wore the mask. Sure, over such a long period of time, the mask changed,was bettered,but still, it served its' purpose well."

As Dr. Wynn continues, the screen shows different men killing people in a sequence (i.e. one, then another, then another, each advancing through time). As each man is shown, the mask changes; it goes from wooden, to metal, to plastic, to rubber. The last shown is Michael Myers.

Dr. Wynn: "You tried so hard to keep the mask on, but you never knew why. Michael, the mask held in the rage,it was an ultimate protector, and it was so simple! A mask! A simple rubber mask! But oh, the powers it yielded! It kept you so focused, so enlightened. And, thank God, it kept purity out of you. See, if you wouldn't have worn the mask, emotions and feelings could have influenced your actions. It kept them out,it kept your family out. Michael, it was your master. Not me. And soon, it will no longer be yours,it's time to pass it to Danny."

Michael stares at Dr. Wynn in amazement. For all these years, he believed Wynn to be the force,but the mask. It's only a mask. Dr. Wynn beckons Michael towards him. The shape comes closer.

Dr. Wynn: "And now, Michael, I will tell you the most important detail."

The shape seems confused. He tilts his head, but continues to listen. Dr. Wynn proceeds.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael, you are very special,not only to our time, but to the future. You are the first, Michael. The first of a new breed,a supreme race. You're a test. A test to see if Thorn can provide the immortality a supreme race needs. It has proven successful. Michael, with Thorn, it is next to impossible to kill you. In the past, many have tried, but none were successful. You are the first stone in a path to new life,to immortal life. You are the chosen one."

Dr. Wynn stands, and grabs the book. He walks over to Michael, and stares him directly in the face.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael, this is it. Steven is all that's left. It's time to finish the game. Our time, your time, has come."

The two walk through the front door, and get into the hearse. They pull out of the driveway, and vanish into the night.

The screen changes. The camera's POV shows Tommy Doyle in John's Blazer. Steven is asleep in the passenger seat. Tommy has a very thoughtful look on his face. He knows what is fixing to happen, and he knows who he's following. The camera's POV shows the windshield. Through it, we can see a van,the Smith's Grove Sanitarium van.

Tommy Doyle: "Don't worry, Steven. First we'll get Danny, and then we'll get Michael."

Tommy steps on the accelerator. He follows the van back to Smith's Grove Sanitarium. Both vehicles pull into the parking lot. The van stops, and Danny and the Thorn members get out. Tommy pulls up a little ways away behind them.. He turns to Steven, and kisses his forehead.

Tommy Doyle: "Don't worry, Steven. Daddy will be right back."

Tommy gets out, and silently closes the door. The Blazer is mostly hidden in shadow. He creeps across the parking lot. The Thorn members and Danny are so wrapped up in the conversation that they don't notice the movement. The Thorn members are surrounding Danny. Their faces show worry.

Thorn Member 3: "Danny, you didn't do as you were instructed. Steven is alive."

Thorn Member 1: "Dr. Wynn will not be pleased. Neither will Michael."

Thorn Member 3: "Come, Danny. We must report to Sara."

The three begin to walk off. Suddenly, shots ring out into the neat. Thorn member 1 drops to the ground, a bullet in his head. Danny and the remaining Thorn member turn around. Tommy Doyle is behind the van, with his pistol in hand. Danny turns and runs for the door. A second shot rings out. A third. Thorn member 3 is dead, with two bullets in his chest. Tommy aims at Danny's skull. He squeezes the trigger and nothing happens. He hears the click of an empty gun. He squeezes over and over, but he is out of bullets.

Tommy Doyle: "Damn it! Danny, come back here! You're mine!"

As Tommy is shouting, he doesn't notice a man slipping into John's Blazer. It is Thorn member 2, the member who distracted the cops for Michael's escape. He grabs the sleeping Steven, and walks towards the side entrance. He opens the door, and slips inside.

Tommy turns around and heads back to the Blazer. He opens the door and gasps.. Steven is gone. He jerks around. His eyes search wildly.

Tommy Doyle: "Steven? Steven? Steven, where are you? Steven?!"

End of Scene 8.

Scene 9: Inside Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

The camera's POV shows Danny inside. He is approaching Sara's office. He knocks, and goes inside. She is on the phone. She holds up a hand to indicate to wait.

Sara Loomis: "Yes, Dr. Wynn. We found him. He just came in,hold on a sec."

Sara puts her hand over the phone, and leans towards Danny.

Sara Loomis: "Did you accomplish your task?"

Danny stares Sara straight in her eyes, and frowns. He shakes his head. Sara's eyes widen. She removes her hand, and puts the receiver back up to her mouth.

Sara Loomis: "No, he didn't,yes, I understand. Okay, Dr. Wynn. Goodbye."

Sara places the receiver back on the hook. She folds her hands, and looks at Danny. She seems troubled.

Sara Loomis: "They're on their way."

Back in the parking lot, Tommy has started searching for Steven. He walks around, and notices the side entrance. He opens the door, and steps inside. The room is dark. He is in a hallway. He begins to walk down the hall, but stops when he hears a noise outside. He opens the door a crack, and sees a hearse pulling into the parking lot. He gasps as Dr. Wynn and the shape get out, and walk through the front entrance. He shuts the door, and struggles to hold back tears.

Tommy Doyle: "Oh, God, I've got to find Steven."

He starts down the hallway. He comes to a door, and stops. He sees Dr. Wynn and the shape walk into Sara's office. Suddenly, he hears a noise behind him.. He turns around, and Thorn member 2 tries to stab him. Tommy dodges the blow, and strikes the member in the back. He drops the knife. Tommy picks it up, and plunges it in the member's upper back. He moans, and slightly convulses. His body becomes still. Out of nowhere, a hand grasps Tommy's hand. He wheels around.

Steven Doyle: "Dad?"

Tommy grabs the boy in a hug.

Tommy Doyle: "Oh, Steven, thank God you're okay. Come on. Let's finish this once and for all."

The two walk to Sara's office door. They stop outside, and Tommy presses his ear to the door. He can hear the conversation. The camera's POV enters the room. Danny is facing Dr. Wynn and the shape. Sara sits behind her desk.

Dr. Wynn: "Danny, I do not tolerate failure. Sara does not tolerate failure. But most importantly in your case, Michael does not tolerate failure."

Danny's mouth opens in surprise. Before he can react, Michael's hand thrusts forward and clinches his throat. Danny struggles to breathe. Dr. Wynn and Sara watch.

Dr. Wynn: "Don't worry, Danny. You will be replaced. Thorn will go on,without you."

Danny's eyes are beginning to dilate. He struggles to remove the shape's mask. He doesn't. His eyes roll into his head, and he goes limp. The shape drops his lifeless body on the ground.

During this action, Tommy has opened the door. He is holding Steven, and watching the attack unfold. He has hatched a plan.

Tommy Doyle: "Michael, if you want your son, come to the gorge. We'll be waiting."

Michael and Wynn turn around, but it's too late. Tommy is gone. Michael turns to Dr. Wynn.

Dr. Wynn: "This will be easier than I thought, Michael. Come, Sara. The end is here."

Sara stands, and joins Dr. Wynn and the shape. They walk outside of the office, and through the front entrance. The Blazer is gone. They load into the hearse, and leave.

End of Scene 9.

Scene 10: Atop of Devil's Gorge, overlooking a large pool of water.

The camera's POV shows Tommy and Steven sitting together near the edge of the gorge. Tommy is looking at Steven, who is listening attentively.

Tommy Doyle: "Remember what I told you, Steven. Let him get as close as he can. But don't worry. Daddy will be right here. I love you."

Steven Doyle: "I love you too, Daddy."

The two embrace. They notice headlights approaching. Tommy can make out the shape of the hearse.

Tommy Doyle: "I'm going to hide. But don't worry. I'll be right over there."

Tommy sprints and hides behind a large tree. The hearse pulls up to the gorge. Dr. Wynn is driving, and Sara is riding passenger. The hearse stops, and they both get out. Dr. Wynn walks to the back of the hearse, and opens the door. He pulls on the coffin. Rolling wheels on a stretcher fold down. He wheels it close to Steven, with Sara close behind.

Dr. Wynn: "Steven? Steven, I have good news for you. Michael is dead. We killed him. He didn't want to kill you, so we had no choice."

Steven looks surprised. The camera's POV shows Tommy watching from behind the tree.

Steven Doyle: "Really?"

Dr. Wynn: "Yes. Michael Myers is dead. But there's one thing, Steven. Now we need you."

Dr. Wynn advances towards Steven. The boy cries out. Before Dr. Wynn can reach him, he is tackled by Tommy Doyle. Dr. Wynn is pinned to the ground.

Tommy Doyle: "Steven is my son! He's my son, and you and Michael can't have him!"

Dr. Wynn: "Steven is Michael's son!Michael's blood. And Michael wants him back."

With this statement, both turn their attention to the coffin. The Halloween theme is playing. The upper lid is thrust open. The camera's POV shows Michael's hand holding it up. The shape sits upright. Tommy gets off Dr. Wynn, but is struck in the back with a club by Sara. He falls to the ground, unconscious. The camera shows Michael getting out of the coffin, and advancing towards Michael. Dr. Wynn and Sara are close behind.

Dr. Wynn: "It is time, Michael. Steven is done."

The shape advances forward. He is inches away from his son, when Steven speaks.

Steven Doyle: "Daddy?"

Michael abruptly stops. He tilts his head slightly.

Steven Doyle: "Daddy? Daddy, let me see your face."

Dr. Wynn quickly heads towards Michael.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael, no! Your feelings will help hi.."

Michael turns and throws Dr. Wynn back. The old man lands hard on the ground, and blacks out. Michael turns back to Steven. For the first time in thirty-seven years, in a climatic moment, in a voice from another dimension altogether, Michael Myers speaks.

Michael Myers: "My...son.."

Slowly, he places his hands behind his head, and removes his mask. The two stare intently at each other. Steven cringes in fear. Enraged, Michael quickly puts on the mask and advances towards his son. When he is but mere inches away, Tommy runs up behind him.

Tommy Doyle: "He's my son! Go to hell, you son of a bitch!"

With this, Tommy gives Michael a hard shove. Steven dives out of the way, and Michael stumbles over the edge. The camera's POV shows him falling to the jagged rocks below. He lands hard. An overhead shot shows a large, jagged stone sticking out of his torso. A close-up on the shape's face shows his eyes. A tear falls from one. His eyes enlarge, dilate, and blankly stare. He is gone. The most evil being ever to walk the face of the earth,is dead.

Dr. Loomis: (voiceover from Halloween 6: The Producer's Cut) "It's over, Michael. It's finally over."

Back on the gorge, Dr. Wynn is regaining consciousness. He sees Tommy and Danny leaving in the Blazer. He turns his attention to Sara Loomis.

Dr. Wynn: "You pompous bitch! You let them get away!"

He pulls a small pistol from his overcoat and fires. The bullet enters Sara's forehead, and her lifeless body slumps to the ground. Dr. Wynn stands, and walks to the edge of the gorge. His POV shows the shape's dead body below.

Dr. Wynn: (whispering) "No. No, you can't be dead."

He falls to his knees, and screams towards the dark sky.

Dr. Wynn: "Michael, noooooo!"

End of Scene 10.

Final Scene: The Doyle House.

Tommy Doyle is watching TV. It's been 4 months since Michael's death, and all seems well. He looks to Steven's room, and sees the light off.

Tommy Doyle: "Must be asleep."

Suddenly, Steven begins to scream. Tommy rushes to the room, and turns on the light. Steven is crying in bed. Tommy sits down and holds his son.

Tommy Doyle: "What's the matter, Steven? Are you okay?"

Steven Doyle: "Daddy, he was in my dream. And when I woke up, he was in my room."

Tommy looks very upset, and gets eye to eye with Steven. He grasps the child by his shoulders.

Tommy Doyle: "Who was it Steven? Who was in your dreams?"

The boy begins to cry again, and lowers his head. Silent tears roll down Tommy's cheeks. Deep inside, he can feel the child's answer. Steven picks his head up, takes a breath, and looks his dad in the eyes.

Steven Doyle: "It was the voice man,the man in black."

Fade to black.

End of Final Scene.

Closing Credits.