Halloween:A New Blood


A gentle wind is blowing throughout the sleep small American mid western town of Haddonfield, Illinois. A town that has been plagued by evil for 38 years. Tonight is different. It has been exactly 3 years since the world was awoken at the sight of Michael's evil. Tonight there is a new evil. A new blood. Evil NEVER dies...

Chapter I
October 30, 2001

It is Halloween in all of Haddonfield, Illinois. A holiday that has been banned for 6 years since the terror in '95, but tonight Halloween will be relived. The citizens of Haddonfield will give life one more chance. A chance that will change the small towns fate forever. A chance to relive evil ONE last time. A chance that will bring terror to the heart of millions for every Halloween to come...

Tommy Doyle sat in front of the kitchen table carefully examining a congestion of files and papers. His 6 year old adopted son entered the room with a decorative clown costume on. It was as exuberant as a rainbow. The mask had big eyes and a humongous red nose in the middle.

"Daddy! Daddy! Look what mommy bought me today!"

"That's a nice costume you have there Stephen. Did you get that when you and your mom went shopping in Hardin County today?"


"Well I'll bet you'll get all the candy this year with a costume like that!" Just then a teenage boy of about 14 enters the kitchen. He has short blonde hair.

"Yo pops! Ya gonna let me go to the party tonight or what?"

"Well Danny... I'm not sure. Is there going to be any supervision there."


"What kind son?"


"If you don't stop smart mouthing me son then there will be no chance that you'll be going!"

"Yea. Alex's parents will be there."

"Well okay. I guess you can go. What times it over?"

"Ah. You know. Around 12."

"12 midnight?!? What do you take me for a fool? I'll pick you up at 10."

"But it only starts at 8!!!"

"Yea I know." Tommy gives his son a smirkish grin which symbolizes a tacit agreement between the two. "Where's your mom at Stephen?"

"She's outside helping Aunt Laurie and John get there stuff."

"Go outside and help them Danny. You're a teenager now. Take a little responsibily will ya?"

"I'm not even related to any of them or you.," murmurs Danny under his breath as he goes to the door and opens it. "Huh?! Where'd they..." Danny is cut off when two massive arms engrasp him and throw him on the couch. "HEY!!!"

"Hey kid. I'm your cousin John. Bet you don't remember me do ya? You were just a little tike the last time I saw you."

Tommy looks up from the couch to see a 21 year-old guy standing there. "You must be John. Hey I heard you were in Michael's wrath too. What was it like man?"

"Well you tell me stranger. You experienced his power."

"Yea, but that was like 6 years ago. I can hardly remember."

"Well it was scary. I had to have fifteen stiches in this here leg. I thought I was going to die."

"Yea me too." Then 2 women enter the room.

"Hey kiddo!"

"Aunt Laurie!!!" They run up to each other and engross there arms around each other.

"Kara! Look at how much he's grown. He was just a little guy the last time I say him! He's turning into a young man!" As everyone is conversing inside, outside there is a presence of evil. A tall dark man is standing behind a large tree in the front yard. A pale white Halloween guises his face from being seen. He puts his unhumanly large hand against the tree and kind of relaxes against it. In his left hand a large butcher knife is glittering in the afternoon sunlight.

"Laurie... I have been hiding something from you... This is a boy Tommy and I have adopted." Stephen steps out from the kitchen. "His name is Stephen."

"Aaaaaawww! He is so cute!"

"Well there is one catch... Stephen will you go get my sweater from my room please?"

"Yes mom"

As Stephen leaves the room Kara finishes what she started. "Well this boy... This boy is your grandson. And he is your nephew..."

"What do you mean by that? That is utterly imposssible!"

"Well... Your daughter Jamie gave birth to him, making him your grandson. Here comes the hard part. Michael Myers is the father..." Laurie sits down in disbelief. John comes over to her to try to comfort her.

"Don't tell me this. I know Jamie was killed soon after she gave birth, but I thought the boy had died too, and I certainly never thought that Michael was the father! How do you know this Kara?!?"

"DNA testing. I'm sorry to bring this all on you, but you would have found out sooner or later. I really am sorry."

"I'm not mad, I'm just in shock." Just then Stephen comes down from upstairs. "Come here Stephen. Hi! I'm your grandmother!" Stephen becomes shy and goes to hide behind his mother. Then a loud knock comes from the front. Danny runs over and opens it up. A man stnads there with a frightened look on his face. A badge if pinned to his khaki trench coat.

"Mrs. Strode! I have terrible news! We have finally found and matched Michael's dental records and it turns out that Michael was NOT the one killed in the crash! In fact it was a man by the name of Terrence Wynn. He was Dr. Sam Loomis's partner at Smith's Grove. I had my men go over to Wynn's house and to do a search of the place and we found some very important files that we believe could be some use to you." The detective sits the files down on the coffee table and opens one of the folders. "Look at this here. It is Wynn's notes. Here! Read this!"

October 30, 1995

It is safely said that Michael's son has been born. This son has been cursed with the power of the thorn, and on the night of Halloween in the year of 2001, Michael's son will be cursed! He will be the same age that Michael was when he murdered his sister in cold blood back in '63. It is said that the moon will be full, making the power of the thorn invulnerable! The cult members have marked this SPECIAL child with Michael's blood in the symbol of the thorn rune. Michael's child will be of a new blood! He will relive Michael's evil for eternity!

End Note - Dr. Terrence Wynn

"That is it! That is the reason for Michael's evil! I always new there was some catch behind it all! How could one man take so much pain and suffering without feeling it?!? Now we know! Take a look at these photographs. This is the symbol of the thorn!" The detective points at an ancient looking letter which was probably used by early Greeks.

"Yes! I have researched the ancient rune of the thorn! I could have told you all of this! I know that Michael was the chosen one and he was cursed by the thorn, and every Halloween night when the moon is full then the evil awakens!" exclaims Tommy.

Just then a young woman about Tommy's age throws open the front door and runs in. "Help me please! It IS the bogey man!" The detective runs over to the door and looks out.

"Hello? Anyone th...." He is cut off by a massive blow to the face. The detective falls back onto the carpet. The officer shakes it off and looks up at his attacker. "Micahel?!?" The attacker raises his butcher knife high in the air to get ready to give the final blow, but John is too quick. He stands up rams into Michael like a footbal player tackling an opponent. Michael and John fall out onto the front porch. As John is still lying on top of Michael, Michael picks up John and throws him out of his way.

"NOO!!!" screams Laurie from the inside of the house. Everyone begins to scatter madly inside the house. On the way out Stephen trips and falls on one of the loose folders that was lying on the ground. Michael sees his target and picks him up by the shirt collar. He carries him above his head and makes his way to the detective's cop car. He opens up the passenger side door and throws Stephen into the seat. Then Michael gets in the car and drives off silently like nothing at all had happened.

Chapter II

Every one has assembled themselves into the living room again. Tommy goes upstairs to get some bandages for John's scratches. "How? How could this had happened? And to my own son?" asks Kara with fear in her voice. She sits down in one of the recliners and takes in a deep breath.

"Don't worry Kara. He is my grandson......I mean nephew.....I mean.....Well I just do'nt know!" exclaims Laurie. She paces around the living room anxiously with her hands on her hips, trying to figure out what to do. "I'm just so scared. What if the papers from Dr. Wynn ARE true! What if Stephen really is evil?"

"Oh...I'm sorry. I haven't introduced myself to the rest of you yet." says the detective. "I am Detective Wittington from Summers Glen, California. I have been assigned on this case."

"Well nice to meet you..." says Danny with extreme sarcasm in his voice. "Who cares who you are? What we need to worry about is getting Stephen back. Tommy comes down from upstairs with some bandaids in his hand.

"Here you go John, and here is a little peroxide." Tommy gives John a brown bottle marked PEROXIDE and a cotton ball. "Just dab it on. It will sting a little."

"I'm going to call the police station. Hopefully someone there can help. I'll also call for backup cause I got a feeling I'm going to need it for some reason." Wittington goes over to the telephone and dials 911.

A gruff sounding man answers the phone. "Umm... Yea hello?"

"Yes hello. This is Detective Wittington from Summers Glen, California and I am in charge of the Michael Myers case. I have to warn you that Michael Myers is back in Haddonfield! You must tell your men to look out. He has kidnapped a young boy."

"Is this some kind of Halloween prank?"

"No sir!"

"Well give me the address of where you are and I'll have some one drive over."

"45 Lampkin Lane."

"The old Myers' house?"

"Yes sir."

"Okay. Someone will be there soon. Thank you and good bye"

"Good bye." Detective Wittington sits the phone down defiantly and precedes to the front door. "Give me your keys."

"Let me go with you. He IS my adopted son." says Tommy, pulling the keys out of his pocket.

"I'll go to dad. Please! He is my brother."

"Okay, but get a jacket on. It's chilly outside." Danny runs upstairs and the derective and Tommy go to get into the car. Danny shows up not too long afterwards and Laurie, Kara, John, and Stephen watch as they pull out of the drive way.

"They HAVE to get my son back." Laurie goes over and puts an arm around Kara.

"Don't worry Kara. They will... Don't worry." In the kitchen the sound of a butcher knife being pulled out of its rack is faintly heard. It reflects the sunlight coming in through the window. One massive hand holds up the knife almost proudly, inspecting it. This stranger looks through the kitchen door and examines his prey. Then the shape pulls back and hides in the shadows. Kara goes upstairs and Laurie is left by herself in the living room. She picks up a Reader's Digest and notices that her picture is on the front. There is a bold headline at the top that reads: Happy Halloween. Laurie smirks and opens up the magazine. She looks at the table of contents and searches for the page number that contains the article about herself. Then there is a muffled scream from upstairs. Laurie throws down the magazine and runs up the stairs.

"Are you okay?!?" Laurie screams as she runs into one of the upstairs rooms. John throws open the bathroom door from where he had been and asks his mom what had happened. "I heard Kara scream!" John and his mother run into another room and see Kara lying in a pool of blood. "Nooo!!!" John runs over to the limp body and checks her pulse.

"She's still alive! We've got to get her to the hospital quick! Go call an ambulance!" Laurie runs across the hall and finds a phone on one of the night stands. In the mean time John has taken off his sweat shirt and he is applying pressure to the stab wound on Kara's stomach.

"They'll be here any minute. Let's carry her downstairs so we'll be ready when they get here." John picks up Kara and thrusts her onto his shoulder.

"Grab her head mom." Laurie hoists the limp head as they carefully back theirselves downstairs. A few minutes pass and sirens can be heard in the distance. The ambulance finally arrives and two medical personel strap Kara to a white stretcher. Then they try to pump oxygen into her. A few pumps goes in and Kara starts to cough. Then a few more pumps and Kara coughs out blood.

"Hop in the ambulance. I believe she'll be alright." says one of the men. They lift Kara into the ambulance and John and Laurie jump in behind her. The other man slams the back doors and hops into the passengers seat. He pulls out a chart and pen from behind his seat.

"I'm going to need to ask you a few questions. How did all of this happen?"

"Well I heard a scream upstairs and I went to check it out. John was in the bathroom and he met me halfway. Then we saw her lying on the floor. I went to go call then we took her downstairs and layed her on the couch until help came. I ran into the kitchen to get a wet towel and I noticed the door open. I closed it and figured that the door was the way that the attacker had got out."

"Well we were called in by the police because he said someone had said something about Michael Myers. He said that there should be some extra help at the hospital tonight."

"I'm glad he called you guys in." said John.

"Well I hate to admit it but there have been other murders already tonight. We had to go pick up a body near Hardin County! Hey Mike! What was the name of that girl?"

The driver starts to think very hard then says,"Wallace...Um...Lindsey Wallace." Laurie hears this name and goes into a serious repose.

"I've heard that name before, but I just don't know..." A tear came to her eye. It rolled down her cheek and onto Kara's face. Kara opened her eyes and gazed into Laurie's. Kara's eyes were pleeing. They had great fear in them. They almost managed to say, "Get out of there! It's not safe! Get out of there now!" Then Kara slowly closed her eyes. Laurie leaned back against the metal wall of the ambulance. John put his arm around his mother to try to comfort her. The ambulance rolled down the street and finally stoppped at its destination, Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, a place that had been long forgotten by Laurie, but was now bringing old memories back...

Chapter III

The dark blue Suburban rolled into the driveway of 45 Lampkin Lane. Tommy, Danny, and Wittington got out. They all had worried looks on there faces cause there were no lights on. Tommy ran to the front door and started beating on it. No answer. He pulled the keys out of his pocket and jammed one of them into the key hole. He threw the door open. "Anyone here?" He ran into the kitchen where he found a note on the refridgerator. It read: Gone to hospital. Kara has been stabbed. - Laurie. Tommy takes the note and puts it to his heart, closing his eyes. The detective is standing in the doorway.


"Kara has been stabbed. I'm going to the hospital. You and Danny stay here. I'll be bcak shortly. There is a shotgun above the door in my bedroom. The bullets are in the bottom right hand drawer of my dresser. I also have a revolver in a case in the top of my closet." Tommy takes a key off his key ring. "Here's the key. Lock the doors. I'll be calling soon." Tommy throws the key to the detective and he goes outside to the Suburban. Danny watches as his dad pulls out of the driveway.

"Come on Danny. Lets get our weaponry together. Here take this key and get the revolver. I'll get the shotgun. I know you are a little young but this town needs all the help it can get." Danny and Wittington run upstairs to Tommy and Kara's bedroom. Wittington grabs thwe shotgun and gets the shells out of drawer. He puts them into the double barrel. Danny gets a stool and finds the box in the top of the closet. He opens it up and steps down from the ladder. Then he pours the weaponry out onto the bed. He picks up the revolver and loads the lugs into it. Then he spins the barrel and clicks it shut.

"You know your guns kid."

"Well my dad had us all take classes. He said that there will ALWAYS be trouble and we'd better be prepared for it. Detective...Look under the bed. There you will find a machete, and hand me the bowie knife from under there. I HAVE witnessed Michael's power and I know what its like."

The two men, or shall I say man and teenager walk downstairs and lock up the doors. Danny gets the front while Wittington takes the back. "That should take care of it. Does your dad have a CB? We could really use one, and bring the portable phone in here in case someone calls."

"The CB is under the couch. Let me get it." Danny gets on his knees and pulls the small radio out. What frequency sir?"

"12.3 is the police department's frequency. Let me see that thing." Danny hands it over to the detective. "Hello? Anyone there?"

"10-4!" answers a voice at the other end.

"This is Wittington. I'm at the Myers' house. We're going to need some back up over here."

"I'll send a man over a soon as I can. We've had calls all night long. It might be a while so just lock the doors and in a few minu..." The power flicks on and off in the house. "Hello you there?"

"Yes. The power just flicked off."

"Okay. You have any arms?"

"Yea. We do."

"Okay take care." He flicked the CB off. Danny runs the muzzle of the revolver in his hands. He clicks the lever back then clicks it forward again.

"Be careful with that thing Danny." Wittington walks into the kitchen and sees a jack-o-lantern on the kitchen counter. He puuls out his lighter and lights the small vintage candle inside. It lets out an eerie glow throughout the room. Then there is the obnoxious sound of the doorbell. Danny walks over and begins to take the chain lock off, but Wittington pushes Danny back and tacitly tells him to be quiet. The detective puts his eye up to the peep hole. He makes a smirk and silently opens up the door. He reaches for the plastic pumpkin on the coffe table and stands in front of the door.

A crew of young trick or treaters stand there. There is a ghost, a pirate and a princess. "Trick or Treat!" They say in unison.

Wittington motions for them to open there bags. Then he puts some of the Snickers into their bags. "Be careful. Are you alone? Then he stops dead in his tracks and sees a shape standing next to a car parked driveway. The shape is wearing a pale white mask. Wittington grabs the shotgun and pushes the kids out of the doorway. "Get down!" Before the detective can make a shot the shape pulls off his mask. It is just the gaurdian of the kids. Wittington puts the shotgun down relieved.

"Come on kids! Let's get out of here!" Yells the man. The kids run over to the car and get in. The car rolls down the street stealthy. Wittington backs himself into the house and locks up the door.

"Where is the police and the search team? They should have been here hours ago! They need to get these clues before they are disturbed. They must really be busy tonight!" Danny goes over to the sofa and sits down. He rests his hand on the rest and feels a wet liquid. He raises his hand and it is red. He screams out in agony. "Danny! Don't worry! It's just Kara's blood." Danny gets his breath back and goes to get a towel. He cleans up the mess and goes to sit in the recliner. He picks up the remote and flips on th TV. The movie Scream 4 is playing on satellite. A stranger in a hooded ghost mask is chasing a young girl in an old victorian soirority house.

Wittington walks over to the coffee table and picks up the magazine that Laurie had been reading. He flips threw the pages to find the article about Laurie. Then the sound of tires can be heard outside the door. A car door can be heard being shut. Wittington walks over to the door and takes a look out the peep hole. A police car is parked. Where is the..." The detective is cut off as a massive fist busts through the peep hole while Wittington is still looking out! It throws Wittington to the ground. One big piece of wood is on top of the detective's face. Then blood starts to gush from under it.

Danny jumps up and grabs the revolver from the coffee table, but Michael is quicker. As Danny reaches out for the gun Michael slashes Danny's wrist. Danny recoils and puts his other hand around his wrist. Danny runs to the back door and tries to open it but the dead bolt prevents this. He turns around and looks and sees the key ring hanging on the front door. Michael then suddenly appears in the kitchen doorway. His two goliath shoulders don't allow any light to enter the room. He walks over to Danny. Then he raises his knife above his head and gets ready to stab Danny, but Danny remembers something important. He lets go of his wrist and pulls the bowie knife out of the holder strapped to his belt. He jabs it one good time into Michael's chest. Then he takes it out and stabs him again.

Michael falls to the floor and Danny jumps over the lifeless body. He runs out the front door and to the car. He opens the driver's side door and gets in. Then Danny turns the keys and starts the engine. He puts it in reverse and pulls out of the driveway, but he backs into the mailbox. He shrugs it off and drives down the road and onto the highway. He is doing good when he feels an arm around his neck. The hand is trying to choke him!

The car spins out of control and it rams into a trashcan. Then a phone poll. Danny is trying with all his might to fight back but the attacker is MUCH strong. He manages to get his seat belt off. Then he looks in the rear view mirror. The attacker raises a large butcher knife. The symbol of the Thorn can be made out on the small hand. Danny hits the lever next to his seat and the seat goes back pinning the attacker down. Danny throws the door open and falls out onto the hard ground, trying to catch his breath. He struggles to get up. Then the back door opens up. The attacker steps out. He is wearing a clown suit. It is Stephen! The big red nose glares down at Danny hatefully. Then Stehphen raises the knife for the kill...

Chapter IV

Then there was hope for young Danny. As the knife was gleaming above his head in the moonlight, two flourescent headlights pierced black of night. They hit Stephen's back and he looked like a shadow standing over him. Then the car accelerated to hits full speed. Stephen heard the squealing of the tires and turned around. Danny rolled under the police car, for he knew what was goin to happen. The car's shape came into focus as it came closer. It was Tommy's Suburban! The car was going at the maximum speed when it rammed into Stephen. Stephen's body was thrown a good hundred feet away, but this didn't even seem to stun him!

Danny rolled out from under the car and hopped into his dad's Suburban. Then they were off, leaving Stephen standing in the middle of the highway. Stephen starting walking forward until he got to Wittington's crashed car. He got in and cranked it up. Then he preceded to follow Tommy and Danny.

"What's going on dad?"

"Stephen has been chosen. He has been cursed with the Thorn. He is like Michael now...UNSTOPPABLE."

"Why did you ram him?"

"You saw him! It didn't even stun him! That's how the Thorn works. It builds up your strength until you are almost invulnerable. That's why Michael isn't dead. No man could take so much like he did."

"Dad... Wittington is dead."

"I know. I called and there was no answer so I decided to drive by and I saw him lying there in the living room."

"What is going to happen? What about mom? What about Stephen?"

"I just don't know yet. For right now I'm going to take you by the police station. You'll be safe there, but there is something more to this. There have been too many murders tonight. Have you checked out the news? They're every where! My theory is tha.. Look out!" The Suburban went sliding to one side and then finally got back on track. "A body! A body in the middle of the road!" Danny looked in the rear view mirror to see a limp body. He closed his eyes, hoping he would wake up from this terrible nightmare.

Tommy just couldn't manage to leave the body there. He parked the car in the middle of the road and got out. About the mid way he noticed something strange. The stranger was wearing a Halloween mask... The same pale white mask that Michael had been wearing! Tommy ran over and very cautiously checked the man's pulse. He was still alive. Then with all his courage Tommy picked up the shape's head and took off the mask. There before him layed the one and only Michael Myers. Tommy had seen photos of his face, but he had never thought he would have been so close to such a dangerous serial killer.

"Give me that bottle of water Danny!" Danny threw the passenger side door open and ran over to his dad and the lifeless body. He was in shock as he saw Michael Myers lying in the middle of the road. "Let me see it son." Danny gave the bottle of water to his dad. Then Tommy screwed the cap off and poured the cold water onto Michael's face. Then something miraculous happened, slowly and steadily Michael's eyes opened. They were blood shot, and they had tremendous fear in them. Tommy quickly picked up Michael's wrist and examined it. There was no Thorn symbol! Michael had been freed! And then Michael said his first words in about 38 years.

"Please help me... I'm so........sore. There is a new evil, and I fear there are actually two. You must be careful. Trust no one, but please take me to a hospital. I need help." A tear came to Michael's eyes, and for that one moment history was made...

Tommy and Danny helped Michael to his feet and they helped him walk over to the car. Michael got in the back seat and layed down. Tommy put the car in gear and sped down the road in the direction of the hospital. Michael made aa loud groan from the back seat. "What happened?"

"I think its just all those years of pain coming back..." said Michael jokingly. "There are two other killers. Stephen and another. I couldn't tell. He was wearing a mask." Then the hospital came into sight and Tommy found a parking space up close. Danny and Tommy helped Michael get into the hospital. A nurse greeted them and she found a nearby wheel chair for Michael to sit in. Then he was wheeled away into an examining room. Then Laurie could be seen running from one of the back rooms.

"Has John come through this way? We can't find him anywhere. He went to the cafeteria about an hour ago and never came back. We even had him paged over the intercom but he still didn't show."

"Well he has to be around here somewhere. This is a big hospital. It is pretty easy to get lost if you haven't been here before," said Tommy. "There is something I'd like to tell you. Your brother is here. We picked him up onff the road on our way over here."

"What?!?! Are you out of your mind?!?! This is Michael Myers we're talking bout!"

"His time is over Laurie. He has been freed from the Thorn curse. This may be hard to believe, but Stephen is the chosen one. He has the curse now. He tried to kill Danny but I stopped him."

"Where is Michael?"

"Down the hall in room 145." Laurie jogs over to the room at the end of the hallway. The door is closed and there is a chart in a holder. It is marked: MICHAEL AUDEY MYERS. She picks it up and opens it to the front page. There are all of Michael's medical records. She sees where Michael was admitted nito the Smith's Grove Sanitarium. She also notices a list of Michael's police records. He has been charged for dozens of murders. Then she puts the chat up and slowly and fearfully opens the door.

There lying on the bed is her brother, Michael. He turns his head to see who his visitor is. Laurie is still in shock. "Don't be afraid Laurie. I won't hurt you." Laurie walks over to the end of the bed. She looks up at the TV and notices that Michael had been watching Scream 4.

She goes over to her brother and then he hugs her around the neck. "I'm so sorry, but there is no way I could have controlled myself when I was cursed and you know that."

"I guess your right Michael. It's going to be hard but I think I can get through it."

"The evil isn't gone yet. There is still Stephen and I believe there is yet another evil too."

"Just who would that be?" Before Michael can answer the door is thrown open, and there standing in the doorway is a shape. The shape has on a pale white mask. The same kind that Michael had been wearing. He also has a scalpel in his right hand. Laurie and Michael can hear heavy breathing coming from underneath the mask.

"Get back Laurie. I'll hold him down while you run to get help!" The shape enters the room and swings the knife at Laurie, but Laurie is quicker and she manages to duck out of the way just in the nick of time. Michael jumps up and tackles the shape into the wall. Laurie jumps over the bed and runs out into the hall. She runs to the information desk. In the room Michael and the shape are fighting. Michael gets a good punch on the shape then he tries for another, but the shape grabs Michael's hand and twists it backwards. Michael screams out in agony. Then the shape finds the scalpel on the floor and stabs it into Michael's stomach. The shape lets go of Michael and Michael falls to the floor.

Laurie is at the desk calling for help when the shape emerges from the room down the hall. He slowly and steadily walks toward her. Laurie is screaming at the phone, hoping that the police will hury up and pick up at the other end. The shape is about halfway toward her when Laurie yells,"NOW!!!" A door busts open and Tommy jumps out with an oxygen tank. He knocks the shape down to the floor. Then Tommy goes to take off the mask. Michael isn't knocked out. He takes the scalpel and slices Tommy's wist. Tommy falls back grasping his bleeding arm. The shape stands up and precedes to walk over to Laurie. Laurie finally gets an answer at the other end, but her phone call is cut short when the shape's scalpel slices the phone line. Then Laurie pulls out a small canister from her back pocket. The shape raised the knife in the air but then Laurie sprays the liquid from the canister in his eyes. It was pepper spray! The shape puts his hands over his eyes.

Then when he realizes that he can't get it out he pulls offf his mask. Everyone watching is shocked to see who it is. There standing in front of them is John. His eyes are bloodshot. Laurie falls to the floor crying. John goes over to the water fountain and washes the poison out of his eyes. Then he turms around and looks straight. He says in an unnaturally evil voice,"Just like my uncle. Don't you know mom? I am 21. The same age Michael was when he mudered all those people in 1978. Now look at Stephen! He is 6. The same age Michael was in 1963 when he murdered his sister. Evil NEVER dies..."

To be continued...

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