Halloween:Shape Of Evil

Hello. This is an intro.

You may have noticed JH and I talking on the board about a project we were working on,that is currently going through rewrites. Well,this is that project. It's a script for a Halloween fan movie that JH and I will hopefully be filming sometime soon.

It deals with a fan fic writer who finds himself going through some weird,Halloweeny stuff. It's kind of like JH and Code Breaker's Halloween:True Nightmare script in some ways,but I didn't rip that script off,because I've actually been working on the idea for this since before that script was posted,soon after I saw H20. Infact,when True Nightmare was posted on the site,I told JH and Code Breaker that I was working on something semi-similar.

Anyway,this is the original version of the script. The current rewrites are gonna pull the scope back a bit,making it easier to film. Some characters will switch scenes,some characters and quite a few scenes will be dropped entirely.

There's alot of references in this script,including (subtle-ish) references to authors and stories on this site.

Now that your eyes are already tired from reading all this,you can move on to the script. 1