Is everyone having a Shpadoinkle Day? Good. Anyway, I was wondering: What if the events in the Halloween Series really happend and they made a movie out of it? Worse yet, what if Joe Chappelle? This is what I think it would be like.

Note: This isn't a rip-off of Code Breaker's Nightmare's Reality. In this script, the real movies are the real events and this is the Hollywood Adaptation.

Fade in On:

Ext. Streets - Halloween Night

(Young Michael Myers is Trick or Treating. The credits to roll. Meanwhile, in the sewers, a mysterious POV is running around really fast. It's as if we are looking for something. Meanwhile, on the streets Michael is steps on a sewer lid. In the sewers, we suddenly have found what we were looking for. We come to s stop. Michael is still standing on the sewer cover looking for a house he hasn't been to yet. The cover explodes and Michael disappears. The falems from the explosion then back into the sewer and the cover reassembles. Michael is still standing there unharmed.)

Cut To:

(Michael's POV is walking up to his house and looks into the window to see his Judith making out with her boy friend. They go up-stairs. We open the door and begin looking are the house. There is a white flash. We are now walking towards the stairs. Judith's boyfriend walks down the stairs putting his shirt on. Instead of hiding in the shadows and waiting for him to pass, we run right at him.)

Cut To:

A Knife

Cut To:

Blood Trickling

Cut To:

Our Hands Grinding His Face Into the Ground

Cut To:

Blood Gushing

Cut To:

The Bloody Knife

Cut To:

The Boyfriend Who is Chopped to Pieces and All Over the Place.

Cut To:

(Judith's Room. She is naked and combing her hair. Her POV is starng at herself when all of a sudden, it slams into the mirror. Shards of glass from the mirror go into Judith. Blood gushes everywhere. We pick up a shard and begin stabbing Judith. She dies. White Flash.)

Cut To:

Int. Michael's Cell - Fifteen Years Later

(We stand up and walk over to the door. We are now walking down the hall. We are a security guard. We are look into all of the cell viewing windows. We arrive at Michael's cell. We see Michael's hand bust through the glass and grab the guard by the neck. It pulls the guards the through the small window. White Flash. In the cell, everything is covered in blood. We grab the guard by the head crush it with a our bare hands. Blood gushes everywhere. White Flash. We are now walking down the hall. We come to the door where two guards are guarding the door.)

Guard 1: ... well at least this is my last day before retirement.

Guard 2: So, I suppose you and Pam will by a boat and sail around the world.

Guard 1: Naw, she's to old for that. My plan is to violently butcher her and merry my mistress.

Guard 2: WHAT!!!???

(Michael's hand reaches out of the darkness and grabs Guard 1 by the throat. It pulls him into the shadows. Michael pullsthe gun out of the guards holster and bashes him in the head repeatedly with the handle. Blood gushes out of the head. Guard 2 pullsout his gun just to be punched in the face by Michael. The gun goes flying and Michael begins to strangle Guard 2 until his eyes pop out. White Flash. Loomis and the Nurse in their car.)

Loomis: I'm going to get out andsee what's going on.

Nurse: But, those people are murderously insane.

Loomis: I know.

(He gets out. Michael then darts out of the darkness breaks the wind shield with his foot. He grabs the nurse by the neck and rips her head off. Blood gushes everywhere. Michael gets in and drives the car down the road. White Flash. We are in our old house. A young woman accomponied by a little boy are putting a key under the door mat.)

Tommy: ... and carve a pumkin?

Laurie: For the last time: YES!

(After they leave, we open the door and pick up the key. White Flash. We are watching kids play on the play ground after school. Three kids are bullying Tommy.)


(Tommy drops is pumkin an runs towards us watching the three bullies. He runs into us and looks up at our face. He runs away. White Flash. We are now bac in the car following Laurie and her friend Annie. We pass them.)


(White Flash. We are standing behind some bushes. We are watching Annie and Laurie walking toward us. They come to a stop.)

Annie: What's wrong?

Laurie: That jerk from the car is standing behind the bushes.

Annie: Subtle isn't he?

(Annie walks toward us. White Flash. We are standing in the middle of white sheets on a clothes line. We look up into a window where Laurie is watching us. White Flash. We are in the back seat of a car. Annie's POV is walking towards the car and gets in. Michael lunges from the back seat and attacks her. He begins choking her. He smashes the wind shield and picks up a pieces of blood. He picks up a piece and slashes her throat. Blood gushes everywhere. White flash. We are now in a dark kitchen.)

Lynda (Upstairs): Get e a beer!

Bob: Right away.

(Bob walks into the kitchen. Michael attacks him. We stab him in the stomache several times. Blood everywhere. Another knife. More blood. An even larger knife. More blood. Bob impaled to the wall with several knives. White Flash. We are upstairs. Lynda is talking on the phone. We attack her. We wrap a phone chord around her neck. Screams. White Flash. Laurie walks into the room. the bodies are chopped and scattered everywhere. A demon's POV it breaks throug the window and hops into Lauries' body. White Flash. We are waiting in a living room. Michael breaks into the room and we attack him. What follows is a climactic battle.)

Various Flashes of:

A Nitting Needle

Blood Trickling Out of a Throat

A Clothes Hanger

An Eyeball Being Stabbed

Squirting Puss

A Knife

A Stomache Being Stabbed

Blood Splattering the Floor

Dr. Loomis

A Gun

Blood Hitting the Wall