The Hunt

INTRODUCTION: Hey guys, here's a little something that's been in my mind a while. A short script that I didn't think would take me too long. I'm sure I've been writing on it over a year. A bit here, a bit there a few months later. If I'd had just sat down and wrote it, it'd would've taken me a few days. It was just one of those ideas that I didn't know if it was any good, but scenes just kept popping into my head. I had to write it to get it off my mind and finally, it's done.

First off, this started off as an homage to Jaws and other movies like that, but it takes place on land. I'm not sure how scary it is, but it does have a few gruesome scenes (but not many), as I tried to more or less tell a story of how the characters reacted to the situation they are in. That became my intent with this story. So, just to warn you, while this is a horror script, don't expect a huge body count, because there's not one.

Hope you enjoy.

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