I’ll Never Forget What You Did Last Summer

From the young pre-master of horror comes the greatest and most terrifying Summer of them all! Justin “Bodzilla” Turner in his first take on the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” series brings you on a nonstop nightmare ride through the terror filled life of Julie James, the troubled teen whose life has been pushed to the limits by the murderous rampages of Ben Willis, the evil stalker with a hook for a hand and a dark and creepy slicker... the man who truly knows what they did that summer! Being beaten by Julie and her fiancé one time too many, Ben has returned with and evil plan that will never be foiled. A plan so terrifying, so deranged, and so maniacal that it will drive Julie insane if he doesn’t kill her soon. Either way, it would seem that Julie has been pushed to the darkest depths of Hell, but what has happened before is a glimpse of Heaven compared to her most terrifying and very final nightmare that she is about to witness!