The Last Story

Hi, JH here with a new submission. It's a short story based off a skit some friends and I did for a comedy troupe back in college. The creator of this concept is my old pal Kirk Hiner, head of the troupe. He doesn't know I'm submitting this, but I'm not profiting and I'm changing it a bit. He is simply the creator of this unique idea for a short skit, and I thought I'd present it as a rather...unusual horror story. Enjoy. :)


by JH (based off a skit by Kirk Hiner)

(Scene opens. POV focuses on the full moon and a few ominous clouds. Laughing can be heard below. POV scans down to a campsite in the middle of the woods. About eight teens are giggling and laughing around a roaring campfire. Snack boxes and plastic wrappers litter the ground as people fumble their way to making a good old fashioned chocolate smores treat. Graham crackers, hershey bars and marshmellows trade hands or are held over the fire as Charlie, the oldest of the group, continues to tell his story. Next to him are the regular campers Bibi, Nate, Alison, Derek, Kara, Michael and Hal. It is windy out in the woods, so they are bundled up tight)

Charlie: And when she woke up the next day, she screamed as she saw blood on the wall above her dead roomate!! Words, written in blood, saying: "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?!"

Bibi: Je-SUS!! Chuck, that is SOoooo lame!!

(The others laughed. Kara felt a chill up her spine)

Charlie: Come on!! It REALLY happened! It was in the news over a year ago at that college!!

Derek: Absolute BULLSHIT, dufus!

Kara: Guys, can we stop the stories? I'm really getting freaked out.

Charlie: Don't wuss out on us now, it's just getting started!

Nate: Charlie, you stole that whole story from a movie! I saw it and it wasn't that good anyway!

Charlie: What movie?

Nate:.....Oh,....I can't remember what it was, but that's where you got it from!

Charlie: Yeah, right!

Kara: Guys, I mean it! Cut it out! You know, there could be a freaked out maniac watching us right now!!

(Hal giggles as they continue to banter. Charlie looks over at him)

Charlie: So, how do ya like the smores, dude?

Hal: Hey, pretty good.

Charlie: You know, I'm glad you could join us, man. Didn't I tell you this would be fun?

Hal: Yeah. Would've been here sooner, but-

Charlie: Ah, don't sweat it, dude.

(Michael opens the cooler with one hand as he wrapped the other around Kara)

Michael: Wanna beer?

Kara: Sure.

(He hands her the beer, but she doesn't open it. Instead, she looks around into the dark woods with a scared look. All she can see are trees swaying in the wind)

Michael: Hey, why don't we have another story before we commence with the orgy!!

Kara: Oh, God! You're such a pig!

(They all chuckle a little more)

Bibi: Come on, Kara. Ya got to admit, that's ONE little boogey man you're not afraid of!!

(Bibi laughs hysterically. Michael smirks and gives her the finger)

Bibi: Right back to ya! (She blows him a kiss)

Charlie: How about it? One last story before we call it a night? I don't know about you guys, but I'm freezing my ass off out here!

Alison: Yes......The Last Story.

(He turns to Hal)

Charlie: You're the only one who hasn't told a story yet.

Hal: Me?

Charlie: Sure! Can't be any worse than mine!!

Derek: You have to, man. ALL of us told a story except you! And you were late getting here, you know.

Hal: I had trouble finding this place in the dark, guys. I ain't never been on an outing with the fishing club! When do we get to go fishing anyway?

(Everyone eggs him on to tell a story and not change the subject)

Charlie: They're right. You were late, we were already here with a warm fire and treats. Time to sing for your supper!

(Hal thinks for a moment)

Hal: Hmmmm, ok......Y'all heard the one about the babysitter with th-

Group: LAME.

Hal: Ummm, how about the ghost with the golden-

Group: LAME.

Derek: Double lame dude.

(Hal thinks some more, then smiles)

Hal: Ok, It was a dark night in the woods, right around here. It happened several years ago....

(He paused as the fire died down a bit, waiting for the heckling to begin. The group quietly waited)

Hal: A true probably heard of the Freaked out maniac that used to live in these woods?

Kara: Escaped from an institution, ladida-

Charlie: Shhh. I wanna hear this.

Hal: Anyway, There was this guy and girl were in a car out in the woods, makin out big time!

(Michael grins and hugs Kara)

Hal: While they're rockin the chevy, the girl hears a noise outside. She stops the guy and gets scared.

(Some of the group make ghost noises as they get into story. Hal smiles and continues as POV closes in on him)

Hal: The boyfriend, naturally horny, tries to tell her it's nothing, but she hears it again....a scratching noise on the car. This time the boy hears it too. They start to freak out!

(Hal is staring like a slobbering madman into the embers of the fire as it almost extinguishes itself)

Hal: The boyfriend starts the car up as the scratching gets louder. The engine roars to life and he made like a bat out of hell, driving straight to the girl's house. When they got out of the car, he saw it! There, on the handle of the driver's door....was a bloody HOOK!!

(The group got quiet. Hal was getting into the story, almost to the point of dimentia)

Kara: What happened to the killer?

Hal: No one ever found the maniac. He disappeared into the night. Some say, he still roams around these woods, looking for naughty little teens to HACK to pieces! Some say, when the moon is full in these woods, he will kill again! I say......I SAY THEY'RE RIGHT!!!

(Hal dramatically pulls out one arm into the glow of the faint fire, revealing a cheesy wire hanger hidden up his sleave to scare the others. Hal laughs hysterically at the joke. Strangely, he is the ONLY one laughing. It takes him about thirty seconds to realize how quiet everyone got)

Hal: Ok, it's not original, but I bet you guys PISSED YOUR P-AAAUUUG!!!

(Suddenly, Hal isn't laughing anymore. He grimaces and shakes in shock. POV backs away to reveal he has been stabbed by a hook. Charlie's hook)

Hal: What t-the...?

(He looks around and realizes with unnerving certainty that everyone is staring at him. Blank, demented stares. MURDEROUS stares. He goes mute in absolute terror as one by one, they each reveal a hook. His last bit of comfort provided by the fire is gone as the blackened firewood becomes a speckling of little orange lights, plunging him into darkness....a darkness with seven people he just met thirty minutes ago. Charlie smiles evilly and whispers in Hal's ear)

Charlie: Let me show you how the story REALLY went....

(POV is to Hal's back, rising to see the other six figures moving towards him with raised hooks glimmering in the moonlight. POV raises high enough to only show the hooks raising and lowering in attack. Hal's gurgling screams and shrieks pierce the night in a horrible bloodbath. POV raises back up at the moon. Hal's screams and cries wail on into the lonely night as he is cut to pieces)

THE END!!!!!!