Urban Legend 2

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("Kyrie Eleison" from Mozart's Requiem in D Minor plays ominously as scenes from the Part 1 of Urban Legends flash by)

(Sasha drives fearfully, singing to herself. The shadowy killer pops up behind her)

NARRATOR: It happened on a nearby campus nearby......

(Michael and Paul talking at a work desk)

Michael: There's no proof she was murdered!

Paul: This university is covering up something.....

(ECU of a grim looking Dean Adams)

Paul: (VO) Dean Adams would kill to keep this from the media!

NARRATOR: .....It happened on a dark and stormy night.....

(Reese confronts Paul)

Reese: Pendleton University was voted the safest....

(Scene fades to black, with Reese' final words echoing away)

NARRATOR: ....It happened to a friend of a friend of a friend.......

(Wexler conducts class)

Wexler: This is what's known as an "Urban Legend"......

NARRATOR: .....Now it's happening again!!

(The hooded Urban Legend Killer walks down a dark path carrying a huge axe)

(Brenda screams in Wexler's classroom)

(Michael walks to the edge of "Crybaby" bridge nervously)

(Tosh screams as an axe bursts through the door behind her)

(Nancy is scene screaming from the booth of her radio station)

(Urban Legend killer chases Natalie on the bridge)

Brenda: (VO) There's still a killer on the loose!

(Professor Amanar looks behind her nervously down a long hallway)

(Damon points his hand like a gun at the screen. He smiles as he "fires")

NARRATOR: They thought it was over

(Reese and Paul open fire at the killer on the bridge, knocking the hooded figure into the raging rain swept river)

(Paul and Brenda hug, end of montage of scenes from Urban Legends I)

NARRATOR: It was just beginning!

(Andy runs through the forrest)

(Reese gasps as she bursts through a door with her gun drawn)

(Eddie looks behind him in panic as he pushes his wheelchair down a long dark hallway)

(Nancy runs through a cemetary, screaming in the pouring rain)

(The hooded killer walks quickly across the bridge towards POV)

(Namor fences with a student on stage while other students watch)

(Brenda, Wexler, and Paul stare wide eyed at something terrible in an office doorway. Brenda cries in horror)

(Tosh is underwater, looking up at the POV helplessly as she sinks into the depths)

(Chris and Paul discover something on a computer screen)

Chris: There's a connection to all the deaths.....Last year's killings seemed almost random, but now....they've been pre-selected....

Paul: Any one of us could be next!!

(Professor Namor talks quietly with Wexler in his office)

Namor: The past never really goes away, does it?

Wexler: Can you help us find who is doing this?

Namor: We have to lure the killer out into the open.....

(Paul and Brenda are being chased down a dark road by a large tanker truck)

(Madame Belu laughs maniacally into the screen. Professor Amanar watches her from behind)

Belu: It is a wise father that knows his own child!!

(Creeped out by Belu, Amanar starts backing away from the mad woman)

(Damon rides with his friends in a convertible over Cry-Baby Bridge)

Damon: All these killings are a real drag! I'm out of here!!

Damon leaps off the speeding jeep, diving over the railing and into the water)

Damon: YEEHAW!!!

(Several people on a stage, dressed in Shakespearean clothing look into POV and jump back in terror. A figure dangles on the edge of a rope in front of them)

Namor: (VO) Is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand?

(Scene shows Namor dramatically staring ahead, unsheathing a long, sharp knife)

Namor: Come, let me clutch thee!

(He flashes the blade in front of Brenda and Tosh, who jump back, startled)

(Aries walks into a dark room, unsure if someone else was also in there)

(Peggy and Brenda talk in the cafeteria)

Peg: I'm telling you, it's a bunch of satanists from Proctor and Gamble!They worship the Devil, you know...

Brenda: Oh Please!

NARRATOR: One year later, A terrible secret will be revealed.....

(The large tanker truck chases Brenda and Paul across the terrible bridge. At full speed, the truck loses control and tips on its side, igniting the flammable liquids. It continues to barrel down the bridge at the two. CU of Paul looking at Brenda. CU of Brenda looking at Paul. They grab hands and run for their lives as the truck runs into the POV and explodes)

NARRATOR: A secret that may cost Brenda her life.....

(Brenda is cramped inside a small dumbwaiter, banging on the door)

Brenda: LEO!!! LET ME OUT!!!

(Leo is on the other side, holding the sliding door closed. Blood is on his forehead)

Leo: It's for your own GOOD!!

(Brenda screams)

NARRATOR: One year later, she will know the truth.....

(Music crescendos as Brenda runs through the catwalks of a huge theatre. She freezes as the killer appears in front of her brandishing an axe. Scene goes in slow motion as music pauses. ECU of Brenda's eyes. Music thunders back in, POV hovers behind the killer as the figure pulls back the hood. ECU of the killer's hand as the heavy mask is taken off. Slowly, the music resolves itself in a dreaded climax. The killer's identity is not seen by viewers, but is revealed to Brenda. POV closes in on Brenda's horrified expression when she sees who the killer really is. She screams in unbelieving despair, scene freezes then fades out. Title appears in blood)