Jason of the Living Dead

That title may be lame, I haven't decided yet.

This is a crossover between Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives and Return of the Living Dead Part II. The idea behind it is -

In 1984, Jason was killed off, supposedly for good, in The Final Chapter. In 1985, Return of the Living Dead came out. What if, when they wanted to bring Jason back to life in 1986, instead of going the Frankenstein/lightning route, they figured the way to do it was to bring him back with ROTLD's 245 Trioxin?

"Tommy Jarvis and other assorted teens vs Jason and a cemetery's worth of zombies" action ensues, and that is -

Jason of the Living Dead

This story kind of got away from me, ending up longer and taking a lot longer than I expected, so hopefully any readers it gets will enjoy it. :)